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Yay!  Starting off with a yay because Nicole from Teaching with Style is here today.  Check out this fun DIY!
Hi there! I’m Nicole from Teaching With Style and I’m so excited to be here on A Modern Teacher today!
I am currently teaching 2nd grade on the beautiful island of Lanai, Hawaii.  But I have a secret to tell you all – I’ll be moving to Maui and teaching 1st grade next year!  I’m so excited for my new adventure!
In my classroom, I am passionate about a clean, bright, and organized space.  In order to do that on a budget (shipping is soooo expensive here!), I end up repurposing a lot of things.  To hold student pencils in my tables baskets, I use plastic Welches frozen juice containers covered with cute contact paper.
Another container I use a lot are metal soup cans.  I got an OXO smooth edge can opener at Macy’s last summer and I love it.  It doesn’t leave a sharp edge at all!
I cut the tops off my cans, peeled the labels off, then spray painted them bright green.
After they were dry, I got my supplies ready to glue ribbon on them: scissors, cute ribbon, and E600 glue.

I cut the ribbon, then glued a small hem on them.  I used clothespins to help the hems dry.

I then glued a zigzag around the top and stuck the ribbon on, with the glued hem on top to give it a clean edge.

Here they are completed! I can’t wait to fill them up!


Here are some blue ones in my classroom.  I use them on my teaching table to hold pencils and other writing utensils that my small groups use.


Thanks so much to April for letting me stop by today!
I hope YOU got some ideas for creating cute and cheap organizational items for your classroom!