Lesson Planners Printed is an Option on Schoolgirl Style!

Interested in having your lesson planner printed for you?  Ready to take one thing off your plate?  We are now ready to take orders for the lesson planners in print–COLOR and black and white on the Schoolgirl Style Website!!  So incredibly excited to bring this option to you!  Melanie and I have worked really hard on this one.  We want you to worry less and teach more!  Take the printing off your plate!

Printed Lesson Planners in Full color A Modern Teacher


Here are the details:

  • 12 Monthly Calendars August 2015 – June 2016
  • 2 page spread monthly calendars
  • Weekly Lesson Planner August 2015 – June 2016
  • 6 subjects/areas
  • Teacher Essentials
  • Student birthdays
  • Class schedule
  • Class information
  • 8 ½ x 11 in size
  • 75 pages

Take SOMETHING off your plate!  Let the printing be done for you!  WAHOO!

All 2015 Themes and Schoolgirl Style’s all-time favorites are available this year.

This is a hard good and will be mailed to you.


Do you have a 7,8,9,10,or 11 subject area available?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Are the dates prefilled for you?

YES!  The dates run from August 1, 2015-June 30, 2016

Is this printed double sided?  Front and back?


I like to see a monthly view.  Is this available?

Yes, on a 2-page spread.

The digital download includes an Organizer.  Does the printed planner include the organizational forms too?

Unfortunately, because of size, they do not include the organizer.

All I have to do is buy my favorite binder or have it coil bound at Office Max (or Office Depot/Staples)?

YUP!  That is all you have to do!

Any other questions?  Ask away!  I’m happy to help!! or send me an email: helloamodernteacher@gmail.com

Just a few themes offered—- (so MANY more!!!!) (click on image to head straight to the shop)


To find ALL your options on Schoolgirl Style HEAD HERE. 

Have a great week!!

xo, April



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Classroom Crashers! :: Primary Press

Are you thinking about your room for next year?  Some of you might be!  You might be gathering ideas, dreaming already… Well, my friend, Vickie, from Primary Press has a cute classroom set-up!  In the past she went with primary colors and polka dots.  So super cute.  But not only that, it is set up for LEARNING.  I love all the colors!

I love the reading nook with questions readers can ask themselves while reading.



I also love how print rich her room is!  She has everything labeled.  Perfect for kindergartners and first grade.

To check out more pictures, head to her blog for more ideas!!

Have a great week y’all! xo, April

Classroom Crashers www.amodernteacher.com

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Winner of the IHEART Teachers Giveaway


Almost Friday! YAY!  Just a quick post announcing all of the winners of the IHeart Teachers Giveaway!  This one was a fun one friends and SO many prizes.  We have Leigh from The Applicious Teacher to thank for all of her hard work in organizing the entire week!
Day one…
Day 2…
Day 3…
Day 4…
Day 5…


Gift card winner…
Our Digital Prize Pack winners!




Congratulations!! I’ve been in contact with Ashley and I can’t wait to get her her new planner!!! I hope everyone had a super fun week!  We LOVE teachers!!

xo, April

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Battle of the Binders and a couple of giveaways!

If you follow on Facebook , you know I am starting a “Battle of the Binders” this week.  YAY!

What is “Battle of the Binders”?

Every Tuesday I will post (over on Facebook) a competition between 2 binder themes.

You vote for your favorite in the comments and then on Wednesday at 6:00pm central until midnight central, the winning binder will be marked down 50%!  That’s right!  HALF OFF!   HUGE savings!

This week, “Hollywood” and “Happy Day” are facing off.  Go vote now: on FACEBOOK

A Modern Teacher Binders www.amodernteacher.com

Also going on you might like to know:


There is only 2 days left to enter the giveaway on



AND Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher Blog is also hosting a giveaway!!  PS I love her pencil “like a boss”! perfect!

YAY!  Some chances to win your own copy!!!

Good luck to everyone!! Counting down the days?  I hope so!!!!

xo, April

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Last Call! Teacher Appreciation Giveaway ends tomorrow night (Monday)!

Hey Teacher Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend!  I posted something on Instagram that I thought I would share here too in case you don’t have Instagram.



“I think it’s so interesting that Mother’s Day comes at the end of teacher appreciation week. For some children you are the best that they have. After 11 years of teaching and 6 years of being a mama I agree with this so much….”Children are not a distraction from the important work. They are the important work.” –John Trainer. We are here to do the important work so here’s a toast to you teachers and mamas. And as my aunt said this morning….”to all mothers and those who give and love with a mothers’ heart, I 💗 you! “

So here’s to all of you out there!  Cheers!

This is also just a reminder about the AMAZING giveaway going on over at The Applicious Teacher Blog.


Lots and Lots to win!  From me, you’ll receive a printed planner!!  So head over there now.  And of course…you don’t wanna miss the other goodies!  From techie stuff to fashion.  This giveaway has it all!!!

Have a great week Teacher Friends!!

xo, April

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! FREEBIE, SALES, GIVEAWAYS, OH MY!!

WOW!  Hold tight! This week is going to be AMAZING!

In a fast and furious manner, here is what is going on this week:

#WEHEARTTEACHERS 2015 is happening!  Over $10k in prizes!  I know, CRAZY!  We are coming together to support each other, give back to each other, and cheerlead for each other.  YES!  I’m all for that.
Here’s a peek at what’s up for grabs this week! AND THERE IS MORE TO COME!!

All the details can be found on The Applicious Teacher’s Blog HERE
Thank you to LEIGH for putting all of this together!!!!!
teacher appreciation week a modern teacher
A Modern Teacher
And something exciting from me on FriYAY!  I mean, Friday!
Plus, planners in AMT Print Shop will start shipping on Friday!!
Starting today!
Need a little something to give a colleague, team teacher, teacher of one of your kids????
Check this out:
teacher appreciation week free!
Stay tuned for a fun and fabulous week!! xo, April
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A Little Video

Just a quick post today. Many of you were wondering about the inside pages of the Personal Planner for Teachers.

What is REALLY inside of it?

So, I put together a little video with some help from my friend, Adrianne.


There are 2 main parts to the personal planner:

1. a calendar (August 2015-July 2016) both monthly and weekly

2. a must-have section for teachers:

including student info., contact info., and curriculum overview

I hope you like it!

If you have ANY questions.  Please do not hesitate to ask.  Just send me an email to helloamodernteacher@gmail.com

xo, April

Bianca - I absolutely love this and need this in my life. I usually just take my grade book and or ipad to grade level/faculty meetings or conferences. But I really love the feel of a “hard copy” to jot down anecdotal notes, dates, etc. Can’t wait to get this!! You just made this teacher’s life a little ,ore simpler!! 😀

amodernteacher@gmail.com - YAY!! Thanks so much Bianca!!! xo

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2015 Spring Lookbook

Hey Teacher Friends!

Is the sun shining in your hometown today?  I hope so!  Here in central Texas, it is out!  I LOVE this time of the year.  School is winding down, summer is just around the corner.  It is warm enough to get out in the sun–a place I always want to be.

To much of my delight, several people expressed a request to have all the planners in one place.  I LOVED the idea.  Although Melanie and I have put together an emagazine in the past HERE and HERE, I’ve never shared a Lookbook.  Well, now it is here!  A place to see all the Teacher Binders and Planners in one place. Just click on the link with the green box.

I hope you like it and you find it helpful! Have a great week! xo, April (Just click on the image to see all the designs)

Have a great week! xo, April

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Giveaway Winner Announced! plus some updates

Well, what do you think?  Did you like this year’s new designs?  I truly, truly hope you do. More importantly, as much as I love creating the designs, I truly hope this is a functional planner and organizer you can use on a daily basis in your classroom.  I want it to function so well and allow you to not worry about the “other” pieces of teaching…like organization.  Sure, if you’re like me you like to organize, but most importantly, we love teaching first.  I hope to give you more time to do just that.

As far as last year’s designs….



Happy Day:

A Modern Teacher Planner

Owl (another Schoolgirl Style favorite):

A Modern Teacher Planner


A Modern Teacher Planner

Polka Dots:

A Modern Teacher Planner


Rainbow Chalkboard:

They’ve been updated.  I trimmed the excess pages on these designs.  I felt like the download was a bit overwhelming last year and although it was great, I’m trying to simplify everything.  The calendars have been updated in all previous planners.

You can find everything in Schoolgirl Style’s Shop or my TpT store.

You can also find amteacher’s personal planner HERE ON THE BLOG.

And now for the GIVEAWAY WINNER:

The winner is KAYDI SHAW!!!!!  I’ve already sent you an email so check your inbox or spam folder! Please respond within one week.  Thank you SO much!!  AND thank you to everyone for entering!!!!!

What’s that you say?  You didn’t win?  Well, guess what?  Melanie and I are putting together a HUGE giveaway for Teacher Appreciation.  And I have a couple more surprises I’ve been working on for the last few months to share with you.  All coming right around the corner!

Have a great Friday!!  I’m off on a field trip with my son.  Praying for good weather!!

xo, April


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Schoolgirl Style All-Time Favorites!!

I know, just one more day!  WAH!  These past 2 weeks have been SO FUN!  Really!  I know–just a tad bit…ahem…crazy but all worth it!!  It is truly an honor to share with you something you can use in your classroom and REALLY give you more time to TEACH!

Today’s post is going to be a bit fast and furious.   I’m sharing Schoolgirl Style’s All-Time Favorite Classroom Decor Themes and the planners to coordinate.  Tomorrow I will be sharing the winners from the Lilly Fun Giveaway and an update on all the planners from last year.

So, let’s get going:

Nautical Teacher Binder

Birds Teacher Binder

Bugs Teacher Binder

Carnival Teacher Binder

Superhero Teacher Binder

Blue Paisley Teacher Binder

And here is the video to better explain what is inside:

To purchase any of these Teacher Binders…

head to my TpT Store HERE

head to Schoolgirl Style HERE

(and if you’re looking for a personal planner click HERE)

And of course all the preview images for you…just in case:

(The preview images below are from my Bugs design. Each of the Teacher Binders above have the same pages in them that coordinate with their design. Head to my TPT Store to see each preview.)



Thanks so much for checking out all these designs.  I’ve worked really hard this past year to make them the best ones yet!!

If you have any questions, just let me know in either the comments below or send me an email: helloamodernteacher@gmail.com

Last night to enter the Lilly Fun giveaway.  Enter right now!  You can find that giveaway HERE or on INSTAGRAM.  I’ll draw randomly from these comments.  Winner will be announced April 23rd.

xoxo, April

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Kathy Carlton - just purchased a Teacher planer, but it didn’t ask for my address to send it to me. I used Pay Pal, is that where you will find my address?
I’m really excited to try this planner out!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Yes, just sent you an email to confirm the address I have. :) Thanks!

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