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Tell me you love Fixer Upper. You do?  Is it your favorite? Or at least one of the top 3? If it is, then you’ve come to the right place because today’s post is all about using elements of my favorite tv show in the classroom planning process.

Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? Well, let me get right to it.  Fixer Upper is a home decor television series on HGTV featuring the talents of Joanna and Chip Gaines.  A husband and wife duo, they fix up homes to make them more livable and suit the needs of their homeowners. However, I really can’t stop there on the description of the show. Chip is a goof ball who loves his family and will do anything for his wife, Joanna.  Joanna is a crazy talented overall person (happens to be designing homes right now although, I’m convinced she could tackle anything she wanted and be successful) who is also super dedicated to her family. Although their consistent design has everyone, including me, ooing and ahhing, it is the feeling you get while watching them, it is their personalities that make the show. Family values, fun memories, working together, *that* is what makes the show. I predict Joanna will be the next Martha Stewart and Chip…well….he’ll make us laugh through the years and of course, he’ll make it happen….whatever Jo wants. 😉

Enough about the show and my personal opinions-ha!  On to classroom planning!!!

(and hey–you could use some of this in your home too! Virtual high-five)

If you are thinking of having a fixer upper inspired classroom, this is for you. First of all, before you read on, please be sure to check out Schoolgirl Style’s post on how she styled an “Industrial Chic” classroom.  She talks about her love for the show and some elements to include when decorating your classroom.  Check out the picture below.  Don’t you just love it?!

Industrial Chic Classroom Decor

Melanie (Schoolgirl Style) and I have worked on many, many projects together throughout the years and she is just crazy talented!! We are great friends in real life too! Here we are on a trip we took last week.  I just happen to be wearing my #shiplap shirt. HA!

Schoolgirl Style and A Modern Teacher

And NOW….on to some classroom planning…..

I could go into my philosophy on classroom design but I won’t.  That is for another post. Very quickly, I can tell you, after my 3rd year of teaching, I came to a reality check.  I can sum it up in a few words.  Classroom design for me is simple, all about the students and their thinking, organized, pops of color (nothing overpowering), tactile.  That’s it.  And if there is nothing else you take away, it is this: simple, simple, simple.

With that….keep these elements in mind when creating a fixer upper inspired classroom:

The BIG GOAL is to invoke that *feeling*. The feeling of family, creating memories, and working together, *connection*. So no matter what you put up on your walls or hang from your ceiling, it is that *feeling* you want to ultimately create in order to feel “fixer upper-ish”. And I’m sure we can all agree, no matter what theme you have in your classroom, you want the kids to feel comfortable. And when we feel comfortable, we blossom. Enough babbling….

wood: think bookcases, small tables, stools, frames, etc.

metal: think table legs, frames, lamps, etc.

cotton: curtains, pillows, actual cotton on a branch (bringing in history)

white wood: same as above but in white

anything natural: rocks, leaves, branches, etc.

real plants

nothing cluttered

minimal furniture

big features (think big clocks, big lighting features, big letters, etc)

colors: white, grey, black, brown, with the occasional nature-inspired colors

chalkboard ‘anything’ either in black or green

lamps (no big overhead lighting)

old stuff (ha!) anything sentimental

open, open, open: so no walls to separate any parts of your classroom

Here is a round-up of items.  I thought I would share this to save you time trying to find it all!

Fixer Upper Inspired Classroom Decor

  1. Chalkboard border from Schoolgirl Style (click on each name for the link)
  2. Burlap banner from Oriental Trading
  3. Classroom Decor Package (numbers, letters, etc.) from Schoolgirl Style
  4. Floor Lamp from Ikea
  5. Black metal shelf from Ikea
  6. Light blue chairs from Ikea
  7. Chalkboard Spraypaint
  8. Teacher Planner and Classroom Binder from me 😉
  9. Cork tiles from Walmart (you can use these in SO many ways to display work)
  10. Tin Pails from  to store materials (from Oriental Trading)
  11. Grey Rug

Fixer Upper Inspired Classroom Decor

12. Grey lamp

13. Burlap numbers

14. Black storage shelving unit

15. Wire baskets

16. Black stand-up clipboards

17. White magazine boxes from Ikea

18. White bins from Target (click here)

19. Green fans

20. PLASTIC mason jars

21. Burlap roll (for bulletin boards or table covers/runners)

22. Real trees  p.s. if this is allowed at your school

Again IF, if you need a planner to coordinate, check mine out here:

I am sharing this because it will save you a ton of time getting organized.  Hands up!  YES!

A Modern Teacher's Lesson Planner



And that is it!  I hope to blog about my little trip I took to Waco to see the Magnolia Market!  It was an amazing time!!

Affiliate links have been used in this post.  I only share what I absolutely think you might be able to use!

Have fun putting this all together!  Let me know if you need anything! What else have you found to make your room fixer upper inspired? xo, april

P.S. Joanna, if you happen to read this (or any of member of your team) and need an extra hand with any projects, call me, I’m just about an hour away. bwahahahahahah! p.s. we’ll move 😉

And if you want your paperwork all organized and don’t necessarily want a “fixer upper” inspired theme, check out THE TEACHER BINDER BUNDLE! It does have a cover with shiplap and flowers. 🙂

Teacher Binder

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