This week we are sharing Heidi’s First Grade Classroom from Texas!  As you guys know Texas is my home so I was excited to take a peak in Heidi’s room…not too far from me.  I took so many pictures that I think I’m going to make this a 2-part post.  She just has sooo many great ideas. 

We start off here….

In Heidi’s district, students are responsible for their learning.  So to illustrate what a ‘top’ paper would look like, Heidi has students think about an ice cream cone.  From non-existent to plain to a little sprinkles to all-decked out!  Students really understand what their writing should have in order to have the fancy ice cream cone (and score the highest possible points).

I love this sign she has in her room “Drivers and Barriers”.  You could tell that I visited at the end of the day…and that this sign gets used…a lot 🙂  Together students come up with things that are going to help them learn and things that are going to distract from their learning.

And last, but not least, there are so many fabulous ideas in this picture…where do I start?  How about with the ‘stop, think, go’.  I’ve never done something like this and I think it is a great reminder for students to ‘check’ themselves.  I always say “walk with a purpose” or “work with a purpose”, having the students stop and think about (visualize) where they are going…like art.  But this is an even easier way to have students think about what they are doing.

A social contract–do you use one?  I love this!!

And a mission statement.  Mission Statements are good! Especially at the beginning of the year.  Everyday we recited our mission statement (that we came up with).  It was done during community circle (I’m a ‘tribes’ person–love that!).  Does your class have a mission statement?

So, there you have it–Part 1 of Heidi’s First Grade Classroom.  A HUGE thank you to Heidi for letting me peak into her room–unexpectedly at that.  She was so gracious and took time out to explain so much.  See you soon with Part 2.

AND if YOU would like to share your classroom with the teaching community, send a few pictures, a few words and I’ll put it together.  I’d love to feature you… AND YOU don’t have to be a blogger! (Heidi’s not…yet 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend!!