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Five more days until 2017!!  OH YA!!!  I couldn’t be more excited about moving on to the next year! Five years of “A Modern Teacher”!  YAY!!  I am also thrilled to be celebrating five years of this blog and business! I could never have imagined my life changing so much as it has from this little blog. We didn’t have cell phones when I was in college y’all!! REALLY! Having a creative outlet and business online is mind blowing for me.  I would have *never* *ever* thought.

****Insert lady dancing to her heart’s content!******HA!

And, if you are coming here from the Crafting Chicks–WELCOME!!!  and PERFECT TIMING!!!  I’m April–as you can see from my little picture:

a modern teacher blog

I am so happy you are here because AMT is adding a new section (on Instagram for now) and I hope you will join me! For the past 5 years, I have brought resources and ideas to teachers to save them time.  I want to help them concentrate on their job at hand and that is teaching kids. I especially like to share ideas on organization, planning, do-it-yourself projects, and celebrations…all in the classroom.

Well, now, I will be sharing not only ideas for teachers, but also ideas for parents….on Instagram…at first. After now being a parent for 8 years, I have some ideas to bring to the table and I can’t wait to share them. They are all ideas for home life and connecting with your children….in many, many different ways. Think simple though. Think memory-making… think fun. Think 10+ year teacher at home, wanting to connect with her kids in the most simplest of ways. It might be slow going at first, but as I learned after 5 years, it all adds up.

Looking back, I’ve also learned so much about what it means to run a business (what the heck is self-employment tax?). I’ve learned so much about the online world (it ain’t easy y’all). My favorites though are the friends I’ve made and the time I’ve had with my family. My mom passed away this year, about 2 months ago. She was just 61 years young and her time came too soon. Cancer. A rare one. And after many chemo treatments, she is now in Heaven. Knitting to her heart’s content, dancing in between, and feeling the immense love from our Maker. Having this business has allowed me to spend time with her I don’t think I would have had otherwise.

And now, I am starting to see green.  What do I mean?  Well, if you are coming over from Crafting Chicks, you know I shared a video on “seeing green”. Here it is:

So, in the creativity of seeing green, I am going to share ideas for parents. If you are a teacher, don’t worry, I’ll keep sharing those ideas too and even from some guests who have even more amazing ideas. And maybe one day, it’ll have its’ own blog (for parents) but for now, it’ll be on Instagram.

To celebrate FIVE years, I’ll be having some giveaways on Instagram this week (December 27-31).  Check out the first one—a $50 gift card to Target!!! Wahoo!!  All of the details on IG! And each one only lasts for 12 hours so hurry there. Good luck!

And if you didn’t pick up your FREE mini-calendar for 2017, here it is! Set it up on your desk or hang it on your fridge, or wherever your heart desires.

mini desk calendar freebie

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, my family, and everything here on A Modern Teacher and in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers!!  I am truly grateful!  I feel honored to have you spend some of your valuable time right here. Thank you also to my brand partners, Astrobrights and Oriental Trading Company, for trusting me with your readers.

See you on Instagram!

xo, april