Boom!  oohh…ahh!  The sounds of the 4th. Love it.  It’s a celebration!  Well, to celebrate even more I am having a giveaway.  Wa-hoo!  There is a lot to celebrate here at A Modern Teacher and I hope you will join me.

4th of July Giveaway A Modern Teacher

First off, A Modern Teacher is at 700 followers on Facebook-my goodness gracious. 

Secondly, A Modern Teacher was in the top 50 on Teachers Pay Teachers two weeks ago in Sales.  Shut the front door!!!! I still can’t believe that!

And the 4th!  What more can I say about that? We are so blessed to be living here and have so many freedoms.  Light up the sparklers.

So, join me in celebrating. 

I have a few friends who have graciously offered to help celebrate with some awesome goodies from their stores.

Erin from Erin Bradley will be giving away 2 creative, fun digital sets from her store!

Adrianne from The Tutor House will be giving away one Brain Tower! (an awesome engaging tool to use in small groups-I will mail it to you–free of charge)

Melanie from Schoolgirl Style will be giving away a stylish, gorgeous classroom decor set!

I am so thankful for their help. Thanks sweet friends! *hugs*

And I will be giving away the store! Ha–you can choose anything you want from my store..take one..take three…five.. or take it all–you choose.

*Enter through Rafflecopter
*Enter as many times as you would like–once a day
*One winner for each item (total of 4 winners)
*Giveaway/contest starts today, Wednesday, July 4th and ends on Sunday, July 8th at midnight (central time)

Winners will be announced on Monday, July 9th and EVERYONE will be a winner.  A fun party favor just for you so come back on Monday to grab yours!!!!!
Thanks again for all of YOUR support.  This couldn’t be done without all of you…really.  I’m getting all teary-eyed now. *hugs friends*

Have a Happy 4th of July.  Stay safe and enjoy.

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