This week before all the craziness starts (August will be here!!!), I decided to offer you a bunch of new freebies.  This is really different for me.  Blogging everyday??!  While, yes, I do loooove blogging, I do not have time to write a quality post everyday.  I am a mama, a wife, and have a REALLY BIG extended family.  So here’s to blogging when you can…and for this week, EVERYDAY…..cheers!…

A Modern Teacher Free

What do you do before school?  Do you have duty or some sort of meeting before school?  What about after school?  11 years of teaching have taught me to get into a routine before and after school.  Now, I have to be flexible…I know that’s a reality.  I know my schedule won’t be perfect…there will be interruptions….fires to put out…impromptu meetings..extra cake in the lounge that just calls my name (ugh-don’t tell anyone).  I know the reality. That’s life. I don’t know how many years it took me to figure this out (many I know that for sure) but I finally figured out that I needed a routine. 

So for today’s first freebie, I am sharing a before and after school scheduler…in three very popular designs (unfortunately, this is not editable–just good ‘ole fashion handwriting).

Free A Modern Teacher

Free A Modern Teacher

Free A Modern Teacher
Free Weekly To-Do  from A Modern Teacher

And I’m joining Maniac Monday!  If you are not following Classroom Freebies, you gotta start!  There are just too many good things that bloggers are giving away for FREE!

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