Winner Announced!!

The #teacherscapturesummer camera giveaway is over and the winner has been picked!!  Drum roll please….


Congratulations to Angela P.!!!  She has already been contacted and has responded so we are sending goodies her way!!

Thank you to everyone for entering!  AND thank you to all the sponsors for making this possible!!!!

Plus, more giveaways will be coming up this summer, so stay tuned!!

And if you are looking for a freebie—sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusive freebies and this resource:  (I will send it to you within 3 days).  You can stay updated on ALL the giveaways and more freebies!!  Have a great week!!  xo, April

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Capture Summer Memories ***HUGE Giveaway**

Today marks the official First Day of Summer and it’s Father’s Day!!  WAHOO! YAY! CELEBRATE!!  Lots of reasons to take pictures, am I right?  So, a bunch of us bloggers put together a Camera Giveaway so you can capture ALL the summer memories and BEYOND!



There are some AMAZING products here:

First up the CAMERA:  This camera is a DSLR camera that takes some pretty awesome pictures.  I’m not a professional photographer (though I would love to be-haha) by any means but the images always come out SO CLEAR and CRISP.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.45.43 PM

Next up is the additional, BONUS lens.  This lens!  Ah, I LOVE this lens!  This lens is what gives your pictures that amazing blurred background with crisp images in the forefront.  You just switch out the lenses and voila!  It is SUPER easy!  If I can take these pictures, I know you can too!  Here’s an example.  Here is a picture without the lens:

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.46.25 PM
This picture is of my son at the playground (taken a long time ago–almost a year–before I had the lens).  Notice the background is clear too.  Can see the trees and all of the equipment. (still great clear shot with the camera)



and here is a picture with the lens:

We took this picture in the Spring during Bluebonnet time here in Texas.  Still crisp, but notice the trees are completely blurred.  I just love the effect.  It is how we see things with our eyes.  We focus on one thing and then everything in the background is blurry.  LOVE IT–Don’t you??!


Two more pictures to show you the effect.  Here we are playing with the bubbles.  Something I’m sure you’ll definitely do this summer!!


And one more of my youngest.  I did nothing to this picture except adjust the exposure just a tiny bit (after it was taken). It almost looks like a professional took it (well, almost-ha).  But really, the pictures you take are amazing and it is essentially foolproof.  Like I said, if I can do this, so can you. It’s all the lens.  :)



And last is the Jo Totes Camera Bag:

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.42.40 PM

Perfect to store all these goodies!

Whatcha waiting for?  Enter today!  Contest starts today and ends in one week, Sunday, June 28.  Now, just a little warning, there are a lot of us sponsors so we can make this amazing for you. So, hang in there while following everyone. This is a $655 valued prize. To enter, you just have to follow in ONE way from the sponsor.

Good luck!!  Thank you to all the sponsors and thank you for supporting A Modern Teacher!  xoxo, April

PS  Are you looking for a way to get organized this school year {and beyond}?  Check out the Teacher Binders in my shop on TpT.  This will be my 4th year to offer them and they are the best ones yet!



a Rafflecopter giveaway





Dayne carpenter - I would love to use this summer and also in my class room

Elida Ruiz - This is a great idea and opportunity! Thank you!

LeAnn Hendrickson - i love getting ideas and resources here! I am going to be teaching 5th grade this year after 8 years in 4th.

Tiffany Richter - I’ve wanted a camera like this for a long time!!

Christina Kingston - Awesome idea! Here’s to wishing everyone luck!

penny husher - Love to use this for my school!

Amanda - Thanks for the chance to win!! I could really use this on my first cruise that I’m taking this summer with my family and in my pre k classroom (moving down from 1st!!!) starting this fall!

Billie J Carlton - This would be awesome!!! Love TpT!!

Marian Dawson - i would love to win this.

Denice - would Love to win this. Love the bag and I especially love the camera. Hate having to use my cell phone as a camera

Susan kruger - I would love this camera for field trips and special activities in my classroom.

Paula Bumgardner - would love to win this! Thank you!

Melissa Janson - Would love to be able to capture moments with my family.

Sophia Alexander - I love TpT I have so many materials!!

Lara Kernan - I teach fourth grade and I love this site!

rebecca wirtzberger - What a beautiful camera bag! Love it!

Lus Bugarin - Love to take pictures of my students and family

Susan Wardle - I’d love to have such a great camera to supplement the technology I already use in my classroom.

Susan Watts - This will be great for all of my science experiences both in and outside of the classroom!

Becky - This would really help next year with the digital stories I want my kiddos to create next year!

Sandra - I love this teacher’s site!

Sandra - This site is very useful for me. I would use the camera to takes pictures for the classroom year book.

Stacey - I’d love to win this!!

Jennifer Reese - this is a fabulous giveaway! Thank you!

Roxi - What a wonderful opportunity! THANK YOU! I was planning on changing my current Canon DSLR which is 6 years old (!) so if I get to be the very lucky winner, it will be just perfect.
Thank you guys!

Roxi - I do not have an Instagram account…am I disqualified then? :(

Daina campbell - Would love to have this!

Alice Derrick - Fabulous give away

Debbie Rolfe - I would love to win this camera! It would be so wonderful to be able to take clear pictures instead of having to use my phone. I make each of my children a scrapbook of the years activities and they would be so much nicer with pictures from a Great Camera!

Erin Kilrain - Love the camera and the bag!

Scott F - This would be great to win.

Pam - This is awesome! Would be wonderful for taking pics of my sweet kiddos!

Rebecca Krusee - That’s awesome!

Rebecca Krusee - That’s awesome!http://www

Grendelia Balandran - I love taking pictures of my children’s experiences in my class outside and inside

Stephanie - I would love to win. We are required to take pictures of the students for our parents and i would love to have this material to do it. Thanks

Lourdes Aguilera - I would like to win this camera because it will be used to capture many pictures of my family favorite places and precious and unforgettable momments.

Lisa Harris - Yay! Looking forward to learning new things and getting new ideas and projects. Thanks!

Leah Lesnieski - I will be teaching first grade this year. I love teaching in little land.
I would love to win this camera! I can only imagine all the great projects that we could create using this awesome camera!

Lisa - This is such an awesome giveaway! I bought two of your planners this year because I liked both covers too much to decide on just one! (my husband thinks I have a planner problem) I would love to win this camera! Crossing my fingers!!!

Debbie Price - Thank you for setting this up.

Kerry Hernandez - I think this camera would really feed my inner shutterbug! I’m moving to a new school and a new grade next year and I would use this camera to document my new beginning that I super excited about! Thanks for the opportunity to be considered for this great prize!!!

Zahra - I would love this camera to keep times in memory. Thanks Tpt

Marie Altemus - I love teaching 2nd grade and could use a better camera! - Good luck on your new beginning! Thanks for entering. - Lisa – Thank you so much for your support. Good luck! - Isn’t the bag great?!?! Good luck! - What a great thing to make a scrapbook of each year! Love that idea! Good luck! - Aw…Thanks Sandra! That is so sweet! Good luck! - Hi Roxi. No, you will not be disqualified. You just don’t get an extra entry for connecting on Instagram. You are still in the running though. Good luck! - Have fun on your cruise! What a great family vacation! Good luck!

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DIY: Throwback: Chartstand

I thought this week I would share a little  DIY THROWBACK!  I don’t want you to miss this super easy project.  It’s easy.  Promise.

I use things like this stand all the time for reminders, share work, share directions, showcase pictures, etc.  And my taste in scrapbook pages never ends.  Love to make new ones because this is SO easy.

chartstand a modern teacher

How to Make a Mini-Chartstand for under $3.00:



scrapbook paper

giant clips

spray adhesive

chart stand a modern teacher


Cover the clipboard in the scrapbook paper of your choice using spray adhesive.

Decorate it however you would like.

Then just hot glue the GIANT clip to the back of the clipboard.  It allows it to stand it straight up.  That’s it. Remember, I don’t do projects that have more then 3 (okay maybe 5) steps.  But 5 is tops and it has to be REALLY worth it!

chart stand a modern teacher

Have fun making mini-chart stands!

I’m on my way to another fun project next week with a little Monday Made-It!  Having fun with this linky party.  Right up my alley.

xo, April



Tonya - I love this idea, and I have all of the necessary supplies to create these. Hmm…I guess I know what I’ll be working on next! :)
Storybook Endings in Second

Tara - LOVE this idea!!! So cute and has soooo many uses!!! Thanks for linking it up:) I have recently fallen into the scrapbook paper trap:/ It’s a deep pit to fall in to…lol!!

Diana - Going to go buy stuff tomorrow to make some for the classroom. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Jones - Love ideas like this! So pretty! Thanks for sharing. You blog is perfect for me. I will follow you wherever I can. I am new to the blogging scene myself. :) - Wow. Thanks Jennifer! Good luck on the giveaway and your new blog.

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DIY: Planner Stretchy Bands

Starting the summer off right with a little DIY!!!  And I’m kickin’ off my very FIRST Monday MADE-IT today!!!!  Can you believe that?  All this time MMI has been going on, I haven’t been able to participate.  Well, not any more!!!

I am starting with a very simple DIY.  It is mostly an idea of what you can do to make your planners more fun–nothing too scientific over here.  Just a fun idea.  I wanted one of those fun stretchy bands you might see around town that will keep a planner together but I couldn’t find anything that matched my style…. and in my colors of navy and pink.  And I wanted something with a flat flower.  I didn’t want anything too big because then it would just get caught.  I just couldn’t find anything.  So what does any teacher do–they make it.  We are always trying to figure something out to make it work.  We never have the money so we just figure out how to do things on a budget. Am I right or what??!!

A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands


fun stretchy headband (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)

pretty flower (I personally like it to be flat)

hot glue gun

A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands

All you have to do is glue the flower to headband.

A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands

That’s it!

Too simple right?  I hope these MMI don’t have to be complicated because I rarely do things with more then 3 steps.

A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands

Mostly, I just wanted to share with you an idea on how to add some pretty to your planner.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope to join more of these Monday parties!!  xo, April

Thanks to Tara for hosting!

A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands


A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands


A Modern Teacher Planner Stretchy Bands


Interested in purchasing A Modern Teacher Planners?

Sign up for the newsletter to get all the details about the relaunch July 17th, 2015! Sign up HERE! 



Hadar - SOOO cute!!!!

Anisa - Brilliant and simple!

Shawna - Is that a checklist under your planner in the picture? Is that for sale? Thanks!

Kelly Smith - Where did you get the planner bound? - I sell it on my blog 😉 (just go to shop at the top) ~April

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Lesson Planners Printed is an Option on Schoolgirl Style!

Interested in having your lesson planner printed for you?  Ready to take one thing off your plate?  We are now ready to take orders for the lesson planners in print–COLOR and black and white on the Schoolgirl Style Website!!  So incredibly excited to bring this option to you!  Melanie and I have worked really hard on this one.  We want you to worry less and teach more!  Take the printing off your plate!

Printed Lesson Planners in Full color A Modern Teacher


Here are the details:

  • 12 Monthly Calendars August 2015 – June 2016
  • 2 page spread monthly calendars
  • Weekly Lesson Planner August 2015 – June 2016
  • 6 subjects/areas
  • Teacher Essentials
  • Student birthdays
  • Class schedule
  • Class information
  • 8 ½ x 11 in size
  • 75 pages

Take SOMETHING off your plate!  Let the printing be done for you!  WAHOO!

All 2015 Themes and Schoolgirl Style’s all-time favorites are available this year.

This is a hard good and will be mailed to you.


Do you have a 7,8,9,10,or 11 subject area available?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Are the dates prefilled for you?

YES!  The dates run from August 1, 2015-June 30, 2016

Is this printed double sided?  Front and back?


I like to see a monthly view.  Is this available?

Yes, on a 2-page spread.

The digital download includes an Organizer.  Does the printed planner include the organizational forms too?

Unfortunately, because of size, they do not include the organizer.

All I have to do is buy my favorite binder or have it coil bound at Office Max (or Office Depot/Staples)?

YUP!  That is all you have to do!

Any other questions?  Ask away!  I’m happy to help!! or send me an email:

Just a few themes offered—- (so MANY more!!!!) (click on image to head straight to the shop)


To find ALL your options on Schoolgirl Style HEAD HERE. 

Have a great week!!

xo, April



Maureen - I’m confused about the coil bound…is the cover printed on something more durable?

Kim - i wish you did a 6th or middle school common core planner. Love your products!


Karen - Ok – I just have to say how much I love these planners! I just purchased my second one. I purchased one last year and loved it! I just looked at what is included this year and it is the proverbial mother load! Holy organization Batman! Thank you for the guided reading and math plans too. If you are trying to decide, let me just tell you to go ahead and purchase this. You will not be disappointed. I purchased two other digital planers before trying this one. They were just too complicated. Congratulations on a fantastic product that is also very pretty! I purchased the Flamingo pattern and I LOVE it! Thank you again. - Karen – thank you SO MUCH for your support! This is exactly why I do what I do! Enjoy your new planner! - Hi Maureen. For the School Girl Style printed planners the cover is not printed on anything different. If you were to have it coil bound, I would suggest adding a clear plastic cover which would be available where you have it bound. It’s just another idea of how you can make my planners your own! :) Thanks! ~April

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Classroom Crashers! :: Primary Press

Are you thinking about your room for next year?  Some of you might be!  You might be gathering ideas, dreaming already… Well, my friend, Vickie, from Primary Press has a cute classroom set-up!  In the past she went with primary colors and polka dots.  So super cute.  But not only that, it is set up for LEARNING.  I love all the colors!

I love the reading nook with questions readers can ask themselves while reading.



I also love how print rich her room is!  She has everything labeled.  Perfect for kindergartners and first grade.

To check out more pictures, head to her blog for more ideas!!

Have a great week y’all! xo, April

Classroom Crashers

Vickie - In the chaos of the end of the year, I missed this!! Thank you so much for sharing my classroom!! <3

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Winner of the IHEART Teachers Giveaway


Almost Friday! YAY!  Just a quick post announcing all of the winners of the IHeart Teachers Giveaway!  This one was a fun one friends and SO many prizes.  We have Leigh from The Applicious Teacher to thank for all of her hard work in organizing the entire week!
Day one…
Day 2…
Day 3…
Day 4…
Day 5…


Gift card winner…
Our Digital Prize Pack winners!




Congratulations!! I’ve been in contact with Ashley and I can’t wait to get her her new planner!!! I hope everyone had a super fun week!  We LOVE teachers!!

xo, April

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Battle of the Binders and a couple of giveaways!

If you follow on Facebook , you know I am starting a “Battle of the Binders” this week.  YAY!

What is “Battle of the Binders”?

Every Tuesday I will post (over on Facebook) a competition between 2 binder themes.

You vote for your favorite in the comments and then on Wednesday at 6:00pm central until midnight central, the winning binder will be marked down 50%!  That’s right!  HALF OFF!   HUGE savings!

This week, “Hollywood” and “Happy Day” are facing off.  Go vote now: on FACEBOOK

A Modern Teacher Binders

Also going on you might like to know:


There is only 2 days left to enter the giveaway on



AND Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher Blog is also hosting a giveaway!!  PS I love her pencil “like a boss”! perfect!

YAY!  Some chances to win your own copy!!!

Good luck to everyone!! Counting down the days?  I hope so!!!!

xo, April

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Last Call! Teacher Appreciation Giveaway ends tomorrow night (Monday)!

Hey Teacher Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend!  I posted something on Instagram that I thought I would share here too in case you don’t have Instagram.



“I think it’s so interesting that Mother’s Day comes at the end of teacher appreciation week. For some children you are the best that they have. After 11 years of teaching and 6 years of being a mama I agree with this so much….”Children are not a distraction from the important work. They are the important work.” –John Trainer. We are here to do the important work so here’s a toast to you teachers and mamas. And as my aunt said this morning….”to all mothers and those who give and love with a mothers’ heart, I 💗 you! “

So here’s to all of you out there!  Cheers!

This is also just a reminder about the AMAZING giveaway going on over at The Applicious Teacher Blog.


Lots and Lots to win!  From me, you’ll receive a printed planner!!  So head over there now.  And of course…you don’t wanna miss the other goodies!  From techie stuff to fashion.  This giveaway has it all!!!

Have a great week Teacher Friends!!

xo, April

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! FREEBIE, SALES, GIVEAWAYS, OH MY!!

WOW!  Hold tight! This week is going to be AMAZING!

In a fast and furious manner, here is what is going on this week:

#WEHEARTTEACHERS 2015 is happening!  Over $10k in prizes!  I know, CRAZY!  We are coming together to support each other, give back to each other, and cheerlead for each other.  YES!  I’m all for that.
Here’s a peek at what’s up for grabs this week! AND THERE IS MORE TO COME!!

All the details can be found on The Applicious Teacher’s Blog HERE
Thank you to LEIGH for putting all of this together!!!!!
teacher appreciation week a modern teacher
A Modern Teacher
And something exciting from me on FriYAY!  I mean, Friday!
Plus, planners in AMT Print Shop will start shipping on Friday!!
Starting today!
Need a little something to give a colleague, team teacher, teacher of one of your kids????
Check this out:
teacher appreciation week free!
Stay tuned for a fun and fabulous week!! xo, April
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