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Maybe you need a spa-like retreat for your kids.  Maybe you need *very* calming colors for this year.  I’ve got you covered. Virtual High Five!  You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about all that goes into classroom planning. So, I thought I would find some classroom items with calming colors to help save you time. I remember back, a very long time ago (circa 2003), I would play Enya and Spa Cds when we came in from recess, just to calm the kids and focus them back to learning. I also played the music during independent reading time. I absolutely loved this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the chatter but kids reading with the music (very, very softly) in the background, made my heart swell.

If you read my last 2 posts HERE and HERE. You pretty much know my opinions on classroom decor.  I don’t talk at length of my thoughts in those posts but I do sum it up.  Trying to keep it simple.

Now, onto the items:

Classroom Decor

  1. Floor Lamp from Target click HERE (affiliate link)
  2. Bunting from Michael’s click HERE 
  3. Bulletin Board Paper from Pacon click HERE
  4. Green Pom-Pom from Schoolgirl Style click HERE
  5. You are Amazing Sign from Target click HERE (affiliate link)
  6. Chair from Ikea click HERE
  7. Book Bins from Really Good Stuff click HERE
  8. Blue Containers from Target click HERE (affiliate link)
  9. Rug from Ikea click HERE

10. Bulletin Border from Really Good Stuff click HERE


Classroom Decor with calming colors


11. Succulents click HERE (affiliate link)

12. Grey Crates click HERE

13. Do All Things With Love Sign click HERE (affiliate link)

14. White Caddy click HERE  (affiliate link)

15. Decor from Schoolgirl Style click HERE

16. Teacher Binders and Planners (all these covers come in one Binder Bundle) click HERE

Affiliate links were used on some items.  I only suggest things I love.  Period. This is not a sponsored post.

That’s it!  I hope you get  some ideas and some places to search if you are looking for some items for your classroom in calming colors.  I know classroom planning can take a long time so I’m happy to help.  Don’t forget, depending on your class, you could add a water feature (like a fountain of some sort), some calming rock jars (they can look at it to calm down), or just some more calm lighting.  That sounds funny but you know when you go into Starbucks and everything is so calm….lighting has a lot to do with it. Lighting is everything. 😉  Thanks so much for all your support!  Of course, if you are looking for a Teacher Binder, I have a bundle that has what you need!!  Check it out in link 16.

Have a *great* back-to-school time!!

xo, april

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