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Warning! This is not a teacher-related post. But I hope you can grab an idea or two and I hope you keep reading. 🙂  If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know my favorite holiday is Christmas (with Valentine’s and July 4th coming in as a close 2nd-ha!). Christmas is my absolute favorite though.  🙂 And I have an urge to share some of my favorites. So, let’s get going! In this post, I’ll be sharing Christmas kids’ decor ideas for a girls’ room.

We recently moved to a new home. As you can imagine, a lot of change is happening, especially this first year. It’s very important to me to make the kids feel very comfortable here. Well, wherever you are, either in a new home or somewhere you’ve lived forever, you can create a magical space at this very special time of the year. Where else to start than with Christmas kids decor!

Christmas Kids Decor

I started with Lilia. My daughter and I sat down and looked through a few different magazines for a bit of inspiration. She is a decorator at heart. I catch her watching Fixer Upper and then pretending to be Joanna Gaines. She’ll go around the house saying…let’s do this and let’s do that..and will even move things. Who knew “dramatic play” would involve “Fixer Upper” and Joanna Gaines?  It’s precious. And she is a girly girl. She loves all things “girl”. So, it didn’t surprise me when she said she wanted a white Christmas tree with pink and mint and “fluffy” ornaments.

Christmas Kids Decor

Then, I take the reins. I started with this incredibly find from Walmart. Cara from A First Grade Parade shared it and then I saw it the very next day on Vintage Porch’s Instagram feed and I just *knew* I needed it for Lilia’s room. I knew it would be the perfect base for any Christmas kids decor.

Christmas Kids Decor

In trying to decide how I would decorate and what I was looking for at the gazillion stores, I narrowed it down to 3 key details:

*colors: pink and mint

*super girly

*use of white to fill any holes or blank spaces in the tree

Everything I bought would really need to stay focused on these three things. If you are decorating, something helpful is to always start with an inspiration piece or color and then when shopping, look for 3 key elements that will go along with your inspiration piece. This helps you stay focused and keeps things minimal, especially when Christmas kids decor can get out of hand.

Christmas Kids Decor

We added twinkly string lights for an even more magical feel. Lights are EVERYTHING!  Especially during the holidays!  Natural light and the combination of twinkly lights….magical, I tell ya!!!

Christmas Kids Decor

Take a closer peek:

Oh and we tied bows! Can’t get more “girly” then bows. 😉

Christmas Kids Decor

Christmas Kids Decor

Christmas Kids Decor


Here are the sources listed!

Flocked Christmas Tree (in store only)

Start with

White Pom Pom Pick to fill in gaps

Mint Ribbon

White tinsel 

Then add ornaments!

Pink (with a slight hint of purple) Ornaments

Mint Ornaments

Finish off with bows and top with star

Pink Ribbon for bows


Don’t forget to head on over to Instagram! I love chatting over there!!

Christmas Kids Decor

That’s it!

I hope you grabbed some ideas or can replicate in your kids’ rooms!

Head on over to Instagram to catch me there. 🙂 ~April

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