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Super excited to share with you an easy DIY your small containers… from Desiree!  Desiree is a 2nd Grade teacher from Minnesota. She shares some extremely creative ideas on her Instagram account: Create and Educate. So happy to have her here with you!

I don’t know about you, but the #TeacherLife also includes the #HairBunLife. Every time I attempt to leave my hair down it becomes a ratty bird’s nest by the end of the day. I now have to carry hair ties and bobby pins everywhere I go! I do have one problem though… I always lose my bobby pins! Every time I need one I am digging elbows deep into the five oversized teacher bags I hoard by my desk; it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. One day I was eating an Icebreakers Cool Blast mint (which is actually so delicious and you should try them) and I was intrigued by the container it came in. Of course with the teacher brain, we hoard any type of container that may be useful so that’s when I thought of an idea! The containers would work perfectly for bobby pins! So here I have a fun little DIY hack for how to create a bobby pin holder or a holder for other fun little things such as small earrings, paperclips, etc.

DIY Bobby Pin container

Tie Die Containers!!!

Items you will need

  • Icebreakers Cool Blast container
  • Magnet Tape (I used the Scotch Brand)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Make sure it is 91% isopropyl or higher!)
  • A Q-Tip
  • Sharpies
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint Brush

How To… STEPS:

Step 1: Rip off the label on the IceBreakers Cool Blast container. It should easily come right off! Make sure you don’t have any mints in the container.

DIY Small Container

Step 2: With your sharpies, start drawing any design on all sides of your plastic container. You can cover the whole thing with sharpie like mine, or you can leave some white space as well! Try and use different colors so that you can really fulfill the Tie Dye effect.

Step 3: When you are satisfied, dip your Q-Tip in the rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is 91% isopropyl or higher! I first tried with 50% and 70% isopropyl and it didn’t work at all. 91 will be your magic number.

DIY Small Container

Once your Q-Tip is soaked with rubbing alcohol go ahead and drop some alcohol on your container’s surface. If you have an eye dropper this would work even better! If not, a Q-tip works just as fine. Make sure you don’t rub the surface with your Q-Tip or the sharpie will erase. I covered my whole surface with little drops and let it soak. The more rubbing alcohol you put on the more the colors will mix. Make sure not to over do it or the colors will all just mesh together.

Step 4: After it is completely dry (I waited at least 45 minutes), paint Modge Podge on the surfaces. This allows the surface to become shiny and a little more preserved.

DIY Small container

Step 5: Depending what you put in your container this next step would prove to be essential. Cut two pieces of magnet tape and place it in the inside tray. The reason for the magnet tape is so the bobby pins won’t explode everywhere when you open up the container. We all know that would be a disaster! It also holds everything in place which is just what we teachers need.

These awesome holders can carry bobby pins, paperclips, or even small earrings. I have one in my purse, at my desk, and in my bathroom at home! Now you’ll always have a handy little container. You can decorate it any way you want! On one container I used some washi tape and it was a very quick DIY.

DIY Small Container


DIY Small Container

If you create this share it with me on Instagram, I would love to see it! Follow me on Instagram with the username @CreateandEducate which you can find by clicking HERE for more classroom ideas and DIYS. Also check out my TPT for fun products and freebies HERE! @CreateAndEducateTPT.

Have a great time creating!

Thank you Desiree!!!  I absolute love the magnets at the bottom.  GREAT IDEA!!