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Memo Board, IKEA Frame, DIY,

Happy Friday! Goody Bag #4’s winner was suppose to be announced today but I’ve decided to announce the winner on Monday.  What a way to start the week!  Especially if Monday will be your first day back at school.  I know it will be a couple more days of anticipation but hang in there…just 3 more days.

So, I think I have a slight obsession with memo boards.  Ha!

Today I am sharing a little do-it-yourself project with a $2.00 frame from IKEA!  I needed a fun gift for Christmas…that could be “multiplied” pretty easily. I jumped when I saw this post and knew I had to do it! But I needed a less expensive way of showcasing the handmade goodness plus I wanted the receiver to be able to use this the entire year.  {to display reminders, quotes, notes, decor..anything}.  When I saw the $2 BRIGHT BIG (8 x 10) frame I knew it would be perfect for this project.  It was simple, didn’t take away from the display, and was colorful!! Yes! So I snagged them.  I was able to personalize it with color and the choice of my scrapbook paper.  My recipients loved it..and well, mostly it was because of the Christmas tree my little one made (I used fabric scraps and pom-pom balls).  And that was the point 🙂     But this memo board can also be used for a ton of things in the classroom. Keep reading for some ideas.

How-To Create a Memo Board:
scrapbook paper
twine or heavy yarn

Simple, simple steps: 

  • cut scrapbook paper size of frame
  • hold paper right behind glass
  • wrap twine around glass, taping in the back on the scrapbook paper
  • add clips to hold memos or creations
Some uses for the classroom:
  • reminders
  • directions
  • highlight a student’s birthday
  • reminders for yourself
  • welcome sign
Memo Board, IKEA Frame, DIY,
I also wanted a more decorative frame for some special friends so I made this:

Memo Board, IKEA Frame, DIY,
Any other ideas on what you can display?  I’d love to hear them.  If you happen to make this project, send a picture my way.  I’d love to see it!
Happy Creating!