Last week I had the wonderful oppportunity of sharing with you Heidi’s First Grade Classroom.  She had so many ideas I wanted to split the pictures up into 2 days.  Here is Heidi’s Classroom Part 2!!  I hope you enjoy!

Classroom Crashers

First up, while students are lining up and waiting for their peers, they can brainstorm equations with these numbers. Always an opportunity to learn. Keeps them focused and quiet 🙂

Share your classroom!  Classroom Crashers
In Heidi’s district, students are responsible for their learning.  They use a system which gives students a rubric to assess their knowledge.
A Modern Teacher: Classroom Crashers: Students responsible for their learning
Last but not least, one of the stations students can go to is a ‘boggle’ word station.  Fun!  And I love the curtains!
Classroom Crashers: Share your classroom
Thanks again to Heidi for sharing her classroom. 
If you are interested in sharing your classroom with the teaching community, just send a few pictures, a few words, and I’ll put it together.  (
Next week I have a couple of guests posts that I am sooooo excited to be bringing you and really HONORED!!  Can’t wait to share with you.
A special thank you to all of you and our family members who have served our country.  I am so blessed and thankful to be living in this great country.  I have many family members who have served, including my father and grandfathers, and I am humbled by their service.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!