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A couple of weeks back on Facebook and on Instagram, I asked friends how they felt when they are prepared for the school day.  The responses I received were so interesting.  It got me thinking….

Can you *ever* feel truly, truly prepared for the school day?  Well, maybe not 100% but maybe, just maybe, you could feel prepared for almost everything you are responsible for–right? Ok, ok, so I know that so many things are out of your control. Feeling prepared for the school day can be tough.  Not too mention, admin wants X because the district wants X because the state wants X because they know what they are doing (don’t laugh too hard). (p.s. I love you, admin!  I do…I know it’s not you) ….point is you have to be ready. Because in my 10+ years experience, there were never two days alike.  Every day was different.  Every. single. day.  So, why even try to feel prepared?

When I asked this question to my teacher friends, here were some responses:

“I feel good about myself and my students. I can CONQUER the world.”

“It allows me to relax into my lessons, which means I enjoy them more and I suspect so do my students! It also makes it easier to deviate (appropriately) from the plans, if that’s where the class want to go!”

“It allows me take more time to do 1 on 1 with my kiddos.”

“It always makes the day go so much smoother!!”

“It allows me to be more present with my kids!”

“It also minimizes their misbehavior, because I’m not wasting time gathering stuff or looking for something. I feel so much more at ease if I have it all together.”

“Just the best.”

Now we could become “Negative Nancy” but we won’t…or at least, I won’t.  I decided in this next year of A Modern Teacher, it is going to be more than just simple teaching ideas, I’m taking on a mission to help you become better prepared.  Yes, think simplicity but even more so, think of how you feel when you are prepared.  THAT’S what I want to help you with.

If the above statements are how you want to feel or that’s how you want to continue feeling, hang with me because I have a deep calling to help you feel….what I think is ultimately….CONFIDENT. 

xo, April

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