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Happy Friday!  

Let me tell you, this Classroom Crasher brings you one ‘modern teacher’.  Jessica is here from Ohio!  Yay!  We are traveling around the United States and I couldn’t be more excited!

Modern?  Well…. just check out these fun ball chairs at the listening station and ipod nanos!  Here is what Jessica says:
“If you’re anything like me you loved stories on tape (or record) as a child. Well that hasn’t change much today, other than the fact that all stories are stored on iPod Nanos and my students have many stories stored in a device no bigger than a cell phone! (and did I mention it’s rather cool and calming to sit on a ball chair :] )”

More modern (because modern isn’t just about technology)…Jessica makes her reading corner so warm and inviting. The colored netting just whispers…come, grab a book, and cozy on up underneath some magic.
Jessica says “What is better about teaching than having fun each and every day? This area is one of my favorites just because of that! In our comfy reading workstation you will find sight word readers, word family readers, and other easy readers. On our window sill I have the books organized by theme in easy labeled bins so that the students can keep their favorite books organized in a flash!”

And if you didn’t think she was modern yet….Jessica sent me a video of ‘before and after’ for her classroom set-up.  Super modern!!

Why I think it is superSMART:

Ball Chairs!!  What a great way to meet the needs of all our learners! 

IPod Nanos! Ahh–technology…so engaging!

Jessica has made the space warm and inviting.  You know…that has to be another way to learn…some are tactile learners…some kinesthetic learners…some…well…we just need it calm, collected, and inviting.  LOL!  (I don’t think that is a learner-type…but I do remember reading research about tapping into our emotional side before we learn….)  When you feel more comfortable in an environment, doesn’t it make you want to be more productive?

So, thank you Jessica for letting us get a peak into your classroom!  Aren’t y’all just wondering about those ball chairs (could you use an exercise ball–anyone use those?)  Are you getting that feeling?…the one you get when you walk down the halls at the beginning of the school year.  I know I am!

Don’t forget to head on over to Jessica’s new blog!!!!  She has a ton of ideas.  I’m sure she will be thrilled to have you.

Have a great weekend!