April Classroom Management Pack

Spring is here!  Elated to have some sunny days ahead.  Just.can’t.wait!  I don’t know what those of you who live in the north do.  I’m sure you say the same thing about us Texans in the Summer.  Definitely hot here.  But I love it!

Just a quick post to let you know the BUNDLE has been updated with the April Monthly Tool Pack.

I decided to go with a watercolor theme this month.  Super fun!  Plus some Melonheadz littles to make it extra fun.  If you are looking for some management goodies to have at your fingertips–especially in time for the end of the year, this is for YOU!!

I’d love for you to check it out in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.





Thanks SO much for taking a look!!  Have a great week!  xoxo, April


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Top 5 Bags for Teachers {I asked, You Answered}

Happy Sunday!  Time for a “I Asked, You Answered” post!  If you are new, I compile a list of teacher ideas and favorites from questions I ask on Facebook or Instagram.  I have a ton of fun learning from YOU and passing along this wealth of knowledge with OTHERS.  This time I asked, “What is your favorite teacher bag?”  I LOVE the responses!  Personally, I’ve had a Better Life Bag and a Vera Bradley bag and I loved them.  Plenty of room and pockets.  I can’t wait to try them all out-ha!  I will say though, those past teacher bags that were given to me by my students…either handmade or ‘teachery’ actually have a special place in my heart.   I just love them!!  You can never have too many bags–can you?  So, what are your suggestions?  Do you have a favorite bag?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I hope you have a great week!  Spring Break over here in central Texas!! xoxo, April


Top 5 Bags for Teachers


1. Vera Bradley

2. Thirty One

3. Better Life

4. Jansport

5. L.L. Bean

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SALE Time! {just in time-updates are coming}

You know we don’t have sales often.  In fact, the ENTIRE store on sale??!!!  What??!! So, when it comes, it is time to make a jump.  If you have wanted to grab a planner from me NOW is the time because you know what?...updates are coming and oh my!  I can’t wait to share with you!  Last year I was in a fog…ahem, lovin’ on my brand new baby and well, updates were good but let me tell ya, not as good as this year.  Come mid-April, when I will have them all done, you don’t have to worry about waiting for a sale, and for the 4th year, you can just hit DOWNLOAD.

You are my heroes.  I wanna help you make your job easier. period.  So, #letsdothis!

Management Tools for the entire year!

and Teacher Binders


You can save 28%!  Just enter code HEROES.

Have fun shopping!!

xoxo, April

Thanks so much to Karen Jones for the super cute graphic below!



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March Classroom Management

Just a quick post to let you know the Classroom Management Tools for March has been uploaded to the store.  I put together some resources to have at your fingertips.  Positive rewards, questions for morning circle, classroom management idea the entire class can use, and some printables for you to use.

I’d love for you to check it out or check out the entire bundle.  In the bundle, each pack comes out to $1.50 which is a HUGE savings.

I also wanted to mention the winner of the “Love is in the Air” iPad giveaway.  The big winner was Cori B. and the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card was Terri B.  !  YAY!!  Congratulations to the both of you!!  Thank you to everyone for entering!  It was an amazing giveaway.  Thank you again to Maria for getting us together!



Thank you for checking it out!  Have a great Friday!!


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I Asked, You Answered! Top 13 Guided Reading Tools

Happy Wednesday!  How is everyone’s week going?  Mine is super busy (a good kind of busy) with Valentine’s Day.  Plus, my daughter is a flower girl in a wedding this weekend.  Super sweet!  Can’t wait to show you a picture on Instagram.

As you might remember I started a series called, “I Asked, You Answered” here on the blog.  I want to know what your favorites or ideas are!  Definitely want to highlight your thoughts…even those who don’t have a blog.  Some time back I asked what are YOUR favorite guided reading tools on Facebook.  I know mine but I wanted to see if we could have the most popular put in one spot.  So, we tallied them up and here they are.  Of course, lots of leveled fiction and non-fiction books are at the top of the list. But here are some more tools you might use during this very important time.  If you have any more to add, just add them in the comments below.  Maybe an absolute favorite on Teachers Pay Teachers?  {there are no affiliate links here–just wanna share}

Have a great week y’all and a HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!  Come hang out on Instagram.  I’ll be posting there!  We’ll see you on Sunday to announce the winners of the HUGE Love is in the Air giveaway!!

These are in no particular order in which the items are listed below.

A question was asked about the cones.  I think a reader suggested cones to help with movement and place of students at the small table. Basically, it is important no matter what you use to have some direction to organize the reading time…either pocket charts, stickers, tape, etc. Cones are nice because you can clearly see them from far away.  Since they are mini though it is not obtrusive and you can move them as soon as you have all students sitting.  Helps with who is sitting where right away.  You could add a color to a specific child.  Like Susie always has the blue cone.  “Students, head to your cone at the kidney table.”  Hope this helps with this one.;) Any other questions or unsure, just let me know.  I’ll be happy to help!!!!

Top 12 Small Group Reading Tools


1. Dry Erase Pockets

2. Colorful Traffic Cones

3. Small Tabletop Easel

4. Fun Pointers

5. Dry Erase Paddles

6. Magnetic Alphabet & Numbers

7. Mini Cookie Sheets

8. Etekcity LED Finger Light-Up Rings

9. Timer

10. Differentiated Instruction Cubes

11. Highlighters

12. Sticky Notes

13. Highlighter Tape


xoxo, April

Kelly Brown - Oh wow! This would be great to have at my fingertips! This would also be a fabulous giveaway for a teacher like me! Hint, hint! LOL

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LOVE this *GIVEAWAY*! {Love is in IPAD AIR}

What do you LOVE?  Maybe your significant other?  Maybe your kids?  Oh wait, maybe those extra long planning days?  You love a lot of things –am I correct? I know I do.

I love all of the above and

starbucks and

Random Acts of Kindness and


carnations and lilies and

planners and pretty journals…and guided reading and music in math.  What about better technology for YOU or your STUDENTS?  What about an IPAD AIR?   Interested?

Today starts a giveaway you DON’T wanna miss…perfect to just sweep you off your feet or just spread a little love.  I am joining some blogger friends in a giveway you just can’t miss.

Ipad Air Giveaway www.amodernteacher.com

Not only do you win an iPAD Air but you also receive $25 to AMAZON!!

Do not delay in entering. This is a perfect time.  We want to spread LOVE! and right now it is in the air!  {haha!!}

Enter below on rafflecopter.  Good luck!!!!




a Rafflecopter giveaway


And enter below for the $25 gift card to Amazon.  Contest ends on February 14 at midnight!  So don’t delay.

iPad giveaway www.amodernteacher.com
Hop around to enter more smaller prizes from other bloggers!!!  Links below!!  Thanks Maria for organizing it all!!

Thanks friends!  Hope you have a great week!!  xoxo, April
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mary Ann Koder - Thank you

I Asked, You Answered! Top 13 Guided Reading Tools » A Modern Teacher - […] Have a great week y’all and a HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!  Come hang out on Instagram.  I’ll be posting there!  We’ll see you on Sunday to announce the winners of the HUGE Love is in the Air giveaway!! […]

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Valentine’s FREEBIE and Classroom Treats

2 years ago I wrote this post HERE sharing some ideas on celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom.  I had so much fun putting it together and I know so many of you are new here, I decided to bring it back and make sure you have the FREEBIE.  Especially if you love owls!

First up: Food!

Simple Classroom Valentine Treats Food www.amodernteacher.com
Find the yummy recipes here:

1. Heart Shaped Rice Krispy Treats

2. Valentine Chex Mix

3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

4. Heart Brownies

5. Brown Sugar Blondies

6. Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

I’ve always found classroom parties are best when food is easy peasy.  Kids are so happy they get to eat a sweet or just something different.  They really don’t care or even notice if it is real elaborate (just my observation) (adults on the other hand are totally different :).

At Valentine’s we would always do something easy….like a chocolate fountain.  ooooh—-ahhhh!  The kids LOVED it and it made things SO super easy.  Just get some marshmallows, strawberries, and pretzels to dip…add some toppings and voila –DONE.

Or you can always have the kids decorate a cupcake, sugar cookie, brownie or even something like a fruit kabob (yum)!

Next up: Decor!

1, 2, and 5 are from the Schoolgirl Style Shop!!! (daisy, lantern, and pompom)
3. Heart Lights from Target
4. Some fun from Party City like: heart-shaped glasses, pink ‘staches, BIG red bowties!  So. Much. FUN!!!

And for the FREEBIE!  This is a valentine you can give your students.  Just print and go!  I originally glued them on paint chips you can get for free at a hardware store but you can use them however you would like!

I hope you have a Happy, Happy HEART Day!  Don’t forget  about the Owl Craftivity–a little fun project you can do with your students!!  I’ll see you on SUNDAY!  A little earlier than my normal post but I have something fun coming your way—you won’t want to miss it!!!!!!  xoxo, April


Mark - Your food looks so wonderful, alas, no foods, esp. sweets, allowed. I liked your paint chip cards. My wife, art teacher, suggested wax paper heart card instead of chip. Takes longer, but w/both of us working it didn’t take too long. Follow most directions from http://monthbymonth.scholastic.com/create.html 3 Simple Steps. Instead of using crayon shavings, just write message on wax paper with several colors of crayons and then iron.Put on desks before school on Friday.

amodernteacher@gmail.com - What a great idea Mark! I love the idea of using wax paper! Yup, food is allowed 3 times a year. At the winter party, valentine’s, and end of the year. Then basically no rules unless someone is allergic to something. Because it does look yummy-right?! Maybe you can make something at home for your wife {or vice versa} :) Have a great rest of the week!! Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing your idea!!!! ~April

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A SALE and Classroom Crashers! :: A Year of Many Firsts

Happy Saturday!  Coming to you today below some cloudy skies…definitely different than the past week.  It was super sunny and 80 degrees here in central Texas!  I don’t normally post on a Saturday but I’m SUPER excited about a couple of things!

1.  Having a SUPER sale in the shop through Monday.  All products are 20% off.  Grab the little owl.  It has been a top seller in my shop for the last couple of years and today you can save big.  Only $2.40!!!

2. A new CLASSROOM CRASHER post!!!  Yay!  Today I’m sharing Lindsey’s room.  Lindsey has some super fabulous ideas!  She is just so talented.  High quality stuff!  Check out the pictures below and head to her blog for more incredible ideas!






Have a great weekend y’all!  Go get your SHOP ON.:)See you on Wednesday!! ~April

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February Meal Planning Ideas

The winners  of last week’s giveaway are Karen F. Rachel C., Maria B., Libby B., Sabrina, Cherie, and Lori R. Please send me an email and I’ll send the Valentine’s Owl Craftivity your way! amodernteacher@gmail.com Thank you!  And now….

Time to make meal-planning just a little bit easier.  Here are 11 recipes to try in February.  For our family, February is typically the last month we eat soups so I’m sharing 4 soup recipes.  We always love salads so there are 4 salad recipes and then 3 casseroles.  I really love the warm dinners but here in central Texas, we don’t have cold weather for too long so just one more month for these hearty dinners.

Not to mention, these are easy recipes.  I don’t stress about making them look like these pictures.  In fact, I use most of them for inspiration and tend to do my own thing.

If you are new to the way my family plans our meals.  Check out the post HERE.

I think I really REALLY want to try the Crockpot Enchilada Soup.  Yummy!

I hope you find atleast 1 you would like to try.  See you next Wednesday for a freebie!!

P.S.  Pin this image for later.  That way you can snag it quickly later.


Easy Meals for Teachers



1. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

2. Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup

3. Pasta Fagioli

4. BBQ Chicken Chili

5. BLT Salad with Avocado

6. Caprese Salad

7. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

8. Southwestern Black Beach Salad

9. Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese

10. Makeover Spinach Gratin

11. Zucchini Lasagna


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February Fun and a Giveaway!!

February is just around the corner.  Swoon!  I know so cliche but really I LOVE February.  I actually have more craft projects in February then any other month. That includes December.  So of course, my heart skips a beat with the mention of projects…and crafts.   I’m such a nerd.
Anyway, one of the FUN February crafts I’ve done is this little owl.  You can read more about it here but this craftivity is perfect for a Valentine’s gift for a parent, grandparent, or any family member.  I listed this in my shop 2 years ago!  Time flies!!
There is an owl with a bow tie too.  Kids get to write inside why they love their important person.  Ah!  Family members just eat this one up.  As a mom, I can’t tell you how much my heart swells when my kids come home with crafts like this!!!  For more info, see the listing in the shop HERE.
I also added the February Classroom Management Tools to the shop.  A friend of mine, had a great suggestion: add some binder spines.  Now, the packs include binder spines! YAY for organization.  Thanks Jen!  I also added this to the bundle so if you’ve purchased the bundle, please go back and download the added file.  And this is only $1.50 when you purchase the entire bundle!!!  Such a savings!!
Let’s have a GIVEAWAY for the “Owl Always Love You” Craftivity!  I’m giving away it away to FIVE lucky winners.  All you have to do is one thing: pin it to a personal board of yours on Pinterest.  Then just leave a comment below with the link to your board.  THAT’s IT!!!  I’ll use random.org to choose the winners. Contest begins now and ends Tuesday night at midnight.  Winner will be announced next Wednesday (Jan 28, 2015).
Have a great Thursday y’all!  See you next Wednesday and *almost* everyday on Instagram!
Oh, and not too forget!!!  I’m linking up with my blogging buddy Jessica for a Highlight Hump Day.  Thanks Jessica for hosting!
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Karen F. - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/70298444159985042/ I love this!! and it matches my classroom theme too ;-)

Rachel C - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/235664992977446589/ This looks so cute! I hope I win! I think my students would enjoy making these and the parents would love receiving them!

Maria B. - I thought this was ADORABLE!

Libby Bouma - My classroom is full of owls and I would love to do this with my students! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/132222939036271739/

Sabrina - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/343962490266233578/ Love this cute activity!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thanks so much Sabrina!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Perfect!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - Thank you and thanks for entering!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - The parents would LOVE them. :) Thanks for entering!

amodernteacher@gmail.com - perfect!!!

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