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APP Review www.amodernteacher.comInterested in an on-line library?  Yes, please! When asked to do a review on a new APP with picture books by Farfaria, I just couldn’t turn it down.  I am sure you share with me an obsession for books!! We just can’t turn down an opportunity for our kids to read.- Right? Well, this is a new APP with a TON of different picture books. My son was excited to have something new to explore on the ipad and I was excited it was educational and involved reading.

You begin with many different books on a bookshelf.  The child can scroll through the shelves, choosing which books they would like to read.

Next, you come to a series of islands where you find the different genres of books.  The child selects which topic they want to explore and they’re off!

This APP also allows for the story to be read to them, which is pretty COOL in my opinion.  Especially if the child is just learning to read. There are SO many different types of books and they are all fun!

My son loved it!!  What was also pretty cool—my 3-year old daughter loved it too.  Bonus!

Couple of notes for improvement:

–I would love to see the stories leveled to go along with DRA or some other benchmark.

–I would love for there to be more non-fiction books with real pictures.

–I would love for there to be titles we recognize like Netflix has for movies.

Why I liked it:


–story can be read to them

–lots to choose from

Check it all out HERE!

What is your favorite APP for reading stories aloud? Would love to hear in the comments below!



I am not an affiliate nor was I compensated for this review.