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“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my dear, you’re so delightful!…Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

Are you singing?  Don’t you just love all the holiday and winter songs? I sure do! It doesn’t snow here in central Texas but that doesn’t stop us from having snow themed days and learning all winter has to offer!  We research habitats and animals during our non-fiction units and this gives us all the opportunities to study animals that live in colder climates. A favorite among the kids to research is penguins. Isn’t there something about penguins that make our hearts go patter and waddle, waddle?

Sarah Aspinall, the author of this very colorful book, Penguins Love Colors, has a thing for penguins too. She also has a thing for color. Cue yours truly.  I love this book! I could look at the pictures all day.  It is perfect for practicing color recognition. It is also perfect for extended art activities.

Easy Penguin Craft

Today, I’m sharing a template to accompany Penguins Love Colors. This is the perfect craft to complete during winter research, penguin research, and/or color recognition activities.  And it is the perfect extension to ask the question: “What if…?”

Easy Penguin Craft

Before I share the freebie, I want to thank Astrobrights for sponsoring this blog post. This post also contains affiliate links and I receive a small commission each time a purchase is made through one of my links. However, all opinions stated are my own and I only promote brands and products that I love.

After reading this story, the question to pose is:

What color would you choose to be? What name would you give yourself?

Then, what color would the snow be?

After asking the students their opinion, students can make their own penguin.

Materials for this craft:

Astrobrights Eclipse Black (if any students want to keep the penguin black and choose a color for the hat)

Astrobrights Cosmic Orange Cardstock (for beak and feet)

a variety pack of Astrobrights Paper (like the Charisma Pack found here)

Penguin Template found here (created by me 🙂 )

Easy Penguin Craft


Trace and cut out the penguin’s body.  You could either have the students choose the hat in a different color OR the penguin’s entire body.

Easy Penguin Craft

Trace and cut out the white part of the penguin’s belly.

Add the eyes and the nose and the feet.

Easy Penguin Craft

Lastly, add the hat in student’s color of choice.

The students can name their penguin and voila! A beautiful, colorful penguin. You can add some extension activities to incorporate writing and share their penguin on a bulletin board in the classroom.

Easy Penguin Craft

Other extension ideas include:

*create a colorful igloo

*snowflakes in different colors

*painting fake snow

*creative writing: What would happen if snow was _____ (pink, yellow, black, etc.)?

Students can answer their question of which color and name they’d choose on another piece of paper.

Add it to the craft and display!


Easy Penguin Craft

Have fun creating these adorable little penguins!

A BIG THANK YOU again to Astrobrights!

xo, april