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Bring me all the colors!  I LOVE this theme. Color My Classroom brings pops of color with nothing too overpowering.  Yes, yes, and YES!! This theme is so versatile because you are not married into one specific look and it speaks to both boys and girls. Plus, you can change the looks up pretty easily, highlighting a different color. Ready to do some classroom planning with a “Color My Classroom” theme? Let’s get started!

If you read my last post, this week and next I am sharing with you hours upon hours of digging on the internet for the best, modern, and useful items to bring to your classroom.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like this type of post but hands down, I LOVE IT!  I loved looking at all that is out there and sharing with you. I *love* putting it all together for you!

In my last post, “Fixer Upper Inspired Classroom”, I shared a very tiny bit about my classroom decor philosophy.  To put it simply, after my 3rd year of teaching, reality hit. There are just a few things I wanted my classroom decor to be: simple, organized, highlighting curiosity and children’s learning, pops of color, and tactile. I won’t go into it here, that is another post. And although I am sharing these items, I encourage you to only add what makes sense for your space.  You might not have room for everything here.  This might be WAY too much color for one room.  It all depends on how much space you have and the amount of lighting in your classroom.

To start off, be sure to head to Schoolgirl Style for inspiration on bringing this all together. Her classroom turned out AMAZING.  She is one talented lady!!

Here is a round up of items.  I thought it would be helpful to have it all at your fingertips and in turn, save you time!! 😉

Classroom Decoration


  1. Yellow Carpet found at Home Depot HERE
  2. Book Bins found on Oriental Trading Company HERE
  3. Yellow Banner on Oriental Trading Company HERE
  4. Chalkboard Polka Dot Bulletin Border HERE
  5. Lanterns (Bunch) on Schoolgirl Style HERE
  6. Blue chair at Target HERE (affiliate link)
  7. Circle Rugs found at Ikea GREEN ONE HERE , Blue One HERE  , ORANGE One HERE
  8. And this is a fun one!  It is a LAMP!!  Pretty cool–right??  Find it at Target HERE (affiliate link)

Classroom Decoration

9. Colorful Bulletin Border found on Schoolgirl Style HERE

10. Astrobrights Cardstock found HERE (affiliate link)

11. Red 6-drawer unit from Ikea found HERE

12. Book Bins found HERE

13. Teacher Binders and Lesson Planners with colorful covers found in my shop HERE

14. Letters, Numbers, Tags found in the digital download from Schoolgirl Style HERE

15. Bins from Oriental Trading found HERE

16. 3 Compartment Caddies found on Really Good Stuff HERE

17. Big Bean Bag Chair found at Walmart HERE

18. Lamp found at Target HERE (affiliate link)

I hope this helps you with your classroom planning this year! Be sure to check out my editable teacher binders if you are ready to get organized!

Modern and Colorful Teacher Binder

Thanks again teacher friends!  Affiliate links were used on some items.  I get a very teensy tiny percentage if you purchase through my links but as you can see, there were only a few.  Thanks so much!!  Don’t forget—I’d love it if you signed up for the newsletter! Have a great weekend! xoxo, april

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