The first day of school!  or Fall Break or whatever.  It’s DIY time-yay!  Time to get some craft on. 🙂

After getting my silhouette cameo from the fabulous cameo people, summer has been super busy and I haven’t gotten to craft as much as my heart desires to. 🙁  However, today, I am excited to share a sign I made that can be interchangeable throughout the year.  Plus, I get to join some parties.  Super fun!

HOW-TO Make a Chevron Countdown to…. SIGN!!!

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

Making a chevron pattern is sooo much easier than I expected! (and you would think I had chevron everywhere…but actually I don’t have one single thing to change that!) So hang on:

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

*sponge brushes
*modge podge
*washi tape or adhesive tape in fun colors
*clothespin clips
*chalkboard frame
*hot glue gun
*velcro stickers

(sorry not all supplies are in image)

Step 1:
I love my sign but my taste have changed so I decided to use this one in the project. So, first, prep the board and paint it your base color (I used white).

Step 2:
Once dry, make small tick marks every 3 inches on the board horizontally.

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher(excuse the dark images)

Step 3:
Mark small tick marks every 2 inches on the board vertically.

Step 4:
Eyeball (sorry I am just not a precise DIYer) where the two points would intersect on the board and make a small tick mark.

Step 5:
Just connect the dots.  Draw a straight line from point to point.  I started on the left side.  Start on the first vertical mark then draw the line up….then down..then up…then down.

Step 6:
Paint your inside color (I choose grey).  Start with the outer part of the “stripe” and then fill in the middle.

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

Step 7:
After the paint dried, I took some letters I made with the cameo and modge podged them to the board.
(notice I changed my mind on the letters but guess what?!  It is no big deal with the cameo..takes oh 5 minutes to change it)
And notice the small holes in the letters–the cameo did that! 

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

Step 8:
Then I took some fun washi tape and placed it on the wooden clothespins.  I hotglued the clothespins to the board.  (I just eyeballed where they should be place-sorry)

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

Step 9:
While the glue was adhering I painted the chalkboard frame green and wrote: The 1st day of school.  I placed 2 velcro stickies on the back of the frame and the front of the chevron sign to change according to events.

For fun, I printed out numbers to place on the clothespins.  (I limited it to 3 clothespins because I don’t like to bring too much hype too early)

You could place some reward cards, school supplies, good luck notes… just about anything.  I chose to hang some fun bags that will keep a surprise.

Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher
Chevron Countdown Sign A Modern Teacher

I’m going to link up with Blog Hoppin’ and I Made it Monday!  So, what do you think?  Yay or nay?

Have a good week! psss…don’t forget about the HUGE B2S SALE!