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Happy Post-Christmas!  Did you survive and get everything you wanted?  I sure hope so!  It goes by so quickly~don’t you think?  Loved the day and the entire Advent season but BAM it’s over.  And really that is ok with me.  Really.  Now, are you getting ready for the New Year? I am sure you are thinking about organizing something in your house…even if it is just your purse-ha! Or possibly making new goals for the year?  I know I always do at this time.  Pretty much my two favorite things to do: organize and set goals.  Or maybe you have some time to do that house project you’ve been REALLY wanting to do (that would be my under stairs closet-next week). But Today, I thought it would be fun to share a simple DIY.

So, my husband and I think a good date is heading to an architectural yard.  Seriously, we are so goofy.  And when creating our new playroom, we wanted to incorporate some texture and natural elements in the space.  We needed something to put above the entertainment center.  We actually came up with a ton of ideas but they all seemed WAY over the top and would probably make the space look cluttered.

We needed something big because there is a lot of space over the top shelf…but nothing expensive.  Of course, like I said before, everything adds up fast ladies!  This ‘something’ couldn’t cost a fortune and I mean…not more than $25!!

I don’t know if I’ve told you but my husband is pretty much a creative genius.  Not just saying that.  He would die if he knew I wrote that.  But he is.  Anyway, he had collected (you don’t want to see his collection of ‘treasures’) this architectural corbel.  Basically, it is a decorative piece for a house.  Of course, he had a rebar (I mean, who doesn’t have rebar just laying around their garage? Ha!)

So, this is what we came up with:

Upcycling in a plaroom www.a


organizing and creating a playroom




wooden letters



wire straps



1. Paint the letters (if you bought unfinished wooden letters).

2. Drill 2 holes on either side of the corbel–big enough for the rebar to fit in.

3. Bend the rebar to make a semi circle and push the ends in the holes

4. Secure the letters onto the rebar with wire straps.

And that’s it!!





So, how many of you out there like to upcycle? Are you organizing this next week or doing a little house project?  I’d love to know!!

Have a great weekend whatever you choose to do!!