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Happy Weekend!  I am thrilled to be sharing some more pictures of Mrs. C.’s classroom.  I just think it lays out so nicely….perfect for learning. If you have a chance to check out all of her pictures, click HERE.  It’ll be worth your time!  And if you missed the first post, click HERE.

What I love about this side of the classroom:

1.  Check out their displayed writing.  Just makes you want to publish! 

2.  Safari hats on the bulletin board.  Fun!  adds texture and dimension

3.  Cozy chairs with stuffed animals.  Maybe that is where peer conferences happen…. and small lamps on either side.  (Did she take some classes in interior design?)

Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher

This next picture is great—a reflection spot.  Love it! Notice the birthday bags framing the birthday wall…it just gives a finishing look without having to add actual border.  Plus, the birthday bags, pop off the wall….giving more dimension.  Ok, Mrs. C., you must have a degree in design too!

Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
Using Bags to frame without having to use borders, Reflection Spot

What I love about this next picture:

Accountability Statements:
I agree because…
I disagree because…
How can you prove that?
Why do you think that?
Tell me more about…

Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
Accountability Statements

Had to include this one! :

Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
The Tattle Tiger

And her is an overall look at the entire classroom.  WOW!  (that is about all I can say, WOW!)

Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher

From the displays of their own work to the pictures of all the Safari Scholars in the back…this room is brilliant.  PLEASE, please check out the rest of her pictures.  You will find cheer of the week, an animal mascot for every table group, a schedule for when to book shop….and the list goes on.  Wow!

Thanks again to Mrs. C for letting me share her classroom. As the sign in the window says, we are INSPIRED!

Have a great weekend everyone.  See you on Monday for some freebies!!