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Oh ya!  The end is approaching for most.  High fives and big hugs.  You can do it!!! So, today, I have some fun stuff to share with you.

End of the Year Gift Tags!

Where is the best place to find gifts for your students?  Target Dollar Spot of course!  🙂

The Dollar Spot has the *cutest* kid stuff! All you have to do is print out the FREE GIFT TAGS  on Astrobrights attach to the gift, and voila: smiles all around (and I love that I don’t have to use colored ink).  The kids will love getting a little something from you as everyone wraps up the year! This year I found glow sticks (3 to a package is cost-effective!), flashing wand, small (super cute) notebooks and pencils, and stretchy monkeys.  Can’t go wrong!

Dollar Spot End of the Year Gift Ideas


End of the year Dollar Spot Ideas


Dollar Spot Gift Ideas


Dollar Spot Gift Ideas


Dollar Spot Gift Ideas

You can find those HERE.

And speaking of Target!  I have a new favorite Instagram feed!  That would be the awesomeness of my friends, Michelle and Hadar. They started the @TargetTeachers Instagram account.  There you can find all sorts of Target highlights.  And for those of us a little obsessed with Target, this feeds my addiction perfectly! Go see them!

New Favorite IG Feed

Allright teacher friends!

You can do it!  xo, april

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