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Who us?  We have odd-shaped treasures? Naw!  Our files fit nicely in a file folder in the file cabinet.  Right next to our always-clean-nothing-ever-on-it guided reading table.  Ha!  If you are anything like me, you have a ton of these ‘where do I put this’ treasures!  Doesn’t fit in a file folder, the shoe box is too narrow, the tub from the dollar store is too narrow and the giant tub is too deep–some things just get smushed in there. 

Cue your local pizzeria.  Pizza? I know…strange….this idea came from my mom many moons ago and works! Thanks Mom! 

Use pizza boxes to store some of those odd-shaped treasures! 

Here is why I like them:

they are free (either ask for them as a donation or use the ones your pizza comes in or buy them for a small charge)
they are bigger than 8 1/2 x 11
they are not too deep
they stack well (as long as nothing too heavy is in them)
they are easily portable (can grade the odd shaped stuff anywhere)

I just took some contact paper (and you don’t have to use that–especially if the boxes are new and white) and pretty-ed (that isn’t a word-sorry) them up!  Then I added a label (because you gotta add a label–get yours at the end of this post for free) and voila–I have a spot for all those odd-shaped treasures!

A Modern Teacher DIY Storage

You could use the boxes for:
seasonal items
holiday projects
student projects
lesson plans that require examples that just won’t fit anywhere else

A Modern Teacher DIY Storage

I’m sure there are a ton more ways you could use them…any more ideas?
Love to hear them!

A Modern Teacher DIY Storage

Here are some free labels that fit with the pizza boxes.  These are for your seasonal boxes.  I just print, laminate, and tape with clear packaging tape.

A Modern Teacher Free Seasonal Labels

A Modern Teacher Free Seasonal Labels

Thanks Michelle for letting me visit! I am super excited about being here. 

A Modern Teacher Blog

A Modern Teacher Blog


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