A Modern Teacher: DIY Write on Hoops

Happy Monday!  Sorry I missed you on Friday.  I had a little DIY to share and then I remembered about my contributing post to Classroom DIY TODAY!  So, head on over there for a new DIY Project that will take you less than 15 minutes!!!

And on to today’s post…a little tip on Guided Reading Management.  Guided Reading is my favorite part of the day.  I loooove working in small groups.  There are a ton of resources for Guided Reading…. my absolute favorite is Fontas and Pinnell.  Anything written by them is the BEST.  And the tip….

So here’s a little tip on managing your guided reading group: have something ready for them to begin as soon as they sit down at your table (or wherever).  Many times I have to make sure other students are ‘set.’  This gives me the opportunity to check-in with everyone quickly while knowing that the kids at my table aren’t going to be doing something they probably shouldn’t.  I was talking to a friend of mine who teaches 2nd and we were discussing this and how getting them going is a ‘must’ and “get started reading” can be so dull.  This is a great opportunity for them to work on skills we don’t have a lot of time to work on…like dictionary skills, capitalization, plurals…more language skills.

That conversation led to my latest product: Guided Reading Starter Sticks.  I have created some for First, Second, and Third Grade and plan to add some for Fourth Grade.  This is a way they can just BEGIN.  These starters include comprehension questions along with language skills.

Guided Reading Starter Sticks

Check them out!  I hope they help you.  Super easy to do…just print on labels (I used Office Depot brand 1 x 2 5/8), place on extra-large popsicle sticks, and you’re done.  There are over 150 ‘starters’!!You could print out the directions for the day and display it using a clipboard.

A Modern Teacher

I hope this helps!

Now, to join a party-wohoo!  I love a party 🙂  I am linking up with the Teacher’s Cauldron.  All this week, you can check out Jen’s blog on different guided reading ideas!

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