February Fun and a Giveaway!!

February is just around the corner.  Swoon!  I know so cliche but really I LOVE February.  I actually have more craft projects in February then any other month. That includes December.  So of course, my heart skips a beat with the mention of projects…and crafts.   I’m such a nerd.
Anyway, one of the FUN February crafts I’ve done is this little owl.  You can read more about it here but this craftivity is perfect for a Valentine’s gift for a parent, grandparent, or any family member.  I listed this in my shop 2 years ago!  Time flies!!
There is an owl with a bow tie too.  Kids get to write inside why they love their important person.  Ah!  Family members just eat this one up.  As a mom, I can’t tell you how much my heart swells when my kids come home with crafts like this!!!  For more info, see the listing in the shop HERE.
I also added the February Classroom Management Tools to the shop.  A friend of mine, had a great suggestion: add some binder spines.  Now, the packs include binder spines! YAY for organization.  Thanks Jen!  I also added this to the bundle so if you’ve purchased the bundle, please go back and download the added file.  And this is only $1.50 when you purchase the entire bundle!!!  Such a savings!!
Let’s have a GIVEAWAY for the “Owl Always Love You” Craftivity!  I’m giving away it away to FIVE lucky winners.  All you have to do is one thing: pin it to a personal board of yours on Pinterest.  Then just leave a comment below with the link to your board.  THAT’s IT!!!  I’ll use random.org to choose the winners. Contest begins now and ends Tuesday night at midnight.  Winner will be announced next Wednesday (Jan 28, 2015).
Have a great Thursday y’all!  See you next Wednesday and *almost* everyday on Instagram!
Oh, and not too forget!!!  I’m linking up with my blogging buddy Jessica for a Highlight Hump Day.  Thanks Jessica for hosting!

Karen F. - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/70298444159985042/ I love this!! and it matches my classroom theme too ;-)

Rachel C - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/235664992977446589/ This looks so cute! I hope I win! I think my students would enjoy making these and the parents would love receiving them!

Maria B. - I thought this was ADORABLE!

Libby Bouma - My classroom is full of owls and I would love to do this with my students! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/132222939036271739/

Sabrina - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/343962490266233578/ Love this cute activity!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Sabrina!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Perfect!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you and thanks for entering!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - The parents would LOVE them. :) Thanks for entering!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - perfect!!!

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Top 12 Comfy Shoes for Teachers {I asked, YOU answered!}

A while back I started a new series called, “I asked, YOU answered.”  Not too long ago, I asked on Facebook, “What comfy shoe do you love to wear to school?” I mean, being on your feet all day long takes a toll.  And if you teach the primary grades, you are burning calories all day–up, down, up, down.  So, I thought I would pose the question.  I love finding new comfy shoes, don’t you?  Here are the answers I got from YOU.  Some I had never even heard of!  Check them out below. So cute-right?  Comfort doesn’t have to be boring!!  And those gold shoes from TIEKS!!  Ooh-la-la.  Recently, I was able to try TIEKS and I love them.  You can see my review of them here.


Here are the links where you can find these shoes:

1. Dansko


3. Crocs

4. Born

5. Tieks

6. Sebago

7. Fit Flop

8. Munro

9. Vionic

10. Mee Too

11. Keen

12. Clarks

Hope you are having a great week!  Come hang out on Instagram. I’d love to see you there. Oh, and have you signed up for the newsletter?  I send out exclusive freebies just for you.  See you next Wednesday!


Shawna - Thanks!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank YOU! Hope you find something you like! ~April

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FREEBIE just for you! {and winners announced}

Happy 2015!  We are officially rockin’ and rollin’ in the new year.  Lots going on.  Mostly, back to routines!  And my little planner heart just loves that!

Before I get to the winners of the giveaway,  I want you to know how amazed and floored I am at the response from my last post.  I really wasn’t sure what you would think. Putting my heart out there is sometimes tough.  THANK YOU!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I cried….laughed… and took notes while reading the comments.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to tell me what you think.  Words really can’t express my gratitude enough.  All I can say is…I’m not going anywhere.  I absolutely love you readers here at A Modern Teacher.  If I could reach out and give you all a hug, I would. And now, before I get too sappy and start boo-hooing, on to the winners….

Winner #1: Amanda

Winner #2: Mary Jane

Winner #3: Melanie

I sent you an email this morning.  Don’t forget to check your spam if you haven’t gotten anything yet.

Thank you to EVERYONE for entering!  Your support means the world!!!

What about the freebie?! Here ya go!  This is a little one page calendar.  It has the year at-a-glance.  Frame it, post it, put it in a binder, or use as a cover. Whatever you would like–it is here for you!

Happy Teaching!



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Ready for 2015! {Super fun announcement and a giveaway!}

3 years!  3 years friends!  I can’t believe it! It has been 3 years since I started A Modern Teacher.  Wow!  And shortly after, I opened my shop on Teachers Pay Teachers and my life and my family’s life have changed in SO many good, GREAT, wonderful ways.

I could go on and on about the blessings but one thing is for sure: I am honored to share with you, to have you here, to meet you and to share my heart with you.  Words can’t express my deep gratitude! I absolutely LOVE what I’m doing.

To celebrate, I will be giving away 3 gift certificates of $20 to Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can buy anything your little heart would like! 3 winners teacher friends! That’s a lot of resources for you and your students. I believe in what TpT is doing.  I love the way it is empowering teachers not only in the classroom but also in their lives at home.  I can definitely get onboard with that!


I have some highlights of 2014 (like celebrating all of my youngest’s “firsts” in the first year of his life and meeting so many friends at the TpT Conference) but really, I’m ready for 2015.  Really, really READY.

Here’s why:

1. I get to continue to do something I love {create!}: help teachers (in turn helping kids) with resources for their classrooms.

2. Love on my 1 year old and 3 year old before they go to all-day, five-days-a-week school


3. Aaaaannnnd the super fun announcement is: I’m starting a DIY Blog for Parents.  ****EEK!*****

It’s a little (ok, a lot) of craziness on my part (and my husband’s part too because he’ll be making some cameos).  But I’m taking it slow.  I want and feel a tug in my heart to share a bit more with parents.  I’m not sure “A Modern Teacher” is the place to do it.  I believe maybe one day I will combine the 2 blogs but for now, I am keeping the 2 separate.  I know you here at A Modern Teacher really want more and more teaching ideas and ideas on management and organization. How? You have so kindly filled out a survey the past couple of years.  I wanted/want to know more of what YOU want (because this blog isn’t about me) and DIY projects at home are not one of them.  And that is ok.:) Yes, you don’t mind reading about my family and personal life because that is what makes me ME. BUT, ultimately, you come for teaching ideas, not home DIY projects.  More ways to be successful as a teacher…in the classroom.  And you know what else? I LOVE that because I’m a teacher at heart.

So, if you would like to see the 2 blogs combine–let me know in the comments.  I am completely open to hearing your opinions.  I just know 99% of posts will be (I already have all of January planned-wahoo!) DIY home projects (making your home more functional for children).  Not teaching related at all.  Just doesn’t seem like “A Modern Teacher” would be the place to post about DIY projects at home.  But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe you would like to hear all about that too. AND maybe one day I will make it one big ole’ blog.  For now though, come on over to “Rise and Shine DIY” if you like home projects and if you like to “Do It Yourself”!!  This will be fun!!!!  I’d love for you to subscribe through Bloglovin’.

Will I still post here?  ABSOLUTELY!  I have more ideas to share. My 2015 goal is to post atleast once a week on Wednesdays.

Will I still create and sell resources? ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, I have some organizing resources I’m working on, the planners are even better with updates and new designs (coming this spring), and I’ll be selling the printed personal planner (The Teacher Life Map) both here and on the parent blog as gifts for teachers.

So, enter below!  Check out the new site!!!  I would love for you to come over!  It seems sorta plain right now, but a white background (according to lots and lots of designers), will make the images POP.

And one more thing, do you like my new design?  Kept some details but refining it every year:)

a modern teacher


Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!  It comes out this Sunday with a new exclusive freebie.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to 2015!!


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Melissa Morris - I love the idea of a DIY blog! I’ve followed you on instagram for a little while but have just started checking out your blog as well. Excited to see DIY projects as well!

Theresa - Teachers have special “organizing” challenges at home (or is that just me?). I think having ONE person blog about both worlds is awesome!

Breanne Simons - I’d love to see your posts on both blogs to make sure I don’t miss anything! :) Love the design of your other page, too!!

Cheryl p - Love the look and idea for the new blog….can’t wait for more great ideas from you in 2015!

Carol Polston - I enjoy reading blogs even when it has a lot of personal information- like you said- that’s what makes you (and the other bloggers I follow). Congrats on your new blog!

Debbie Pierce - I love the pictures fb your children. They are adorable!

Kathryn - Very ambitious of you to have more than one blog! One where you and your husband share ideas sounds so wonderful, though! Best to you in this new year…and I have to tell you: each year a WORD finds me…and this year my Word is READY! ~kathy

Brie G - I’m already planning to subscribe to your new blog on Bloglovin’, but I’d happily read a hybrid blog. :) As a teacher and now as a new mom, I’m very interested in both content areas. Happy 2015!

Terri - Super excited for you! Going to go check out the other site now!

Kimberly T. - Congrats on the new site! I always enjoy your posts no matter what they are about, and now I will have TWO to read! It’s a BOGO!

Sarah Koves - What a great idea! I too prefer blogs that have personal information and mixes of home and school. Best of luck.

Janice McKnight - Wow!! Doing two blogs is super cool! Enjoy the fun!

Lori R - Congrats on 3 years and I am excited about your new blog!

Rachelle - I love all your products, especially the lovely planner I bought from you! It’s amazing, as are you! Thanks again, happy New Year :)

Nicole Smith - Congrats on three years! I’m so glad you started this wonderful blog! :)

J. Davis - Sounds like an exciting venture! I look forward to checking both blogs.

Rachel - I also love when bloggers share their personal and professional life. A true “modern” teacher has to balance both of those! And it helps to read/see how others are making this crazy thing called life work! Congrats on the new blog, even if you keep them separated! Happy 2015 to you and your family!!

Melissa - Good luck on your new blog! Happy New Year!

Sonia - Enjoy that time with your littles! Not sure why it goes by so fast, but it really does. Thanks also for the fun give-a-way! :)

Beth Shavelson - Congrats on 3 years!!! Teachers love reading about all aspects of a teacher so combining the two blogs would be great as long as your family doesn’t mind reading about 123’s and ABC’s :)))))

Doreen Bednarski - I love the idea of 2 blogs.

Karen H - I can’t wait to read your DIY blog!

Michelle R - Good luck on your new blog! :)

Ursula - I enjoy reading personal and professional blogs. Good luck on this new adventure. :)

Jenny Owens - I love the idea for your new blog! I will definitely be following Rise and Shine DIY, too! Happy 2015!

April - I love your sweetness added to your blog but I am definitely here for the teaching tips so would want the blogs separate.

Andrea - I love the idea of all the DIY projects! I wouldn’t mind reading the projects and school stuff on one blog, but I also don’t mind reading them on separate ones. Sorry, I’m not more help!

Caryn - Thanks for the great planner and for 3 great years. I am excited for your new blog too!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Caryn!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - This is VERY helpful! :) Thanks girl!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much April! (love your name by the way :) This is EXACTLY what I need to know. Honest feedback. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so my Jenny!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Ursula! I love the way you referenced it. So SMART! xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Michelle!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AW!! Thanks so much Karen!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Doreen for the feedback! Perfect!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Beth!! Love your honest feedback!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - I know–why does it go by so fast? Thank you so much Sonia!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Melissa! Happy New Year to you too!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Happy 2015 to you too Rachel! Thanks for being here! I know you saw a post on the playroom. It’ll be stuff like that. I hope you follow there too. :) I TRULY appreciate your feedback!! xoxo~April

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much J Davis!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AWWWW!! Thanks so much Nicole! It’s comments like this that keep me going! A big hug to you!! xoxo, April

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Rachelle!!! Thanks for those sweet comments! You just made my day! I’m getting all teary-eyed! Thank you! xoxo, April

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Lori!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Janice!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Sarah! I REALLY do appreciate the feedback!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - haha Kimberly!!! That is super kind of you!! WOW!! I am just honored! Thank you!! xoxo, April

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Terri!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Good to know Brie!!! Thanks SO much for the feedback. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - LOVE your new word for 2015! READY! Always ready. and open. Open to new change. Ready for the impossible! Good luck this year and THANK YOU so much for the feedback!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Debbie!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AWW! Thanks so much Cheryl!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Melissa!!! So glad you are here! Can’t wait to get to know you better. :)

MJ - I would probably prefer 1 blog.

Christy - I’m so excited for your second blog! I love your ideas!

Deb R - Love your planner! Can’t wait to check out the new blog! How exciting!

Rachel Creager - I can’t wait to read the new DIY blog! So fun! Congratulations!

Nicole Swisher - I’m so excited for your new start with a parent blog!! Such a great idea, and I’m sure parents will love it!! Thanks for celebrating with us! :)

Ellen - I love your stuff! Thank you so much for making teachers lives a little bit easier!

Rachel C - Congrats on three years! It’s awesome that you’ll be starting a blog for parents. When I become one I’ll be sure to check it out. :)

Debbie H. - I love your products, especially your planner. I am looking forward to the updates in the spring! I personally would prefer looking at 2 blogs if they are about such different topics. I will follow the new blog so I won’t miss a thing. Congratulations, you’ve worked hard. Happy New Year!

kelly - Great ideas!

Regina - I will be checking out the new DIY blog. I love seeing those projects, too!

Natalie - So excited for your new adventures!

Allison - Happy 3 year anniversary! Thanks for making such great products especially ones that make the teaching life a little less chaotic!

Kristin H - Congrats on 3 years!! I love your blog. :)

Megan Goblirsch - I have been a fan of yours for a few years. You were one if the very first bloggers that I started following on TPT. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Katie - I can’t wait for your new blog…I’m sure it will be wonderful!

Brooke - I love your blog!! I can’t wait to see all that you post in 2015!! :)

Martinique Webb - Although I’m not a parent that’s amazing that you are taking on two blogs. I’ve created one to kind of journal my life with type one diabetes but the thought of keeping up with two blogs scares me. But I love visiting mom blogs and finding new stuff I can bring to the classroom. I think you could combine them at one point because I do find myself on their blogs for food ideas, crafts and all kinds of stuff! Congrats!

Lesley - Love the new design….and the DIY blog sounds great. Personally, I don’t really need to reorganize my life at home for kids, my kids are teenagers now, so incorporating the 2 blogs wouldn’t be helpful for me, but honestly it wouldn’t matter to me if they were.

Khara - Great job with the new blog. I really like it!

Tara - I love your planners! Thanks for all the things you make.

susan - A DIY blog sounds great. New ideas are always exciting to read.

Erine - thanks for all that you do for teachers, kids and parents!

Amy - April,

CONGRATS on your new blog. I can’t wait to read more! :) Happy New Year!


Genevieve - Thats so awesome!I am excited to see what the parent page will be like :)

Jaime - I can’t wait to read your DIY blog. I love watching DIY TV shows and getting inspired. Happy New Year.

Jen - Congrats on your new blog. I think it would be best to keep the 2 blogs separate.

Melanie A. - It’s great that you are starting this blog. Can’t wait to check it out!

Angela - I do like it when teachers include their life in the blogs as well, it’s nice to get to know you as a person and what influences your teaching decisions, in some ways it helps to ‘trust’ what you are saying more because I know you more (if that makes sense). And hey if a blog post isn’t up someones ally they don’t have to read that one :)

suzy - So excited for your new adventure…more power to you!

Purple Palmetto - Congratulations to you. Your idea of combining two blogs sounds great. The worlds overlap anyway! :) Happy New Year. :)

Breanna Newell - I love the idea of having two separate blogs. I think it would be a great idea to have “buttons” for those of us that teach and want to see all of your awesome DIY ideas. Sometimes I need a good reason to take a break from teacher brain and think of cool stuff I can be doing at home! :) Loving the Rise and Shine DIY blog so far! I love the simplicity of the site! Your new blog design for this blog is great! It is simple, but very sweet. Congrats! :)

Natalie Gunderson - I just like to read blogs. I may sign up for teaching ones, but being a teacher is more than just what we do during the day. We are mothers, wives, friends, homeowners…oh the list could go on…

I love ideas of any kind. Good luck on your new blog. I will be sure to follow it – that’s for sure!

Nikki - I love your blog and your I planners! I will definitely be checking out your DIY blog. Who doesn’t need more way to improve functionality in the home?!

Meghan - I think I’d like to see them stay separate for a while and then see if there are ways for them to cross over because some teachers are not parents and they don’t need to know the best way for cleaning a dirty cloth diaper or what to do when your kid has an all night cough.

Amanda - I enjoy visiting your website!

Lisa - Thank you for, everything you do for teachers, parents. So many ideas.

Kim - I absolutely love your blog! You are creative and full of energy! I love your excitement, it is contagious!

Amber B. - I think it’s a great idea!!!

Erica - I am looking forward to reading your new blog. As a teacher with no children of her own (yet) it can be hard at times for me to offer advice to parents who are asking for it. Maybe I can get some great tips from you.

Janelle - I am very interested to see how your parents respond to this great idea.

Erika Bell - I think sometimes what teachers do in and out of the classroom overlap, so I don’t think it would be bad to combine the two blogs together. Though, I understand your perspective on keeping them separated too…I know I probably didn’t help at all, but I do LOVE your work!

Barbara Garvey - I think the DIY page will be great for parents. Being a teacher with no kids, I would like if you kept the pages separate.

Donella - Congratulations on 3 years! Time flies when your having fun! I enjoy your blog and love the newsletter. Thank you.

Hayley Sims - What a great blog! Will be sure to keep visiting back for new ideas :)

Lora - You always have great ideas and fun products! Thank you!

Brooke Moore - I love your blog. Can’t wait to read your new blog as well. : )

Anne Ramos - Congratulations on three years! :)

Cheryl - I could always use some parenting tips!! Love the DIY blog idea!!

Lisette - I will follow you on both of your amazing blogs! Happy New Year!

Carrie Bartlett - I love the calendars! Thank you so much!

Lori - I checked out the new blog…<3!

Joanne A - I love your blog. I like to hear about what you’re up to and get great teaching tips. I also like DIY blogs, however since my kids are teenagers I wouldn’t really be interested in making my home more functional for kids. I do love decorating ideas!

Nannette - Great idea! Happy New Year!

melissa cloud - Thanks so much for the calendar! They are all so cute, I can’t decide which to print! Maybe I’ll just print them all and use them everywhere. :)

Heather Burris - Thank you so so much for all you do. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it all and how helpful it is….

Kate - Congrats from the land down under! Love the blog!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Aw! Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - WOW! Thank you so much! I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me!! xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Sweet! Good idea!! :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you! Happy New Year to you!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Perfect Joanne! Exactly what I need to know. I appreciate you leaving feedback!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Lori!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Carrie!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Lisette! Means a lot!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Yay! Thank you Cheryl!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Anne! I love you being here!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AWE! Thanks so much Brooke! Means the world!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Lora! I TRULY appreciate it! xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Hayley! Yes, please do! :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks for the comment about the newsletter. Those are part of this biz that can be a bit time-consuming so I appreciate there are people enjoying it. Means SO much!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Perfect! Thanks for the feedback Barbara!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Erika! I know, it can be hard–what to do…what to do. Thank you for leaving the feedback though! I appreciate you taking the time!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Janelle! Maybe I can help close the gap a little…in my own way. :) Thanks for the feedback!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Wow! You’re so insightful Erica! Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate you leaving the feedback!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Amber!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - WOW! Cartwheels over here! Thank you. means a lot! xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Lisa!
Thanks so much! I appreciate you saying that. truly honored!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY! Thank you! So happy to hear there are people out there reading. :) Thanks for the feedback.

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Totally understand Meghan! Ha! This won’t be that kind of blog. I don’t know much about that area–or atleast I don’t think I do. LOL! I’ll be sharing things like setting up a place to put backpacks when your child gets home, our playroom, that kind of stuff. Much more ‘teachery’. I LOVE your comment. This is EXACTLY what I want to hear. Thanks for taking the time!!! xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Nikki! So glad you like the planners!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Natalie! I completely get that. If I can figure it out…one day it might be one gigantic blog. Wahoo! Thanks for leaving feedback! truly appeciate it!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Breanna! What wonderful feedback! Thank you. You really just made my day! I was really going for ‘simple and sweet’. exactly. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that the idea is coming across. Thank you!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - I think so…one day. Thank you for the feedback!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Suzy! Good luck on the giveaway!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Love that! They can just skip over. I’ll probably bridge the two…one day. The other blog is more construction oriented…my husband will be there too. But if I can figure it out, one it will become. Thank you for leaving feedback!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Jen!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Jaime! YAY! A fellow DIYer!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you! I’ll have things like setting up places to put backpacks for your children, our playroom, little parent hacks that have to do with crafts and some “semi-DIY” construction stuff. I’m excited to share!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Amy!! Happy New Year to you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY! Thank you Susan!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AWE! Thanks so much Tara!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Khara! BTW-I love the way you spell your name!!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you for your honesty!!! I LOVE that! Means more than you know. Thank you for being here Lesley!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Martinique! Super excited!! I love the feedback. It’s what I want to know. xoxo!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Yay! Thanks so much Brooke!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Katie! Ah! nervous but excited!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - AWE!!! Thank you Megan!! That means so much!!! REALLY! just wanna squeeze you! big hugs!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Kristin!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - That’s is THE goal Allison! Thanks for leaving feedback!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Me too! So happy you are too! Thanks Natalie

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Another DIYer! WAHOO! Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Kelly!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Debbie! SO happy you will be there too! REALLY appreciate the support! Hugs and Happy New Year!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Sweet! Thanks Rachel!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY! Thank you Ellen!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Nicole!! Thank you for ALL your support! Can’t wait to meet one day!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you SO much Christy!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Good to know MJ! Thanks for leaving the feedback. :)

Toni Nicholson - Congratulations on your new endeavor! I like hearing about both worlds.

Cherie - I’m excited to follow you on your new blog! Happy 2015!

Karen - I would love to see the two blogs combined! More bang for your buck! As a teacher and a mom, I would love to see ideas for both…and possibly better ways to manage both! :) Thank you for all you do!

Kelly Brown - Oh I loved how positive and upbeat you sound! I just know your kiddos love that you are staying with them at home. Love the ideas and suggestions you always share!

Amber H. - I agree that two sites makes sense at this point. I can’t wait to see what’s to come with the new site. I will be referring parents that need ideas of things to do with their children at home.

Nichole - I am excited to see your parent DIY blog. I am one of those teachers who is much more organized at school than at home. Any help you can give for organization tips at home would be amazing!

Amy Walker - I love your site!! I think a DYI blog is a terrific idea!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Amy!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Wahoo! Nichole! I know what you mean though! We just pour our hearts into the classroom. Home seems to be on the backburner. I hope to help with that. :) xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Oh, thank you SO much Amber!!! That means A LOT!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you SO much Kelly! It is hard when you miss teaching and have been at it for 11 years but I won’t get this time back with the kids so for now…. Thank you SO much for being here!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY! Thanks Karen for your comment! I am def going to keep it in mind. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Cherie Mae!! And for always entering the giveaways!!! Glad you are here! Happy 2015 to you too. xoxo

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Oh good, Toni! Thanks for leaving the feedback!

Sarah Cole - Wow…. so many questions to answer!

Yes… I really like your blog design. I think it would be good to keep the blogs separate but that means double the work for you. But on the other hand… teachers that are parents might like it combined.

I cannot wait to check out your new blog!

Happy Blogging!

Michaela @weheartedu - I’m so excited about your new blog!!! I will check it out often, since I’m staying home with my little ones for now too.

Chelsea L. - Good luck on your new blog! Can’t wait to read that one too! Happy New Year!! :)

Lisa - I think a combined blog would be a great idea! Teachers crave inspiration outside the classroom as much as they do in the classroom!

Penelope - Love the DIY idea-awesome adventure for you! Thanks so much.

Alexa D. - Your kids are adorable. Good luck with both blogs and thank you for the rafflecopter. :)

Shanna - Congratulations!

Heidi S. - Can’t wait to read the new blog!

Kimberly - Love your blog. Sounds great that you want to combine your ideas. Have fun with it!

Karyn H - I love the idea of a DIY blog! I love finding new ideas of things to make or cook!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY! Well, this will be perfect then. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Kimberly!!!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Wahoo! Thanks so much Heidi!! Can’t wait to see you there too.

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks Shanna!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - You’re welcome Alexa! Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Penelope!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - I just might do that! :) Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Happy New Year to you too Chelsea! Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you SO much girl! Love seeing your kiddos on IG. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Sarah! Love all your responses.

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Tamales are my favorite holiday food! Let’s chat Christmas.

Oh ya!  A Christmas Party—my favorite!!  When I saw my friend, Abby, was having a Christmas Linky Party, I knew I wanted to join. I love, love, love Christmas.  And this time, I’m actually not late to the party-ha!

So, here a some random tidbits about me and my family and this most treasured time in my life: Christmas.  Growing up my parents raised us with some pretty awesome traditions.  After they divorced, some of them went to the wayside but that is ok.  I have very very fond memories. Now it is time to dig deep with my own babies and start some new ones!  Some traditions did stay though.  So no sadness here!  Like singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and staying up WAY too late Christmas Eve with Karaoke!

Read on to find out a bit more…BUT I would love to hear yours!! Either comment with something you’d love to share in the comments below or let me know you are joining the linky party too (if you are a blogger).  I love reading about other traditions.

Christmas Conversation www.amodernteacher.com

Thanks Abby for a fun party!!  Can’t wait to read more posts!



Babbling Abby - So, I think I’m going to need that tamales recipe!!! Sounds YUM!!! Merry Christmas, friend!!! xxoo

Amanda - LOVE that Christmas tradition! It’s something I want to do with my littles!!

Destiny - That fact about your family sounds like too much fun! My family is SO small, I’ve always dreamed of having a big family when I get married to have moments just like that! Merry Christmas!

Terrific Teaching and Learning

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Honey, I wish I knew it! I couldn’t make tamales to save my life. Ha! That is all my mom. :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Yes! Need to start some new ones with my family too :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - It can get a bit CRAZY. :) I tried responding on your blog but when I comment something with my google account keeps messing things up. It doesn’t show up as published. ANYWAY, I loved reading your responses! I would love to celebrate Christmas at a ranch like your great-aunts. How fun! And we have a white elephant exchange too. Rowdy!! Merry Christmas :)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Oh my goodness Rissa!!! Thanks so much for including A Modern Teacher!! I am honored and incredibly grateful. Thank you for stopping by and spending your time here. You just made my day. :) YOU are why I continue to do what I do here. Happy New Year! xoxo, April

Heather M - Love the blog…can’t wait to check out your new DIY Blog for Parents as well!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you Heather!!!

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Classroom Crashers! :: A Day in First Grade

Ah…the crisp cool air. The leaves changing to different colors: Fall.  And it is almost over. I can only imagine what it would be like to live it a state that has all of those beautiful colors and more. ..OR maybe snow right now? Um–maybe not.:) Meet a teacher who does get to experience all this glory: Kristin from A Day in First Grade. Kristin is a dear friend of mine.  She used to live in central Texas so I got to catch up with her a couple of times. And let me tell ya–This girl is one smart cookie! Man-is she smart!  And so down to Earth.

Last summer, she moved to Massachusetts and although I was super happy for her, I was also bummed.  BUT guess what?  This thing called the internet, sure does keep those who live far, still in our lives.  I probably talk to her just as much now as I did when she lived here.  And I can’t wait to visit her!  Until then,  I do want to share pics of her classroom.  After checking out the pictures below, be sure to head over to her blog for a TON, I mean a TON, of awesome resources.  Currently she is teaching Kindergarten.  So if you are a kinder or first grade teacher–check her out!



Matching up upper and lower case letters:


Love how she was using a play on words to help motivate the students.  Here she used sticky notes as GAME PIECES.  The students need to find the matching pair of uppercase/lowercase letters.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Kristing has a ton of super helpful, inspiring stuff on her blog.

Check out more of Kristin’s Room head HERE.  Don’t forget —even if you don’t have a blog, you can still send me pictures and I’ll share. My email is amodernteacher@gmail.com;  I don’t think there is a teacher out there who doesn’t like to peek into another teacher’s classrooms.  Thank you for sharing your ideas with teachers around the world!

Classroom Crashers www.amodernteacher.com

AND, thank you Kristin for letting us CRASH your classroom!!!


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November Classroom Management

Gobble!  Gobble!  This month we celebrate so many reasons to be thankful.  Giving thanks is also the theme of this month’s classroom management pack.  If you are looking for tons of positive reward tools at your finger tips, here you go.

Don’t forget, this is also part of a “growing bundle“.  I will be posting a new pack every month with management resources based on themes for that month. The entire year-long pack will be for August-May.



This resource includes:

Positive Behavior Tools like:

Weekly Quotes for Motivation

Behavior Charts

Happy Notes

Encouragement/Praise Cards

Student of the Week Award

and a Daily Contract for individualized positive behavior


And don’t forget the Teacher Tools:



Thank You Notes

To-Do Lists

Monthly Calendar

Weekly to-dos

AND a Whole Group Class Activity: “Build a Turkey” (which can be used in a variety of ways)

There are a couple of options:

either go by the month and get the November Pack HERE

or the Entire Year HERE.

How is your November going? I’d love to hear in the comments below.  AND I hope you signed up for the newsletter because it had a HUGE freebie.  It is not too late though so sign up.

Have a great week!


Sharon - I would love to receive your newsletter:)

amodernteacher@gmail.com - It will be coming out again VERY soon. :) Watch your inbox and let me know if you don’t get it. amodernteacher@gmail.com Thanks SO much for being here!! ~April

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Classroom Crashers!! {from Substituting to full-time Teacher}

So excited to share with you another Classroom Crasher!!  This time we are visiting Tanja’s room!  Tanja writes over at Journey of a Substitute Teacher and has a heart of gold.  Let me tell ya!  I have rarely met a person who is as supportive and nice as Tanja.  I had the privilege of meeting her this past July at the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference and thought she was just so incredibly nice.  A GEM!

Tanja had been substituting and this past year, started teaching full-time to Third Graders.  Congratulations Tanja!!!!  Without further ado, here is her classroom:

I love how she highlights learner profiles on this board (great to see for easy access):

I love the black boards and alphabet line.  Really makes the posters and letters POP!

And of course, one key to running a successful classroom…as far as management goes….is being ORGANIZED.

Love the labels!

To check out more of Tanja’s Room and to see where she found items in her room, head to her blog for all the details!  Don’t forget —even if you don’t have a blog, you can still send me pictures and I’ll share. My email is amodernteacher@gmail.com.  I don’t think there is a teacher out there who doesn’t like to peek into another teacher’s classrooms.  Thank you for sharing your ideas with teachers around the world!

AND thank you Tanja for letting us CRASH your Classroom!!


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TIME-SAVER {My first Stitch Fix!} Enter to win

This is a little different than my normal posts. And I’m excited to share! This blog is all about helping teachers find ways to simplify and maximize their time. From planners to lessons to meal-planning, I truly want to help you find ways at home and at school to simplify—giving you more time to do ~whatever~. To enjoy life. Whatever that means to you. If that means a lesson to help with curriculum or help getting dinner on the table, OR a planner to keep it all straight, I really want to bring tools and resources to you.

So, when my friend Maria, told me about Stitch Fix, I knew I had to give it a try. Let me tell ya, teacher friends, this is something you could use. Teachers have such busy lives. There isn’t a whole lot of time to go shopping. This is the perfect answer.

The idea in a nutshell:

You answer a bunch of questions to give a stylist an idea of your likes and dislikes.  The stylist will then put together a selection of clothes you might like. Depending on the time frame you select, the box of clothes will be delivered directly to your mailbox anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  You have 3 days to try on the clothes and decide if you want to keep them or not.  Purchase the ones you want to keep, send back the ones you don’t want.  For putting together the outfits, there is a $20 fee. However, it can be credited toward a purchase.  That’s it!


Here is the nitty-gritty of how it works:

1. Log in and create an account.

2. Answer a SUPER FUN questionnaire of your likes and dislikes on clothing.

3. Select a time frame for the clothes to arrive (either 2-3 weeks, 4 weeks or 6 weeks).

4. Pay a $20 styling fee.

5. Next is the hard part—wait (you can do it–and once it starts it will be awesome!)

6. Package arrives!!  You feel like a queen!

7. Try on everything in the box.  You have 3 days to decide what you would like to keep.

8. Keep what you want.  Send back what you don’t want in a return bag provided (no cost to you).

9. Log on and tell Stitch Fix what you want to keep, give feedback of what you REALLY liked and why and what you DIDN’T LIKE and why. And of course, pay.

10. Make sure your next FIX is scheduled!

That’s it!

Here is why I like it:

1.  You don’t have to go anywhere.

2. You save time by…

3. no crowds

4. no traffic

5. no heading to 5 different stores

6. No gas to spend

7. Don’t have to worry about a sitter if you have kids or lug them around and keep them entertained.

Now, I will say that I use to LOVE shopping…..before kids.  Shopping was something I actually ENJOYED doing.  I didn’t mind spending the entire day out. This is something I still love to do BUT it is hard when you have kids or you have a schedule like a teacher.  Put kids and being a teacher together (for some of you out there) and forget it–NO WAY.  Those weekends are just too precious.  For every day clothes, it is just SO hard.  Now, if I have a special event, or something I know I really want from say….Target or JCrew— I’m gonna go shopping, and the hubby will watch the kids.  BUT those days are few and far between.

In my first box I received:

1. The black and white floral shirt

2. The skinny jeans

3. The navy blue sleeveless shirt

4. The pink shirt in the last picture.

5. The black and white cardigan

The average cost for these items was $60.  A little pricey but so worth the time saved (and if you create products for your classroom or tpt–this is a must!)

What do you think?  Ready to give it a try?  Sign up HERE. I am so convinced you’ll like this–I am having a giveaway! 2 people will receive their styling fee waived.  I will pay for your stylist fee!  Wahoo!

Just enter below in rafflecopter.

This post does contain an affiliate link.  I give my honest opinions on Stitch Fix.  By signing up through my link, you are not charged anything extra.  Thank you and GOOD LUCK!~April

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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