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I thought this week I would share a little  DIY THROWBACK!  I don’t want you to miss this super easy project.  It’s easy.  Promise.

I use things like this stand all the time for reminders, share work, share directions, showcase pictures, etc.  And my taste in scrapbook pages never ends.  Love to make new ones because this is SO easy.

chartstand a modern teacher

How to Make a Mini-Chartstand for under $3.00:



scrapbook paper

giant clips

spray adhesive

chart stand a modern teacher


Cover the clipboard in the scrapbook paper of your choice using spray adhesive.

Decorate it however you would like.

Then just hot glue the GIANT clip to the back of the clipboard.  It allows it to stand it straight up.  That’s it. Remember, I don’t do projects that have more then 3 (okay maybe 5) steps.  But 5 is tops and it has to be REALLY worth it!

chart stand a modern teacher

Have fun making mini-chart stands!

I’m on my way to another fun project next week with a little Monday Made-It!  Having fun with this linky party.  Right up my alley.

xo, April

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