Those three words just make my heart skip multiple beats.  Creating.  Crafting.  Learning.  AWW!  To me, a day is pretty perfect if you get to do all three.  Well, this past weekend I had one of those days.  I LOVED it.  And when Jo-Ann contacted me about creating and learning with them, I jumped at the chance.  Did you know they have a teacher discount and MANY resources for teachers?  (you can head here for more info)  As soon as I could this past weekend, I headed 3 miles up the road to the nearest Jo-Ann.  I had so many ideas to get to crafting and learning, I knew I had some tough decisions ahead of me.

Recently, I have really been working on creating a “print-rich” environment.  You know… when kids are exposed to words all around them.  Print rich environment can mean anything from books in a classroom library to word walls to labels with words and images.  The point is for kids to be indulged in the magic of words and books.  So fun!

After much time down the aisles of the Joann Store, I finally made up my mind on one: Word of the Day Memo Board.

Check this out:

Word of the Day DIY Project

We all know how important vocabulary development is for learning.  There are many strategies for vocabulary development.  One of the strategies is to create visual representations of unknown words or newly learned words.  It is important for kids to create mental pictures and actually draw these pictures to understand the word and keep it locked in their schema.  Plus, I wanted something fun.  Somewhere we could display the pictures with a little more creativity.

How to make a Word of the Day Memo Board:

Box frame (I got mine at Jo-Ann)
scrapbook paper (I also got this from Jo-Ann)
small wooden clips (had these in my stash)
letters (either stickers or some other embellishment)

Creating and Crafting with Jo-Ann
Word of the Day DIY Project

Step One:
Cut out scrapbook paper to fill in the inside of each rectangle.  I wanted to add a little something to the box so I incorporated paper. I used tape to secure it down.  I wanted the flexibility of changing out the paper.

Word of the Day DIY Project

Step Two:
Hot glue the small wooden clips inside each rectangle.
Step Three:
Add the letters to spell out any word.  From “Word of the Day” to “This Month’s Word” to “Student of the Week”.

Now, each day/week/month you can add a new word and have kids illustrate what that word means to them or what they think of when they hear that word.  You could also use this board in a number of different ways…including Student of the Week and ask the child to bring in 6 favorite pictures.

I have chosen to do one word a month.  This month’s word is SCHOOL.  My son illustrated what school meant to him.  I LOVED what he had to say and draw (great conversations around this word).  He talked about lunch, lunch, and lunch some more, building towers, and playing.  Hmmmm….that little one.  I see us changing out the pictures as more time is spent in school.  The more associations he can add to the word “school”, the larger his schema will become.  Hooray!

Word of the Day DIY Project

And that is it!
But wait!  Guess what? We are having a party….and a contest!!  You know I love a party.  A Cupcake for the Teacher, Miss Kindergarten and I are joining forces again to bring you a linky party.  This party is not only hosted by us but also hosted by Joann Stores.  We want to see creations you come up with to use in your classroom or learning environment.  We would love for you to link-up and share your ideas.  When the linky party wraps up, members of Jo-Ann’s Inspiration Team will judge shared linky party blog posts and awarding one $50 gift card to the three bloggers that link and share the most innovative, creative or impactful project that engages students in the learning process and/or enhances the classroom as a learning environment. Pretty sweet-right?!! Entry to the contest will close Monday, September 23rd.

Jo-Ann would also love for you to link to their page:  Please refer to them as Jo-Ann or Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  Thanks a bunch!

Just include the image below and link back to our blogs.  That’s it!  Have fun creating, crafting, and learning!

Word of the Day DIY Project