The Teacher Life Map

Here we go!

After 3 years of creating digital planners for teachers, I am now embarking on a whole new addition and adventure. I am incredibly thrilled to share: The Teacher Life Map.



Let’s start with a little story (because every teacher loves a good story–right?).

When I started creating digital planners for teachers, I didn’t really know where it would take me but I loved everything about it. The success of the planners was more than I could imagine. I quickly realized I wanted to bring more to you.  I really wanted to help make your life easier. Last summer I wanted to put the planners in print. However, the timing was off. There was just no way I could put it together.

It was all for good reason: I didn’t have a clear vision of what needed to be shared with you.

I wanted to create something that wasn’t out there. Something that a teacher could really use…I mean really really use….and have fun. And although planners are not rocket science, I wanted to dig deep. I didn’t want this to be something you could find in a big box store.  I talked with a ton of my teacher friends and found so many teachers plan their actual lesson plans online or as a team.  However, they wanted something tangible they could easily take home and to staff and team meetings.  Most of the personal planners out there just aren’t right for teachers. So, from one teacher to another….

The Teacher Life Map was born.  This planner is a bridge between your school life and your home life.  An overview of both…at your fingertips (no waiting for the phone to charge, bring up signal, or heavy bag to carry around).

It is for the teacher who likes to design, create, and journal…have fun mapping out their routines and habits…yet creating lots of white space for the unexpected.

It is for the teacher who wants to keep things simple.

It is for the teacher who wants to have fun.

As teachers we are always mapping things out.  Whether it is the “Heart Map” you do with your kids in Writing Workshop, completing a “Story Map” of your favorite book with your students, or mapping out the yearly curriculum, we know how to “map”.  Yes?  Yes!

My goal for The Teacher Life Map is simple: Help you make time to do what makes your heart happy at school and at home.

Follow Your Heart, Lead Your Class

Now for the nitty-gritty:

There are 3 sections of the #teacherlifemap

1. MAP IT: A weekly and monthly calendar from August 2014 to June 2015; weeks start with Monday

2. LIVE IT: An overview of your must-haves as a teacher…Go-To Substitute Information, Admin Info, Colleague Info, Student Info, Class Schedule, and Curriculum Overview by months and weeks (for example you might write “Place Value” for 2 weeks, “Money” for 2 weeks etc. rather than detailed plans on how you are teaching place value and money)

3. LOVE IT: A place for notes…meetings, projects, ideas, other areas of your life

*There are 3 choices in design: Black and White Polka Dots, Pink and Blue Stripes, and Rainbow Chalkboard

*planner size is 8×10

*has coil binding

*sturdy high gloss front and back covers

*laminated tabs dividing the 3 sections

*bright colored cardstock dividing the months

*black and white on inside pages (done intentionally so you can make it your own)

*fun quotes

Planners go on sale on MONDAY, July 28th HERE on the blog.  Right now the planners will be $42 as an introductory price.  Normally they will be $49. There are a limited number of planners this first go-around so place your order.  Planners will ship within 3 business days….flat rate shipping.

To kick things off, I will be giving away one to one lucky reader.  Enter through rafflecopter below.  Winner will be announced on Monday.

Take a look at the pictures.  There are a lot.  Just want to make sure you have a clear idea of what this is.  Any questions, let me know!!  xoxo, April














Enter to win!  Contest starts now and ends at midnight central time on Sunday, July 27, 2014.  Winner announced on Monday. Note: you can enter once per day for the pinterest entry. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jordan Webb - This a must have item for this school year! I love the black and white polka dot Teacher Life Map!

Rebecca - Neat!! I love the rainbow stripes! I really like the way the cover looks hard like a book or a nice binder. Great work!

Sara S. - These are GORGEOUS! I am loving the rainbow chalkboard version. Thanks for the chance to win one! - YAY!!! Hey no problem!! Good luck

Sarah Carper - I love the rainbow planner! It’s super cute! - another one for rainbow chalkboard!!! Sweet! Thank you!! - Thanks Jordan! I think the polka dot is my favorite too..maybe…or the stripes. Ah! even I can’t decide - Rainbow planner! YAY!

Rachelle - I love the rainbow one, I want this sooo bad!!

Kristy - This is such a great idea!

Elyse - The polka dots are very cute!

Roxy Nelson - These are so cute! I love the pink and navy life map! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! :)

Karen H - I love the Rainbow Chalkboard one!

Jenny - Polka dots!! :)

Sara Kovach - I am in love with the rainbow stripe.

Theresa - It’s like choosing your favorite child! Love them all!

Misty - The rainbow one. :)

Angela Das - I am so excited for these! They really look great and sturdy!

Courtney - I am loving the concept of this planner! I just purchased the Teacher Binder and I am obsessed! It is definitely life changing! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Kelly - This is amazing!! I love that it is something I can bring home with me each day and don’t have to worry about bring my lesson plan book (your nautical themed one) home each day!

Christine - The Math Nerdette - These are super cute! I love the pink and navy planner!!!

Caitlin - I LOVE the colorful one with the black center. These look so amazing!

Kim - I LOVE these!!! The rainbow chalkboard is my favorite!!

Kristie S/ - Love the teacher planner!

Catherine N. - I love the polka dots!

Amy Murdock - Love this! I have been looking for an affordable planner with these features for A LONG time!!

Amy Murdock - Oh, the pink and blue striped is my favorite!

Grace Binelo - I love them all but my favorite is the pink & blue one.

Lili Garcia - I’m so in love!!! I think it is just a great tool for any teacher out there, and I would love to have one!!! But I have a question… What happens with us teachers that live abroad??? Would you also have a digital file??? Or would you be willing to do international shipping??? And how much will be the cost??? Thanks in advance, I will appreciate your help so much!!!

Lili Garcia - My favorite is the striped one, so colorful!!!

Jessica Peck - I love the pink and blue stripes!

Sandra - This is absolutely Fabullous!!!! I so hope I win!!!

Alli - I love the pink and blue one that goes right along with my nautical planner :)

Ashley - This planner is amazing!!! Would totally love to win one!!

Coffee and Lesson Plans

Stephanie Klovstad - I love the rainbow stripes!

Shauna McElroy - Great looking product! I love the polka dots!

Ashley - This planner is amazing!!! Would totally love to win one!! I love the navy and pink one!

Coffee and Lesson Plans

Deb R - I just purchased your Teacher Binder bundle and I love it! Love this too!! Thanks!

Carin - I love the polka dots! And the stripes….they are both fab! - Oh my gosh!!! Thank you SO much!!! ~April

Diane - OH my goodness! I have to choose a favorite? I love them all, but I guess the polka dots might be my favorite. - Thanks so much Ashley! I keep going back and forth on my favorite. The navy and pink might just have my heart :) - Thanks so much!! - Thanks Ashley! - AWW!! That’s perfect!

Jess - I love the polka dot one! - Thank you, me too!! - Thank you! I keep going to this one too! - Oh Lili! I didn’t think about that. I guess I would ship it to you. There you go. Boom. Good luck!! - This makes me SO happy. Thank you for this!!!! - YAY! Oh my gosh–you’re the best! good luck! - holy moly I am so excited you think so!!! THANK YOU!! just made my day–wow–completely honored! - HAHA! Love this!

Lisa Vrana - Love this! The bright striped one is my favorite! Thank you for making this! I am keeping my fingers crossed as I could REALLY use this!!!

Sonya - Like them all, but the black and white polka dot is my favorite.

Angela Haas - I love the rainbow stripe theme! It goes perfectly with my classroom theme!

Jill Hart - Love the pink and navy planner. What a great idea!!

Elizabeth Stone - This is perfect! I love all of your planners, and the life one is no exception.

Allison Wiederin - This would be so convenient! Great idea!

Suzie - Just got my rainbow chalkboard planner the other night (when you had a 50% off sale!!) and bought a binder to put it in. NOW I need to print it and WIN this awesome Teacher Life Map to match :)

Rayanne Sims - Love the rainbow.

Renee Ryan - Love the rainbow one as well as the polka dot one. Very cute and organized. Would love to have one!!!

Amanda F - The black & white polka dot is my favorite! Love these!

Raphaela - Your planner is amazing!

Shawna Davoren - Is the same as you binder planner just bound? Also, I LOVE the polka-dots!

Raphaela - Your planners are amazing~ can’t decide which I love more~ Live it or Love it!

Michelle - I would love the polka dot planner! It would go great with the other polka dot things in my classroom.

Marie K. Pomales - I loooove the polka dots and I looove amodernteacher too! Love from Puerto Rico!

Megan A - I like the polka dot!

Shana McArthur - LOVE!!! The blue and pink stripes planner is my favorite!! This would make this first year teacher a little less stressed this school year!

Renee Ryan - Love the rainbow one!!! - Wahoo! It sure would! - Awww! How sweet! love this xoxo

Libby - Is there a way to see some pictures of the map it section? I love that you added pictures, but a lot of them are staged and difficult to really see what the pages actually look like. I am really interested, but need to have a better idea of what are in the planners. Thanks!

Sarah Koves - Beautiful!

Maria fernandez - All of them are too cute!!!!, but the rainbow one :O is just lovely!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

Shelley - The rainbow chalkboard is my favorite!

Julia Kelley - I’m using some of your digital planning pages this summer and LOVE them! I’m using the rainbow print- but the polka dots are awesome! You do beautiful work!

Tami O'Keefe - I love the rainbow planner!!

Ashleigh Burry - This is awesome! I love having everything in one place and I especially love the love it section for my random thoughts ;-)

Yohandy - My favorite is the rainbow one. But they’re all great!

Catherine - I love it – I purchased this from your TPT store last year and had to print it out. The Teacher Life Map will save me time.

Thank you

PS I love the polka dot one

Susan - Wow! I sure would love to win one of these!!

Susan Fritz Lee - OOPS! I love the black and white one. So classy!

Jenneth Scharlach - I love them all…but maybe the rainbow striped a little better?!

Stephanie G - Wow! This is awesome! I wish you all the best in your new adventure! I personally love the rainbow stripped one! :)

sarah mcreynolds - I love the rainbow stripe one!

Wendy - I LOVE the pink and blue planner!!

Lisa S. - I love Rainbow Chalkboard. It is SO cute! I just purchased one of your digital planners but I would love this even more. I love how it ties school and home together. Perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

Jennifer Hiers - This looks ah-mazing!

Elise - I love the polka dot one!

Jana - Love the polka dots! So cute!

Jennifer Hiers - I love the black with white polka dots! It would match my room! One of my former first grade teammates used to call me the polka dot queen!

kristin - I LOVE the pink and blue stripes one, but all of them are nice! :)

Also, just a question – do you ship to Canada?

Sara Mora - I love the pink and blue one!

michelle lanning - Love the rainbow one! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsey Petlak - I L-O-V-E the black and white polka-dots! So classic and fun! Even more so…I love what’s inside! It’s Elementary, My Dear!

Kristin - This looks very interesting. I would love to see more pictures of the inside to ensure that it is right for me. It looks amazing.

Melinda C. - I love the rainbow one!!!

Morgan Ramirez - I am loving the blue and pink stripe. You are so creative and awe inspiring. Thank you :)

Tiffany Hilyard - Love this concept!!!

Tiffany Hilyard - Polka dots!!!

Karen Constantino - Oh my GOSH April you are FABULOUS. This looks amazing and I cannot wait to place my order. JUST what is needed. I like the pink and blue one a lot.

Sarah - I love the polka dot planner!!!!

Sarah - I love the black and white polka dot planner!

Amanda - these planners look awesome…love the rainbow and polka dot covers..

Chris Bowles - My favorite is the black & white polka dots. It matches the theme in my classroom. Love it!!

Lorraine Vasquez - These are FABULOUS!!! I love them all but if I had to pick one I think I would get the rainbow chalkboard planner!

Robyn Tober - My favorite is the polka dots! So cute and fun!

Dixie - April this must be such an exciting time for you! What an amazing new adventure! Best wishes friend!!

Kayla - I love the rainbow

Michelle - I love the rainbow design!
Perfect for PreK

Colleen Nelson - I like the rainbow stripes one!

Janie - Loving the polka dots! Being better organized would go a long way to making me a better teacher :)

LILIANA - This is absolutely awesome! My favorite is the Rainbow planner!

Tamara - I love the one with polka dots.

Breanne Simons - Oh. my. goodness. These are absolutely gorgeous!! You have really outdone yourself!! :) I love them all, but the black and white polka dot would go great with my Disney theme!


Beth Dwyer - Fabulous way to plan both at school and home. I love them all!

rachel - I am shopping around for a planner. I am not sure if I want one that is digital or paper. I really like the black and white polk-a-dot.

Rose M. - These looks so pretty! I especially love the compass rose I saw as the background on some pages.

Rose M. - And I love the polka dots AND rainbow stripe! So hard to choose a favorite.

Ida - These are so cute!

Jaime Williams - I love them all, but think the polka dot is my first choice!

Lisa Decker - I am drawn to the blue and pink stripes!! I love this idea/tool for the upcoming year and challenges that we face as teachers!!

Tess - Love the black with white polka-dots!

Meri Fjox - Love the rainbow striped!!!!!!

Sarah Boyle - I absolutely love this planner, and can’t wait to try one! My favorite design is the neon rainbow chalkboard! THis looks fantastic!

Michelle - I love the rainbow chalkboard!

teri sanders - I love these. I spend lots of time getting organized in the summer and this will make my life much easier. THANKS

Chanelle Wentworth - Polka dots!

Sally - Great Giveaway!! I love all three of the designs! I recently got the teacher organizer and am super excited to get organized this year!! thanks!!

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Shelia B - Nicely done! I like the navy, white and pink stripe.

tami ulch - Love this! They look so professional with just what I would use with no wasted “stuff” I wouldn’t! Love the polka dots or maybe the stripes! It would be hard to choose!

Robyn - Love!! What a great way to stay organized and clutter-free!

Nena Morton - I love your creativity! Thank you for sharing!! :)

Nena Morton - OOPS! I like the Black and White (always fashionable!) and the Rainbow (it’s happy!).

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Karen - I like the Rainbow :)

Amanda Ennis - They are all adorable but the one I love the most is the pink and blue striped Life Map. I’ve bought a planner from your teacherspayteachers store and it is by far the best purchase. Very useful and I am looking forward to using it this school year. Keep up the good work you are doing a great job! - Aw, what a sweet comment! Did my mom pay you to say that? WOW! Thank you!!!! - Thank you! Hope you have fun and accomplish tons! - OH how fun! Disney theme?!!! - Awww! Thanks so much Dixie!! - Lorraine!! - KAREN!!! you are too much! sooo sweet! :)

Jessi - I LOVE this! I have not invested in other planners because of all that “extra” I don’t need! Money is tight right now, but if I don’t win, I hope to get one of these as soon as I start getting paid again! :) - WOW! thank you! that means a lot

Jessi - I LOVE this! I have not invested in other planners because of all that “extra” I don’t need! Money is tight right now, but if I don’t win, I hope to get one of these as soon as I start getting paid again! :) Oh, and the rainbow chalkboard is my fave! - Yes, more pictures coming on Monday. It is a very simple planner (did that on purpose). I only have a few more images to show but definitely will be showing more :) - I will for the giveaway. I am looking into it today to see if I have to charge more when I sell them. Thank you! - Oh how fun! I’m wearing a polka dot shirt as I type this ;) love it! - This is actually different than anything I’ve had in the store. Brand new :) It’s definitely a personal planner whereas the others are lesson planners..a few similarities but really quite different. I love the polka dots too!! - Thanks Julia!!! - Sure! More images on Monday but really there is not much more to them. I kept it very simple on purpose. :) The Map It Section just has the monthly calendars and the weekly views. But definitely more coming on Monday. Thank you!!! - Live it and Love it are just the names of the tabs on the inside :) Hope that helps. Thank you!! - No. The Lesson Planner is just for lesson planning…either online or print it out. This is a personal planner…no spots for lessons. :) - Thank you!! - Yes you do!! ;) Thank you!! - I hear ya!! Thanks for entering! Good luck :)

Kim - Love the organization of this planner! I love the look of the rainbow one.

Kelly - Rainbow stripes! :)

Susan - the blue and pink one, for sure

Gretchen Appelwick - Looks great and functional. I love anything that helps get me organized.

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Michelle Rose - I really love the pink and blue stripe one. These are perfect for a mom of a 9 and 19 month old, in the middle of her master’s, with a husband who works 6 days a week. A must must have!!

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Megan Elizabeth - I love the pink and blue stripe! These look amazing!

Kate Ofikuru - I.AM.SUCH.A.FAN!!!
I’m also one of those who does all of their planning online, but this?! THIS?! Genious! The bank is closed for another three weeks so only tiny purchases are permitted, but oh how I would love this planner! God bless you and thank you for all of your hard work.
@teachitkate on Twitter and IG.

Tiffany Doughty - This would be absolutely perfect! You make the cutest things for organization!! I love them all!

Nicole from Teaching With Style - April, these are beautiful!!!

Caryn - Love the rainbow :)

Elizabeth Stone - I really love It makes me happy just looking at it. :)

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Rachel Creager - I love them all! I think the striped one is my favorite.

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Erin Kasanders - I’m obsessed with the Rainbow Chalkboard pattern! I love how you’ve connected with Melanie at School Girl Style to create such an amazing piece! - I sure did!!! - Oh my–you are going to make me cry!! That makes my heart burst. thanks for saying that :) - Thank you Nicole!!! - Thanks Tiffany!

Judy Campos - So I have been going back and forth between the Erin Condren and I really think yours would be the best choice for me. I really love how you “mapped” out the curriculum for the year. That’s exactly what my district has been doing for the past two years. It would just be perfect and ideal for me to use. I really, really want the rainbow one!!! :) - Oh Kate! Thank you!!!!! - Rachel! Thank you for saying that! - Thanks so much Corinna!!!! - Aww Judy! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

rachfuentes - I do my lp online. I am loving this concept! Running a teacher’s life and a mommy’s life this planner will keep me sane! (Well…more so). I love pink and blue! In love with them all! Great job!

Marcela Lozano - I’m a planner addict, but this is one of the most functional I’ve seen!!!

Marcela Lozano - Oops! Got so excited forgot to comment my favorite: the rainbow one! - YAY!!!

Cheryl - I love all of them, but if I had to pick I think the polka dot!!

Cheryl - I love all of them, but if I had to pick I think the black and white polka dots are adorable!!

stephanie - absolutely gorgeous!

Beth McCarthy - Black polka dot!

Genelle - I like both the polka dots and the rainbow chalk!

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Courtney Wyant - This looks wonderful! I love that it is practical, but fun at the same time!

Sherra Maneri - I have been lost as far as organization!! The day passes too fast to stay organized. I hope this might help me!

Sherra Maneri - I forgot to add that I absolutely love the rainbow chalk planner!! You are very creative. :)

Adreanna Gimenez - Amazing! I would love the polka dot planner! It would match my classroom theme! :)

Amanda - I like the rainbow one!

Mary kay - Love these! I esp. Like the black with white follows my classroom accent theme of black and white. Wish for future planners would be black and white chevrons. love love love this specialized planner!

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amy - I love the rainbow planner!

Dana Mueller - These are unbelievable! Love it!

Colleen - I love the Rainbow and the black and white polka dot!

Erin Martins - I’m so excited for these planners!

Natalie Southworth - I love love LOVE the pink and blue stripes one. So cuuuuuute.

Kristina - I love the rainbow planner. This is just what I am looking for to keep me organized this year!!.

Crista - I absolutely love all of your stuff- the black and white polka dot will match perfectly with my bumble bee classroom. I am a new teacher, and organizational tools like this would be invaluable.

Johanna - I´m in love with those teachers life map.

Margaret Cmiel - LOVE the pink and blue!!

Katy - I love the rainbow one. The more colors the better!

Jessi - They look so organized and wonderful! Imin love!

Alex - So cute! I love the black and white.

Brenna - I like the polka dots. But I am impartial to polka dots :)

Tanya - I like all three, but if I were to get just one,,,polka dots!

Lori - Love the Black and White dots!!

Dede - Great idea…I love it!

Shannon Mc - I love the rainbow one! This is such a great tool!

Tori - I love this idea so incredibly much!

Beth - I love all of the planners! Can’t wait to get one.

Kandice - I love the black/white polka dots!

Kelly - I LOVE these plan books! All of them are so cute!


Mission Organization: Teachers at Home

Are you an organizer?  Do you bring your organizational skills home or do you keep it at school?  Do you sometimes walk the storage aisles at Target just because? All of us can stick together.  “Those who organize together, stay together.”  So, let’s have a party!!!

My husband and I call it organized chaos.  Our home still has a LONG way to go. I have so many projects to complete. But you gotta start somewhere-right?  I thought now might be a good time to put things in order at home before you put things in order at school.  It makes life as a whole a lot easier.

I chose to clean up my laundry room.  Now, there isn’t any earth shattering tips here.  But let me tell ya–laundry is my worst nightmare. The chore I just can’t stand.  I use to actually not mind it so much.  Then I had kids.  3.  Now…ugh.  I will stop writing now because I can complain for days.







And one more funny…



Here is my before shot.  Y’all.  Don’t judge.  It’s a disaster.  I hate that my name is even on here. I made it black and white so you get the full effect. Haha!!




What did I do?

1.  cleaned it all out–purge, purge, purge

2. made a list of everything I needed to keep in there

3. made labels for my bins using my very awesome silhouette

4. added matching bins from the Dollar Store and Target

5. dressed it up with some printables in green frames from Ikea

6.  painted the hookrack green

7. added a blue and green rug

Now, I would love to paint the entire room but that is for another day.  The room is small and there isn’t any natural light so please excuse the less than pretty pictures.

Here she is:




Your turn.:) I’d love for us to share our organizing projects at home and get ideas from each other.  And if y’all want, I’m thinking of having one more in August to see how you get organized for back to school.  What do you think?



Nicole from Teaching With Style - Your new laundry room is beautiful! Great job!

Karen - April, I love your funny ecards! Laundry is one of those never ending tasks! Hope it becomes more enjoyable for you with your new makeover. - Me too Karen!! ha! - Thanks Nicole!!

Vicky Mahon - I love the Rainbow Stripe teacher life planner!


Treats and Sweets (and the place to find it)

It’s a Sweet Strawberry Birthday Party!  Is there a teacher out there who wants to have fun with themed treats for birthdays, incentives, and everything in between?  Me! Me! Me!  For my daughter’s 3rd birthday,  Oriental Trading Company contacted me about helping us celebrate. I said, yes, yes, yes! She picked the theme because strawberries are her favorite and she’s sweet like that. And I was excited she picked a fairly easy theme. She wanted the party at the neighborhood playground.  Oh Lordy.  We are talking about central Texas heat friends.  But gotta do it–right?  Swings are her favorite. She can swing for hours (she must get it from me-ha!). It was a little hot but we had it in the late morning so it was bearable. Thank goodness!  We really did have a good time.

strawberry themed treats

Since we were outside and it was hot, we went with a country decor.  Red gingham, pink stripes, blue strawberry pint containers, green balloons, lace, and brown paper bags and down here in Texas….a pinata!

strawberry themed party
 Even big brother had fun!

strawberry themed party

I put together a picnic lunch in the brown paper bags.  Just fancied it up with the doilies.  For dessert, we had good ‘ole strawberry shortcake.  I bought these small containers from Etsy and premade all the little treats. As you know, I like to keep things simple so it was premade shortcake with sliced strawberries and whip cream.  It was so easy to put together y’all but it looked so fun with the clear containers.

strawberry themed party
Did you know you can get water bottle wrappers and table runners from Oriental Trading?  I had no idea and they were perfect.  These table runners were especially fun because they have polka dots on one side and stripes on the other.

strawberry themed party

Now, for the fun favors.  If you are a teacher, you know you are always looking for incentives, prizes, and goodies.  Of course, non-tangible prizes are the best but sometimes you need something tangible.  Right y’all?  Oriental Trading is the best place to find these in large quantities.   They also have personalized bubbles, crayons, and these fun zippered pouches. You can do anything with these bags-wahoo!  I decorated the bags with red strawberries and put a package of crayons inside. Now, guests have a berry sweet crayon bag.

strawberry themed party

Next year, c’mon over.  Grab your swimsuit!  She is thinking about it already–a party at the splash pad!  Gotta love the summer birthdays.

What do you usually buy from Oriental Trading?  I would love to know!

xoxo, April



Teachers Pay Teachers 2014

Are they good people?”  Paul Edelman, founder of TpT

Yes, I found out, yes they are.

The first Teachers Pay Teachers Conference was a success!

It was an honor to meet these two:

This is Paul and his wife.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I posted these pictures.  They mean so much. Really.  I know crazy-huh?!  Such influential people and I just met them.  And as I said on IG– ‘behind every great man is a great woman’.  Loved meeting her!!  So happy she was able to make it all the way from France.

I loved meeting Amy, Nicole, Jodi, Karen, John, and so many others from the staff of TpT.  They really are good people.

Of course, I learned a whole bunch.  Some highlights:




What?  Real friends over the internet?  Why yes, real friends over the internet.  I know, shocking.  You know, I grew up (now don’t laugh) a long time ago.

*No cell phones in college

*email wasn’t checked several times a day

*google hadn’t been invented

Making friends online…for an online business is NOT something I would ever, ever think would happen to me.

But it did.

And the friends I have made are good people.

Now, I am not in the generation of ‘selfies’–see above:) Almost every picture I attempted to take on my phone came out blurry.  GRRR.  I will share this picture:

This is Adrianne from The Tutor House.  Adrianne and I met over 2 years ago and have maintained a close friendship.  We just click.  We have shared our fears, successes, laughed a lot and challenged each other a lot.  It has been a wonderful friendship.  But we hadn’t met in person.  Until the conference.  Finally, we got to meet and she is just as wonderful as she is online.  I am so thankful for her!

Besides the friends I was able to finally meet in person and the new friends I made, there was a lot to learn.  Just a few…

* (to keep track of how your pins are doing)

* (easily makes hyperlinks for you and you can post them in product descriptions)

* search button on TpT (the little boxes next to the search box on the homepage allows you to look at products in a collage format  or  plain list etc.  I didn’t know that and I love it!)

* (to make your previews)

I came away with some ahas and it ‘clicked’ for me in a huge part of my business.  What clicked?  Well, you’ll find out soon.  I’m super excited about this and now with my kids a bit older, I’m ready to take it on. Ya baby!

John Yoo, CFO of TpT said “TpT is a superpower for teachers.”  I agree.  I want to help with the journey of empowering teachers.  Looking forward to what’s to come! And my absolute favorite quote of the week came from Deanna Jump and goes something like this…

“What you create is important and teachers have a choice.  Create quality resources because teachers are spending their hard earned money on your products.  Money that they could be spending on groceries.”  Yes!  I feel a responsibility to give you my all.  I know how hard it is and I am going to try my very darnest to go above and beyond your expectations….to empower you in your life… both at school and at home.

xoxo, April


Giveaways Galore and Vegas!

Oh my goodness y’all!  Just one more day and I’m headed to Vegas.  Can’t believe it is already here!  WOW!!  I’ll be going up for the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference and some fun blogging networking!  Can’t wait to see some friends and make some new ones!

But before I go, I wanted to pop in and let you know of a couple of giveaways going on for my teacher planners and bundles.

My friend Fern, from Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas is having a giveaway through Thursday I believe (double check post to find out EXACTLY when it ends).

I love how she is using the Teacher Entrepreneur Planner!



But the fun doesn’t stop…if you want to double your odds, please head on over to Mrs. Wheeler’s blog.  My friend Megan is not only hosting the giveaway for a planner but also a $20 Staple gift card. Wahoo!

Good luck teacher friends!





The face-off is here.  Chevron won yesterday.  Wahoo! Since the post is late, I am extending the face-off through Saturday morning, noon central. If you are just joining us, you can catch up HERE. In the spirit of the World Cup, I am having a tournament of planners on Pinterest to see which is everyone’s favorite design.  The winner will be marked down for a flash sale!  Super excited to see which is your favorite. The first day’s winner was  Happy Day  .  And the 2nd day’s winner was Chevron.




You can pin from the links below:

Chevron Chic

Happy Day


Which planner will be marked down?  Can’t wait to find out!!


Katie Luedtke - Hi April!

My name is Katie, and I’m first grade teammates with Megan Wheeler. I love your planners, and was wondering if you would be able to change the graphic on your “yellow and gray” planner cover to be blue and gray. My classroom is all blue, white and black, and I’d love for it to match.

Thanks so much!
Katie - Hi Katie, Just want to make sure–you know that the inside is all yellow and grey with a few blue tags here and there. Correct? Maybe you should send me an email and I can better help you there. April


Tournament-Day 2

I can’t believe it but  Happy Day  won Day 1 of the Tournament of A Modern Teacher Planners.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up HERE. In the spirit of the World Cup, I am having a tournament of planners on Pinterest to see which is everyone’s favorite design.  The winner will be marked down for a flash sale!  Super excited to see which is your favorite.

Teacher Planners

Now, to find out who will go up against  Happy Day…

Pin your favorite of these 5.  You can pin from my store or the links below:

Chevron Chic


Rainbow Chalkboard



A Modern Teacher Planners

Which planner will be marked down?  Can’t wait to find out!!



Theresa - Such a fun idea! When are your preprinted planners going to be ready? - The print shop had a major delay and they won’t be ready until next week. Boo :( sorry about that!

Treena Petrelli - I absolutely love the striped planner. I can’t wait to put it into action!!!!


Tournament is Here!

If you saw my post yesterday, you know today starts the Tournament of A Modern Teacher Planners. For those of you catching up, my planners are facing off in a competition to see which is everyone’s favorite on PINTEREST.  The winning design will be half off for 2 hours on Saturday, July 5th and 20% off the rest of the day!!

Let’s get this competition started!

PIN your favorite design of these 5 planners. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner.  Thank you!

You can pin from my store:

Happy Day (Stripes and Polka Dots)

Polka Dots



Grey and Yellow

Thank you!  Can’t wait to see your favorite on Pinterest!


Melanie A. - Thanks for this opportunity!! - You’re welcome!!


In the Spirit de Futbol {Tournament of Planners}

Who is keeping up with the soccer World Cup?  In the spirit of the World Cup, (so sorry my team USA!) I am having a sort of tournament of planners.  My planners are facing off in a competition to see which is everyone’s favorite on PINTEREST.  The winning design will be half off for 2 hours on Saturday, July 5th and 20% off the rest of the day!!

Here is how it works:

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 2, PIN your favorite design of these 5 planners.

A Modern Teacher Planners

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Tournament is Here! » A Modern Teacher - […] you saw my post yesterday, you know today starts the Tournament of A Modern Teacher Planners. For those of you catching up, […]

Tournament-Day 2 » A Modern Teacher - […] Day  won Day 1 of the Tournament of A Modern Teacher Planners.  If you are just joining us, you can catch up HERE. In the spirit of the World Cup, I am having a tournament of planners on Pinterest to see which is […]

Face-off! » A Modern Teacher - […] I am extending the face-off through Saturday morning, noon central. If you are just joining us, you can catch up HERE. In the spirit of the World Cup, I am having a tournament of planners on Pinterest to see which is […]


4 Easy Steps to Putting Together Your Planner

Teacher Planner in 4 Easy Steps

Think simple.  Think simple. Think simple. Say that fast 10 times and click your red heels.  I know, I know, reality is teachers have a lot to plan. A planner is a personal decision and there are many ways to put one together. However, it can be easy.  Don’t think about it too much.  Take some time now, put it together, and voila: teach.  Oh YA!

Here are 4 easy steps to putting together your planner:

Oh before we start with the steps–you need to make one simple decision.  Do you want to print out your entire planner and handwrite in it (route 1)? Do you want to keep the planner digital (route 2)? Or do you want a combination of both (route 3)?  Remember think simple, make a decision, and then live your life…teach your kids…and have fun!

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Allyson - Veteran (going on 13 years) teacher here who has ALWAYS written my plans. This is my first time trying to make a somewhat digital planner, but with space to write those plans that come up or change. (Route 3) I like to check the day off as I go so I know that I have covered something, plus checks, yay! I don’t know if I could ever go completely digital. It may say something about my age, but flipping pages makes me happy. Thank you for the tutorial for the printing of the pages. I needed the help! - Oh no problem Allyson!!

Samantha - I had downloaded your planner in hopes that it will keep me organized for student teaching! I was feeling overwhelmed as I looked through all of the different pages, but luckily I found this tutorial! Thank you! I’m so excited to use it and hope that it makes my last semester a little less stressful and more organized! - Oh my gosh!! YAY!!!! Thank you so much. Good luck with student teaching. You’ll do great!! ~April

Calandra - Love the polka dot !