You know the awkward space you have on your classroom walls?  The one you don’t get too very often, the one you don’t want to clutter but looks so…empty. Yes, that one!  What do you put there? Today, I am sharing an easy and inexpensive way to use the space for motivation for you and your students.

Often times, when setting up my classroom for back to school, the classroom could look so incredibly empty. I knew it was just a matter of time until my students would fill up the spaces with their incredible and amazing work. What do you do until then? I still wanted to make the kids feel like it wasn’t empty.  Like it was a learning space, ready to soak up all their creations.  You know, one that is saying, “come learn here”.  But I also didn’t want to fill the space with junk.

Motivational sayings and quotes are perfect for these spaces! Especially sayings that are purposeful and intentional.  We could use pre-made bulletin board letters to create these sayings (and those are really great and needed sometimes) but let’s face it…the fonts and appeal of the letters are….~eh, ho-hum boring.

Easy Classroom Walls

To make your own letters, in any font, is easy.  And the way to bring color into the room (besides in the soon-to-be-coming kid’s art) is using the best paper on the market: Astrobrights® Paper.

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First, let me show you how to make the letters.  I first saw outlining letters on Blair Turner’s website many, many moons ago.  She doesn’t have the tutorial up anymore, however, it is super easy!  In Power Point (yes, Power Point works just fine for this), type a letter you need, in the font and size you would like (go big!).  Then, highlight the letter and add an outline in “text effects”.  Then “fill” the letter with white (this is the color you choose in the toolbar).  That’s it!

Easy Classroom Walls

Next, print letters on Astrobrights’ Cardstock Paper.  Laminate and cut.  YAY!

If you are looking for a way to make your cutting easier, check out the Silhouette Cameo. There are SO many things you can do with a Cameo! I’ve only scratched the surface with having it cut letters but it definitely saves so much time! It is an investment but definitely worth it. You can find it HERE.


Easy Classroom Walls with Astrobrights

I am incredibly excited to share with you the exact letters and steps I used to create this motivational saying: “Amazing Things Happen Here”. This is something you can leave up all year long.  It takes up a lot of space yet doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or too cluttered. Plus, this is easy and inexpensive.  My kind of project!

Easy Classroom Walls

I started with a circular cutter.  I cut a few different sized circles.  See the source list at the bottom of the page to find out where to get one. I think this can add layers to your walls, and used correctly and not overwhelming, it can take up space with COLOR.  Oh yes!  I started with just a few circles.

Easy Classroom Walls

Then, I started adding the letters.  I played with the spacing of the letters just a bit. After I had a ball-park idea of where they would go, I just started adding them. Depending on the walls, depends on which kind of adhesive you’ll use. Of course, I already printed and cut out the letters.  You can grab the letters (freebie) below.

Easy Classroom Decor

I took a couple of circles away to get a less-cluttered feeling but it was better to have a few more circles already cut than not enough.  It depends on how much space you want to take up in your classroom.  I cut out the entire letter outline, except on a few letters.  I liked the added paper I could see in, for example, the letter “z”.  I also, left a little space around the outline for the letters in ‘amazing’ and ‘here’.  I just liked the way it looked.  Since the font is a cursive or ‘scripty’ font, I wanted to add a little more so you could tell what the word was.

And that’s it.

Easy Classroom Walls

Paper colors I used were…

A- Fireball Fuchsia found HERE

m- Lunar Blue found HERE

a- Cosmic Orange found HERE

z- Vulcan Green found HERE

i- Gravity Grape found HERE

n- Lift-Off Lemon found HERE

g- Fireball Fuchsia found HERE

“things done”-

h- Fireball Fuchsia found HERE

e- Lunar Blue found HERE

r- Cosmic Orange found HERE

e- Vulcan Green found HERE

Some of the circles are an assortment of colors from the Creative Collection found HERE.

For an assortment of colors:

The 25-Color Spectrum found HERE

The Neon Pack found HERE (this does not include cardstock)

The Party Pack found HERE


Download your freebie HERE.

Grab the “Amazing Work Coming” sign for free HERE from my good friend Gladys.

I used Amy Groesbeck’s “Boss Lady” font HERE for “Amazing” (except the A) and “here”.

I used Amy Groesbeck’s  “Show Your Dang Work” font found HERE (same download as above) for “things happen”.

And I used Perfect Blend’s “Caramel Macchiato” font found HERE for the “A” in “Amazing”.

For more great ideas for the classroom, head to Astrobrights’ blog and Instagram page!

Hope you can use this!  Have fun!! ~April