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Please share some sweetness today for one of my blogging friends, Angela.  I met Angela about 6 months ago when I first started this little blog.  She is an amazing person.  I find inspiration from her all the time.  I encourage you to send her some love, check out her website and blog, and check out her new book.  Save or pin this post because as September and October roll around, you might want this book on hand (or maybe after the first day!).  🙂  Not only am I priviledged to have her here but I am also excited to share that she brought a little goodie for one of you….read on….

Do the never-ending pressures of teaching drain you emotionally? Is a lack of support and resources stealing your enthusiasm? Are the small daily hassles adding up and overwhelming you? If so, you’re not alone. Awakened: Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching was inspired by teachers who say, “I’m trying to stay positive. I’m trying not to get discouraged and frustrated, and keep a good attitude at work. I want to hold on to my enthusiasm for teaching. But STUFF keeps happening! How can I keep from losing my mind when my lessons are constantly interrupted, parents aren’t providing the support I need, students lack motivation, and test pressure sucks all the joy out of teaching?” I can totally relate. Teaching can be stressful and emotionally draining because it’s often a high demand/low control and high effort/low reward profession. That’s exactly why I wrote the book! Awakened is designed to help you:    

  • Lessen the demands you feel
  • Increase your perception of control
  • Decrease the mental and emotional energy you expend
  • Enhance your positive, rewarding feelings

There are several free chapter excerpts available on the site: Download View Online Table of contents Download View Online Can you really change the way you respond to stress? Download View Online Examine your unrealistic standards Download View Online Afterword: The self-talk of an awakened teacher I’m so excited about this book because I believe it’s going to help a lot of teachers move beyond ‘survival mode’ and start overcoming challenges. And this summer, I released a companion book that will help you take the study even deeper.

The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators

It’s called The Awakened Devotional Study Guide for Christian Educators. This workbook is designed to deepen Christian teachers’ understanding of the principles in Awakened, elaborating on what God’s word has to say about renewing our minds. For each Awakened chapter, this guide provides an opening reflection, devotion, further scripture reading, application questions, “to do” challenge, and a prayer that invites God to help you in applying the principles to your life. You can click here to get a special discount on both books together.       Thank you for letting me share this with you today. I hope that Awakened and The Awakened Devotional Study Guide help you maintain your enthusiasm for teaching this school year, no matter what daily challenges come your way.

Angela has offered to give away a copy (ebook) of either or both of these books (you choose) to one reader of A Modern Teacher! Here’s how the contest works:
To enter, just leave a comment below telling me one thing you do to keep a good attitude at school…it can be a little thing (like my little bits of chocolate) or a big thing.  The contest will start today and run through Sunday night.  The winner will be announced on Monday.  The winner will be choosen by according to the number of your comment.  Thanks for participating!