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Ok, let’s get real for a minute.  Printing a teacher planner can be confusing.  What do you print? Where do you print? About how much can you expect to spend? Well, it all depends on how you like to plan. For today’s purpose though, we are solely talking about the printing aspect. (If you want info on how to put your teacher planner or teacher binders together, I wrote a post on that here.) Whether you buy one that is completely digital or one that you write it all down.  Whether you have one or five. You can completely own it.  And you should.  Planners make dreams and goals happen.  Without a plan, we really do run right off the road. No one knows this better than a teacher. There is *no way* we could walk into a classroom without a plan.  And good, great, incredible teaching happens with a plan.

Today, I’m talking to all you DIYers out there.  The teachers who like to put the planner together –yourself.  Whether you print it all out after typing in all the plans or you print it all out and then write the plans. (Which by-the-way you can click here to find one 🙂


Best Place to print your teacher planner

You might want to print the entire thing or chunks in one sitting. I’ve done a lot of research for myself and for others.

And this is one of the TOP FIVE questions:

Where is the best place to print my teacher planner?

You have a few options.

But before you start, think of these things:

FIRST, you have to make sure you know what you want to print and if you want it in color or black and white.

NEXT, you need to set up your file ready to for print.  You can send a couple of files to the print shop, just make sure they are in the order of what you need.

And then, you are ready to send the file to the print shop or print it yourself.

I’ve done it a few ways.

*If I am in a hurry, I print the inside pages myself on my HP Color Printer and then have Office Max print the cover because they have a super fancy printer and then have them coil bind it with a plastic back cover to durability.

*If I have a little bit more time but I don’t have time to print it myself but I need it pretty fast (insert eyes rolling), I send the pdf(s) to Office Depot/Max or Staples online then call them to confirm they understood my print job then pick up when I get the notification through email.

*If you have time, you can save even more $ by placing the order through an online website like Best Value Copy  or MGXCopy.  You not only save money but they also mail the planner to you which saves time driving, etc.

Of course, all of this can be put in a 3-ring binder(s) if you prefer (for a great one, click here).  Same steps as above.  Just instead of having the print shop coil bind it, you can hole punch it. I actually have all 3.  🙂  I have a teacher planner that is coil bound for a general, big overview. Single pages with daily lesson plans I print out and place on a clipboard and then 3-ring binders that keep all the other data and information.  It sounds overwhelming but it works for me. I stay organized by thinking in separate compartments.

Any other brilliant ideas on where to print you teacher planner?  I love hearing more ideas.  Like I said, planners are so personal so it is good to share what works and what doesn’t.

I hope this helps!

xo, April

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