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The Queen is here.  Well, the Queen of the First Grade Jungle that is!  I am thrilled to be sharing Katie’s classroom. Her room is so colorful in black and white and purple! (she is going to love something I have up my sleeve BTW).  Here are some pictures but to get the full effect, head to her blog: Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

First up–I loooove the colors!

Classroom Crasher: First Grade

Here is Katie’s Reading Nook!  I love how she put POMS and LANTERNS together!! The cozy chairs look so inviting.  Her zebra accents are so fun and the gingham purple–love!

Classroom Crashers: First Grade

Poms above the tables!  Pretty.  Gotta check out what the principal said about the poms on her blog 🙂

Classroom Crashers: First Grade

Ok–had to include this picture with the chevron bulleting board fabric.  You know I love chevron–anything!!

Classroom Crashers: First Grade

And this last picture is from her neighbor’s classroom.  I just had to include it!! I love how this teacher put the numbers up and down–staggered a bit.  You could have so many discussions with even and odd numbers doing it this way!!  I also wanted to highlight the crinkled bulletin board paper for the border.

Classroom Crashers: First Grade

A BIG THANK YOU to Katie for contacting me!!  I love sharing her pictures.  Check out Katie’s blog: Queen of the First Grade Jungle!!

And if you are a teacher and would like to share your classroom with the teaching community, just send me some pics and a few words and I’ll share!!  Blog or no blog.

Hope you are having a great week!  See you tomorrow on Classroom Celebrations!!