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I know many teachers are counting down until the last day of the 2011-2012 school year.  Wa-hoo!  One teacher wrote to me during the JACKPOT that she only had 10 more days left…and that was 2 days ago! Wow!  Most schools around here finish up the last week of May.  I find that the last 3 weeks of school are fun, fun, fun.  You covered all of your objectives, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (just got to make it through you-know-who’s behavior), and you find yourself looking for engaging activities and projects to review and challenge.  Along the way, the kids (and you) love to reminiscence.

And as you know, I am having a ton of fun playing with Instagram on my phone.  I brought it into the classroom with some fun Insta-gram inspired Printables and now, why not have fun with Instagram-inspired projects to wrap up the year?  Here is a fun way to spice up those last few days. It’s yours for free.

First Craftivity

“This Year Flew By in an Instant” photo book

I just bought a photo album at the Dollar Store and inserted the printable.  Have the kids jazz up the snapshots and you can discuss and remember the highlights.

I made the printables in a few different colors and a couple of sizes.  One for a 8×10 picture frame or album and one for a 4×6 picture frame or album.

Second Craftivity:

This year flew by in an Instant” bulletin board template

I hope the rest of the year goes by fast.  Have fun!