When you start planning for the next school year, what do you do first? Start creating detailed weekly lesson plans or look at the big picture?  Wait.  Did I just say “start planning for next school year?”  What?! Already?  Are you thinking about next school year?  I hope not.  Truly I do. But I know some times it is inevitable. Admin wants supply lists, districts have developed a proposed school calendar for next year, teachers start putting “feelers” on what grade they want to teach, who is leaving/who is staying….

It is something that starts to happen right after Spring Break.  Which for some of you….is um…..now.  WOW! Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

When you start looking at next year, curriculum comes from (I hope) many different directions.  District, admin, team leaders, teammates.  And if you aren’t supported by these people, I hope to bring you tons for ideas that I hope will bring you lots of peace and save you lots of time.

I’ve talked before about how important it is to see the big picture and to plan with the end in mind.

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Curriculum Overview Templates Free Download

For the last 2 years, I also shared a FREE DOWNLOAD.  This is a year-long big picture Curriculum At-a Glance Planner Page.  This is a resource you can either type in —or—print out and write it.  You MUST have Power Point and for the template to line up right, you need to download the font “Be Still and Know”.  If you are not familiar with downloading fonts, you can see the tutorial HERE.

I am thrilled to share the resource again this year.  It has been updated for the 2017-2018 school year.

Virtual high-fives–right?  And the Teacher Binders are also updated!  YAY!!

Teacher Binder

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