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Oh. my. word. Are you ready for an amazing Classroom Crasher?  I am extremely excited to share with you a classroom from Connecticut!  Mrs. C emailed me with her fabulous website, ready and willing to share.  I couldn’t wait to pass it along to you.  Mrs. C has been teaching for 25 years!  Wow!  Can you imagine having this much thoughtfulness in your classroom after 25 years?  Amazing.  Way to go Mrs. C.!

There are an abundance of great ideas in this room so I have decided to split up this post in two.  Today I will share a few pictures and then Saturday I will share some more.  However, head to her class website  {whenever} because there are so many pictures to find some creative inspiration. (just click on any of the pictures).

Mrs. C.’s classroom is in a safari theme.  Her students are the Safari Scholars.  How fun is that??!!Here are 3 fun ideas you can incorporate into your classroom as you get ready for the next school year:

I love this next picture! Here’s why…
*the back wall encourages storytelling and writing-“each day is a story”
*the divider between the computer area and reading corner is super creative-great for classroom management
*the cubbies are organized and labeled, easy for students to find the necessary supplies
Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
Classroom Crashers! Mrs. C from Connecticut

This writing wall gives students ideas on different ways to publish their story.


Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
How cute is this Information Hut?! Great way to incorporate some texture and fun in the classroom.—a grass skirt!
Classroom Crashers: A Modern Teacher
and I love the “Learn” sign her daughter made!


A big THANK YOU to Mrs. C!  I really appreciate you sharing.  I know many teachers will be inspired! April

And if you would like to share your classroom with the teaching community…blog or no blog, send a few pictures and a few words my way and I’ll do the rest: