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Hey there friends! Looking for some great books for grandpa? Listen, my dad’s birthday is this weekend and he doesn’t want to do anything. Bah humbug-ha! That’s ok. I don’t really think he is being a grump. I totally get it. Some times you just want to hang with the absolute closest people you know for your birthday. I *totally* get that.

Well, being so close to Christmas, he usually gets sloppy seconds for his birthday. Boo. However, I like to call it “second-helpings”. Insert big wink. Just more fun on his holiday plate. Right?

So, I mostly get him the same thing every year for his birthday and he’s never complained. Books. He loves to read so books are the perfect gifts. I also might have my kids make some footprint or handprint ‘something’. This year, we ran out of time. Shhh! Don’t tell him. But we have the books! YAY! And they did make homemade birthday cards. That counts!

I‘ve rounded up some great new releases and almost new releases for you (in case you need a book for grandpa).

Books for Grandpa

Now, my dad loves motivational books, history books, and biography/autobiography books.

If grandpa served in the military, this first book affirms habits he learned and probably taught you while growing up.

Make Your Bed

The next one is another good book for veterans.

My Fellow Soldiers

Now, my dad loves sports. Like, I grew up every weekend watching football. I *know* football. At one point, I thought it would be fun to be a sports commentator for football. Yup! Never wanted to play or anything but loved watching! So the next two books are all about sports mentality. My dad and I LOVE this kind of thinking. It’s always…’team this’ or ‘team that’.

Think Like a Warrior

Old School Grit

The next one is a personal memoir. I really would love to read this one myself.


And the last two focus more on history/political realms.

Alexander Hamilton

Scalia Speaks

So, there you have it! Books for Grandpa! He’ll love these.  Do you love giving books? What is your favorite book to give to your dad/grandpa/care-giver?

Sources: Just click on each image. There are affiliate links in this post (which means I get a very small commission if you purchase something).


Books for Grandpa