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Today I am sharing must-have items I think are key to better classroom organization!  Allright teachers, let’s dig in!

Classroom Organization Must-Haves

This post does contain affiliate links.  I only recommend items I absolutely love!

1. A label maker.  You gotta have access to labeling things quick.  We don’t always have time to print out a label from our computer but when in a hurry, a label maker does the job.  It might not be as pretty but it is consistent.  I just LOVE that!

2. Three-Ring Binders. Teacher binders categorized and labeled is probably THE most important item! It makes looking for things so much faster and easier! You can see categories quickly, you can group them by color, you can put them in order, and they are visually appealing. Want most of this organization done for you? Click HERE! (just take it slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed; add the papers week by week)

3. Clothes Rack. For keeping anchor charts close yet tucked away

4. Clear Storage Containers. I love color but I prefer to add color to my labels. I want to see what is inside the containers at a quick glance.

5. Teacher Toolbox.  All the rage, yet SUPER functional!  Keeps all the little supplies from getting cluttered

6. Target Cart.  Or any cart.  Or anything on wheels!  This is perfect for meeting with kids around the room.  Just take the supplies with you!

7. Ziploc Storage Baggies.  Or any baggies that will last. Baggies are for *everything*!

8. Ziploc Storage Bins. They come in all sizes.  When you organize you always want to find something that fits the item you are trying to organize.  I mean, not only make sure it fits of course, but is also not too big! I often got storage containers with much, too much space.

9. Caddies. For student supplies

10. Picture boxes. I love this option for task cards.

11. Magazine file boxes.  Ikea ones are my favorite.

12. Crates. Plastic or Wood.  Either one–I love having these as seating options and for storage!

13. Project Boxes.  For all those odd shaped items!

14. And last but certainly not least, a Modern Teacher Day Planner®

Ready to get organized and have all the guesswork done for you?  Check out the Organizational and Management Bundle HERE.

If nothing else, these 13 items will keep you sane throughout the year.  You WILL feel more organized! (don’t forget to use them 🙂 I sure do hope these help!!!

Happy Organizing, April