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December Checkoff Printable Freebie

Need some more JOY this week?  I hope this free student checkoff/gradebook printable will do just that!  

How do you organize your grades?  I always recorded grades on paper and on the computer.  I’m just a paper, pencil type of gal.  I looved the conveniences of an online gradebook but I wasn’t  always grading by the computer and I found that entering grades would go a lot quicker if I wrote them on this sheet and then just sat at the computer all at one time.

There are some online gradebook systems but I haven’t used the ones found in a simple google search.  The ones I have used were specifically tailored for the district I’ve worked in.  But like I said, I had to do it both ways.  Paper/pencil AND the computer.  Plus, parents could check their child’s grades.  Woa!  At first I wasn’t so sure about this route but I know it can only help parent communication.  And now as a parent, I know I will appreciate knowing this.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you use both or just one or the other?

In this download you can pick up the checkoff printable and the daily scheduler in the fun red and green polka dot design.  Click HERE or on the image.

Don’t forget about the holiday planner you can purchase from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  It goes right along with this scheduler and checkoff printable.

holiday teacher planner

I hope you are having a great week!