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Hey teacher friend!  Yes, you!  You there with your teacher bag, stack of papers, sticky notes, comfy pants, and computer in your lap.  Welcome!  I know you have much on your plate, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. To keep it short: I’m your new best friend. To keep it sweet: I’m going to provide you with fun and fresh resources and ideas. That’s right.  This Texas gal is here to share what I know, so you can use it RIGHT NOW in your classroom. With 11 years of teaching experience, I know the good times {lightbulb moments!} and the not-so-good times {Sunday night papers to grade}. I know teaching is definitely a calling and a labor of love.  And I know you are doing all this for the kids.  Kids first. Heart full. Before I share a bit more I gotta share this picture: It is a picture of me and the kids just before I started student teaching…it goes WAY back…like 1999 {seriously, 1999}:

a modern teacher

My name is April and I am here to empower you, a modern teacher, with resources and simple solutions for your classroom and your home. A little background….I taught 2nd grade for 5 years and 3rd grade for 6….student taught in 5th and did a long intern in kinder.  Was team leader for a couple of years, worked under 5 different principals (some pretty amazing!) at 3 different schools and had my first group of kids graduate from high school 3 years ago.  Whew! I’ve learned SO much along the way.  I have a couple of certifications {ESL, Gifted and Talented} and a Master’s Degree in Education but…NOW…. I am at home with my babies.  I’m a late comer to parenthood and I’m not going to let one minute with them pass me by.  My oldest is already in Kindergarten.  Ah! Time really does fly.  However, I have an incredible passion for helping teachers.  Something in my blood.  I KNOW how hard you work and I just want to help in any way I can.

Here you will find consistent ideas for elementary teachers.

And FUN, BRIGHT, MODERN, SIMPLE lesson planners, personal planners, management tools, and some effective 2nd/3rd grade resources –because these are my FAVORITE grades to teach.

And a new product coming out in April.  I can’t wait to share!

Here are my babies:


And my very supportive husband and family:


Some fun facts about me:

I am a children’s book and planner addict.

I absolutely love… * my family (hubby, 3 kids, 1 bro, 1 sis, and I’m the oldest of 21 grandchildren) * my best friend, Erin, of 24 years * pretty journals * writing elementary curriculum * creating an intentional home * french fries * dark roast coffee * small town shopping and the most important ***The Lord’s Love ***

I’m SO HAPPY you are here!

Some nitty gritty~ I never thought I would EVER have a blog.  I always planned to go back to the classroom after just one year home with my daughter. However, I know these days with young children will pass too quickly and surprise(!!)..I just had our 3rd baby.  So, after tons of inspiration from other bloggers, (saving, saving, saving) and 11 years of teaching in the public school classroom, I traded the gradebook for the playbook.  While I’m at home, teaching and playing with my own children, I am creating resources for teachers. I thank God for this opportunity.

Thank you for again for stopping by!

If you need to reach me at anytime with ANYTHING, my email address is:

xoxo, April