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This is an “at home” post. So close your eyes if you are looking for a teaching post ūüėČ HeeHee! No seriously, as teachers, we don’t have a lot of time to decorate our homes nor do we have a huge budget. ¬†But some of us receive so much joy from decorating for the holidays and from adding personal style to our home. I thought I would share a few simple, simple ideas on decorating for the fall (on a budget). Right now, I am really into copper. ¬†I like the pink colored tones copper has, along with the look of metal (without it looking brown and boring). I also have a love of cotton. ¬†Of course, being from Texas, cotton is a staple. It definitely speaks to my heart for many different reasons.

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One of the areas in my home I always want to decorate is my table.  So, today, I thought I would share a very simple centerpiece you can create on a budget.

Decorating with Copper and Cotton

I first started out with my focal point. ¬†That would be the pumpkins I got from Oriental Trading. ¬†At first, I thought I would want these pumpkins to be white with maybe some polka dots in copper. ¬†So, I painted them. However, I quickly changed my mind because I wanted the cotton to stand out a bit more. ¬†Against white pumpkins, the cotton stems blended too much. ¬†And my copper pumpkins wouldn’t be the focus. So, I spray painted the pumpkins with this Krylon Copper Spray Paint.

Decorating with Copper and Cotton

Then while the pumpkins dried, I added this fun copper washi tape to a plain table runner. The table runner is actually drawing paper you can get from Ikea (the roll you add to their easel). It was the perfect size for my table.  I added three strips of the copper tape which I got from Oriental Trading.

After the copper pumpkins dried, I¬†added the cotton stems around the pumpkins. ¬†Oh, and I set the pumpkins on these wood coasters to add height. I just played around with the stems until I felt like there was balance around the pumpkins. Isn’t the little one just the cutest?

Decorating with Copper and Cotton

Then I set the table. ¬†I added my wicker chargers along with my white plates and I added these copper mugs I found from Oriental Trading. ¬†They are perfect for this fall season. ¬†I can’t wait to add hot chocolate to these beauties!!

Decorating with Copper and Cotton

And for another look:

Decorating with Copper and Cotton

To get this look (what you need):

Copper Washi Tape

Plain Pumpkins to paint

Krylon Spray Paint

Cotton Stems

Copper Mugs

And there you have it! ¬†That’s it. ¬†A simple addition to your home to bring a welcome look for fall. ¬†For more fall ideas, head to Oriental Trading here.

xo, april

P.S.  This is not a sponsored post. If you would like to see more items with copper, head to Oriental Trading here.