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A very very long time ago, I created a blog called “Classroom Celebrations”. It was a fun site dedicated to all the things we celebrate in the classroom.  It was a terrific idea however, I decided to keep all the ideas on my main site–right here on A Modern Teacher.  One blog alone is a LOT of work.  2?! Wasn’t happening. Well, I hope to pick that up again….little by little… with some celebration posts sprinkled throughout my normal sharing of organizing, planning, and DIY projects.

First up, I am sharing my all-time favorite 3 teacher costumes from around the web and 2 costumes my boys picked out (just for fun).

CRAYONS!  Because you know I love a good school supply!


Credit HERE

2. Pete the Cats!  Because who doesn’t want to be groovy!!!


Credit Link HERE

3. And The Case of the Bad Stripes!  Because who doesn’t love stripes!


Credit Link HERE

For FUN :: Here was my Classroom Celebration Site Banner:

a modern teacher

And for DOUBLE DOUBLE fun ::

Did you know you can get costumes from Oriental Trading?  I did not know this until recently! WOW!  My sons picked up some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes and they have already had a blast with pretend play. I just gotta watch out! And my 2-year old would not sit still for anything.  HA!  Always on the move! Hiya!

oriental trading costumes

oriental trading costumes

oriental trading costumes

Click here for all the fun on Oriental Trading!!

Now, to plan out *exactly* what I want to be for Halloween!

xo, april