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Hey friends! I told y’all (pardon me, I’m from Texas) I was going to write more blog posts in 2018. Well, here I am again!!! YAY!!! During the Christmas break last week, we got a chance to see Coco. It was such a cute movie! I was sort of surprised how cute it was. I don’t know what I was thinking it would be before we went but it surprised me in the best way possible. And full disclosure, my son (9 year old) and I were crying at the end. You know how some movies just get you thinking. Well, I overthink everything (anyone else do that?), so who am I kidding…I think about all.the.things after a movie. Anyway, it got me thinking about music (among other things) and how I haven’t played it as much as I would like (lately). I mean, we use to have Friday dance parties, my son use to play the piano, I use to listen to music in the car and now….nada…..nothing. I listen to podcasts, my son doesn’t play the piano anymore, and we haven’t had any Friday dance parties. What is going on? So, I thought it would be fun (because remember this blog in 2018 is about having fun and sharing favorites) to share some music we’ll be listening to in January. We’ll be bringing back the music! A little “Amazon Music Playlists for Me and the kids”!

What and Why

Now, besides the music, the one thing I hope you get from this post is sharing music with your kids that speaks to them and sharing music from their heritage. What do I mean? ….What do they like to listen to? Kids Bop? Whatever momma listens to? What about their heritage? Irish?… Play some Irish step dancing, folktales, Spanish?…play some flamenco dancing…you know what I mean. A lot of this happens naturally but if you are a teacher, you might have to step out of your box a little. I know I had to step out of mine! As a momma, I *still* have to step out of my box. But I want them to grow up hearing music from their heritage. 

On to the music

I have been a member of Amazon Prime forever but I’ve never used Amazon Music. Have you tried Amazon Music? Do you have Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should get it today! (You can click on the link here to learn more about Prime). Anyway, Amazon Music is free for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Music is an APP you install on your phone/mobile device and it comes with a ton of free music. YAY! Well, I never knew they had such great playlists AND what I really love is that the APP has NO ads…like on Pandora, there are ads when you have the free version. Not on Amazon Music. WAHOO!! (I’ve probably been living under a rock and everyone here knows all about the great playlists Amazon Music has…but just in case….)

For the kids:

Great Amazon Music playlists for the kids!! Plus, they have artists who have collaborated with them to create music for the platform. Pretty cool, huh? I mean, that’s a great opportunity for the artist so it is a win-win for all of us!

Here are the favorites for January from Amazon Music:

Renee and Jeremy

Camp Lisa

Recess Monkey (Amazon Music Original)

Kids’ Playlists for Cold Weather-Various Artists 

Now, there are two albums we’ll be listening to that are not free on Amazon. You have to purchase Amazon Unlimited which is a monthly membership that allows you to listen to pretty much any song (and more of the most current songs) for a monthly fee. I’m not sure what the fee is. I think it is $7.99/month. You can learn more about Amazon Unlimited here.

I am not quite ready to purchase Amazon Unlimited so we bought the albums through the Apple Store.

First: Coco!  Perfect for kids up to 4th/5th grade. My son is in 3rd loves it! And speaks to our heritage. Win-Win!!

Second: Trolls! Been around forever but we still love, love, love this soundtrack! Because don’t we all need some Trolls in our life?!!!

And for us adults?

I really love the “Cold Weather” Amazon Music Playlists has. Any of them…folk, rock…! It is bringing me all sorts of cozy feelings just thinking about it. LOVE, LOVE this! I just want to put on my fuzzy socks, pour a cup of coffee or tea, and talk with the kids….maybe read too. (Who am I kidding, they won’t sit still to save their life. One can dream.)

Items we’ve been using (This post contains affiliate links. I get a very very small commission if you choose to purchase.)

1. Echo

2. Headphones for the kids and if you want to have a ton of convenience, check out the cordless headphones.

3. Headphones for me

4. bluetooth speaker

Here’s to more music in our life!

Music Playlists for Me and the Kids