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Aaaaaand they’re up!  All of the 2014-2015 Plan and Go Teacher Lesson Planners are up!  Including the bundles.  I don’t think I went to sleep before midnight for the past week.  I have worked my tushy off to bring you all the bundles in time for the Teachers Pay Teachers Site Wide Sale.  Somehow, they are up.  I don’t remember what my family ate all last week.  I don’t even know if they were fed.  Just kidding!  I have a very supportive husband who fed the kids.  Ha!  Me?  I’m just SO happy.  The last 4 months…and 2 years (and 1 kid) later are here.  I am so appreciative of all the support you have shown since the launch of the planners.  It has truly been amazing.

So, CINCO reasons to celebrate—

Number Uno–

Bundles are DONE.  You can find them HERE. (Only 2 more coming: Nautical and Birds.  These planners will be up at the end of May.  Thanks for the patience and understanding.  Mwwwahhhh!)

Teacher Lesson Planners



Number Dos–

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and you deserve to be appreciated!  You work too dang hard and love so dang much that a week of goodies from your kids is the least of what can be done.

BIG BIG BIG Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  My store is 20% off plus with the code, you get an additional savings!!

And I’m sending some big hugs out there with a HUGE week-long celebration over on Applilicious’ Teacher Blog.

Number Tres–

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.  If you are a mother, you better kick your feet up and relax…even if it is just for 30 minutes.  Alone.  In your bathroom.  They’ll be fine.

Number Cuatro–

I had AMT’s first video produced!  {{{See above}}}

Number Cinco–

Three designs of the planners are going into print.  Can you guess which ones?  This planner is NOT like the downloads.  Ohhhh–I can’t wait to show you them. I am hoping to show you just what I’m talking about in a couple of weeks.  Hang tight if you love (and have to –like me–because you’ll forget) to write out how you want to spend your time and what is important to you…what makes your heart happy.

Now…what are you waiting for? Head on over to the shop and start shopping!  {wink} Get some deals so you are ready to go.  Plan and Go!  Oh-and don’t forget the code TPTXO.

….xoxo….my heart to yours,