In my last post, I shared 4 main struggles I had with lesson planning my first years of teaching:

1. I struggled with the activities (there are so many!).

2. I struggled with assessing (when, how).

3. I struggled with the objectives (where do these go?).

4. I struggled with time (when is there time for planning?).

Conquering the Lesson Planning Struggle


I also made some mistakes those first years:

Mistake Number ONE: I did some activities because they were fun.  Didn’t think past that.  Just that they were fun.

I cringe at the thought that I ever did something just because it sounded fun.  Ah!  Of course, lessons/activities/projects should be fun but they are much much more than that. (and of course, the day before a break, anything goes…just sayin’)

Mistake Number TWO:  I did an entire unit just because a teacher I admired and respected did it for X number of years.  She loved, loved X and she always did it. So for about 3 years, I did it.  While I love this teacher {and still do!} there was no reason why we should be teaching it. Now, I’m not saying don’t do the “tried and true” but ask the important question of “Why?” “What do they need to learn?”.

Mistake Number THREE: I created lessons without thinking about my class.  What does that mean? Well, I had NO IDEA where they were at with a concept.  I just taught it. (more on that in the next post)

Now, there are a lot of struggles with lesson planning.  I get that.  I get that districts mandate things that are out of our control, and I get that state’s mandate things from them that are out of a district’s control.  I get that every year things are changing and it seems like we are reinventing the wheel every.year.single.year.  AND I get that our teacher guilt plays a part…our kids have to have the newest, the greatest, the best. These are KIDS we are shaping here.  People.  That will go out into this world and do great things…kids so affect many.

In my next post, I’m sharing how I got past these mistakes and things that worked for me.  How things started clicking for me.  And I hope you can implement some ideas to help you better plan. Maybe your district/county/parish is different and that is ok.  My hope is for you to have one take-away.  Have a great Wednesday!!