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I’ve talked a bit about Differentiated Math. Ideas on where to start, some ideas on ways to differentiate, and three overarching steps in differentiating. One resource I haven’t ever shared here is the Math Bundle I’ve put together (over a year ago) for 2nd Grade. So, I thought today would be a great day to do that. I am happy to share that I was asked to present at the Second Grade Conference for SDE and I can’t wait to share some ideas on one of my favorite topics: Planning for Differentiation.

In planning for the workshop, I realized I’ve never shared with you the bundle that will save you tons of time and energy!

Differentiated Math

Please pardon the list format but I think this is the easiest way for you to see what is included. I don’t normally publish these type of posts so bear with me. 🙂

Skills Included are:

2 Digit Addition and Subtraction
3 Digit Place Value
Multiplication Foundations

Differentiated Math

Now, this bundle is for practice/independent time.

That includes:

• TASK CARDS (kinesthetic, visual)
• GAME (kinesthetic, auditory, visual)
• MATH WRITING (transfer abstract to concrete)
• PRINTABLES (identification, application) and
• PROBLEM SOLVING (application)

Differentiated Math

Each section is tiered into 3 levels:
• still developing
• developing
• mastered
For example: There are 10 task cards for kids at the tier 1: still developing stage, 10 task cards for tier 2: developing stage, and 10 task cards for tier 3: mastery stage.

It’s a big bundle that I hope you get a TON of use out of! You can find it HERE. 🙂  xo, april

differentiated math 2nd grade