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Do you celebrate any back-to-school family traditions?  Either when you were growing up or with your own kids?  Today, I have to share one of my memories…one of my FAVORITE family traditions….this is in the TOP-5 Memories for me. 🙂  It is just a little something but boy did it go a long way!!

So, every year, before school started my MOM made a BIG deal about the new school year.  And not just a “let’s eat a special breakfast before school starts in the morning”…no, my mom made it a BIG DEAL.  My mom values the importance of a great education and the power of knowledge.  And every year she celebrated the start..well, both of my parents did (but more on how my dad did in a minute).  Both of my parents were working parents…and we were not rich…just an average family.  We had the priviledge of growing up with many opportunities which my parents fought hard for.  My parents grew up in small poor south Texas towns and didn’t take much for granted.  And today, I think one of the reasons why my brother, sister, and I have gone as far as we have in our educational career is because of these little traditions that my parents did…

It’s not rocket science people but it will make a difference…in my humble opinion 🙂

Every year…even through college…my Mom and I had “OUR DAY.” 
Here is what that means:
My mom, without me knowing, made going to school a priviledge..something to look forward to..
and here is how she did it:
*She set aside one day for just her and I…*no siblings* just the two of us
*She let me choose any restaurant I wanted to eat at for lunch…my choice (this was an extra special treat since we didn’t go out to eat a lot and if we did it was a family/parent decision)
*We went shopping…both for clothes and supplies.
*We planned it out…talked about it for days before the big day.
*She gave me her complete attention (of course there weren’t cell phones back then haha!)
*She wouldn’t let me wear any of my clothes until school started…ah…that was a hard one for me 🙂
*She decorated our house..with streamers to celebrate the start of a new school year
*We each got “OUR DAY.”

And my dad?  Well, we all went out to eat and dad talked about the importance of doing our best…yada yada 🙂 and we shared some goals we had ..yes…even in elementary school–even in the eighties (dorks).  But it all made a difference.  It was nothing fancy…just the gift of time.

I hope to be able to do this with my own children when they are older..
I have to remember:
it doesn’t:
*have to be a fancy restaurant
*have to be all day
*have to be at the best clothing shops

But it does:
*need to be one-on-one (and if both/all kids need to go at the same time–that’ll be ok–we can take turns…the focus on one for awhile, then the focus on the other..and so on)
*no distractions (no phone/computer/social networks…nothing)..just each kid and me
*about them/let them lead

I would LOVE to hear any back-to-school traditions you might have!  Please share.

Hope this sparks some ideas on how to celebrate in your family.  Here is a picture of me and my new first day outfit in first grade (I wish I had pictures of me and my mom on those days but sadly we didn’t take any 🙁