I’ve shared a ton about how to plan lessons.  If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know I love to participate in team planning.  However, every year wasn’t always unicorns and rainbows.  So, what do you do when you don’t have a team to plan with?

5 Tips to Lesson Planning

Here are 5 simple tips to plan efficiently, even without an official team:

1. Find someone in the district also teaching the same grade level as you; Basically think beyond your campus but within your area.  It helps to have someone required to do *most* of the same objectives/lessons as you. You NEED a buddy. 😉 There is so much going on, someone you can meet in person who knows your struggles is super helpful!  You could also plan pretty efficiently with them.  You can definitely divide up the load.

2.Find someone who is teaching the same grade level online; YES!  Online buddies!  If you can’t find someone in town, online is perfect too!  Meet in google hangouts, skype, voxer (a really awesome APP you can use on your mobile device AND desktop that acts sort of like a walkie talkie) or by phone.  Just reach out.  If you are in any facebook groups, ask around.  I’m sure someone would love to divide and conquer the workload too. (appropriate to class needs)

3.One of the advantages to working alone is that you don’t need to get too detailed.  Depending on your school’s administration, if you don’t have to get super detailed, don’t.  Do what is comfortable for you. If you have to get detailed, spell it all out.  I know on many, many lesson plans, I had to do this.

4.Ask someone on the grade level above you or below you to help you think through any lessons you might be wondering about.  At school, it might be hard to get together but maybe on the phone when you can.  Maybe set a time for both of you to mutually help each other. Every week.  Every other week.  Whatever works for your schedule.

5.Adopt a “virtual mentor teacher”.  Even if you can’t actually talk to the person, follow what they are suggesting, implement it and see if it works for your class.  The internet is a powerful thing, my friend.

I hope these tips have helped!  The work load can be divided up.  You just have to find your right people.

xo, april

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