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DIY Words to Remember, gift,

A little bit over 2 years ago, my grandad passed away.  It was a heart-wrenching time for me..the oldest of all the grandchildren.  I still have days when I struggle with him just not physically being here.  BUT I do know where he is and that makes me smile.

Since his passing, I have wanted to do something to remember him and his words and pass them along to my own children.  I WANT them to ask…who said that…I WANT to look around within my own space and REMEMBER.  BUT…I didn’t want it to be overwhelming and I believe in living in the present…so I didn’t want anything that would force me to dwell on the past. After 2+ years, I finally came up with this:

DIY Words to Remember, gift,

                                                           P.S. He was a funny man. 🙂

I asked family members what were some favorite grandad sayings.  I compiled them and did these steps:

{Also note: these are just a few of his sayings.  Depending on what you want the canvas to look like, you can have whatever amount you would like.}

canvas board (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for about $8 for 2)
silhouette letters or stickers

1. I wanted to create a somewhat ombre effect so I bought a couple of blues and played with the coloring.
2. Paint the entire canvas board (if you want to do the ombre effect you’ll go from light to dark or vice versa)
3. While drying, list all of the words/phrases/memories you want to display.
4. Using your silhouette (educators get some discount-check out website), make words from your list OR gather the stickers you want to use.
5. Once the paint has dried, add your letters.
6. I added “Grandad” so my kids can ask and my friends will know.
7. You could also spray a sealant over the entire board.

You COULD also use this as a retirement gift for a principal or teacher.

Now, every time I see this, I remember, I pause…and it brings peace.  I guess this was all part of my healing process but I love it!

Hope you are having a great week!
Happy Creating!