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Classroom Crashers is baaaaack!  Two years ago, I featured some fun, amazing classrooms around the www AND non-blogger classrooms.  It was a way to share some inspiration from teachers all over the world.  Well, after some requests, it’s coming back!!!  Super SUPER excited to share with you more ideas and inspirations.  Maybe you don’t have a blog but have a great idea you are dying to share. Send pictures my way and I’ll put them up, share a bit about you, and which state you teach in (if you want to share).  If you have a blog, send me 3 pictures.  I’ll share then link back to you.  Fun-right?  My email is

Here are a few past Classroom Crashers.  Looking forward to sharing more rooms throughout the year because sometimes you need more ideas…no matter what time of the year.

Classroom Crashers

This was the first ever “Classroom Crasher”.  I crashed a friend of mine’s 2nd Grade Classroom.  Here she was sharing some ideas on Inquiry-Based Learning.

Classroom Crashers

An AMAZING classroom from Connecticut:

Classroom Crashers


I even had the queen featured…that is Queen of the First Grade Jungle. My blogger friend Katie shared pictures of her fun purple and black classroom.

Classroom Crashers

BUT WAIT…there are more classrooms!  Take a look HERE to see more.

I’ll be sharing more throughout the year.  Don’t be shy if you are not a blogger.  2 featured here are not bloggers.  Got something fun to share in your room, send it my way!  Those of you getting your room ready this week:  GOOD LUCK!!  And those that started this week: GOOD LUCK!  You got this!!

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xoxo, April