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Raise your hand if you are ready for the end of the year?  Yes, yes, and yes! Today I have an End of the Year Purge and Pack Checklist and a playlist you can stream for FREE while you work.  There are a bunch of different songs that hopefully will keep you going! You can click HERE for the playlist.


END OF THE YEAR Classroom Organization


First up!

12 Things you must purge before you leave for summer break

  1. Torn folders (just let it go)
  2. Torn books (ok, anything that just can’t *handle* it anymore)
  3. Files from 2002 that you just haven’t touched for 15 years
  4. Files from 2012 that you just haven’t touched in 4 years (If you haven’t touched it, just let them *go*!!)
  5. The extra papers you didn’t grade #truth
  6. Pens that don’t work anymore
  7. Really anything that doesn’t work anymore
  8. Anchor charts—not the posters! If you have anchor charts with kids contributing to building the chart, you really can’t use that year after year because new learning has to spark without last year’s responses (sorry). I mean, if you create a poster, by all means, laminate and keep for years! (Another idea is to take a picture of the anchor chart and collect them in a notebook.)
  9. The sheets of stickers that only have 1 sticker on them. I know you want to keep it, I know you do, (me too!) but it is just mental clutter and you don’t need 20 sheets of stickers with only 1 sticker on them. (you could also put all those single stickers in a baggie)
  10. Product catalogs from educational stores; keep just one but you don’t need every catalog they have sent you for the last 5 years-ha!
  11. Any snacks you hid but never ate (yuck but true)
  12. Professional Development books that aren’t up-to-date or don’t add value any more (I know, this is a tough one too!)
  13.  BONUS!!  Recycle any of the extra copies you might have that are just taking up space and mental clutter.  For example: maybe you made 4 extra copies of a worksheet or a word problem and you know you could use it next year.  Chances are: a. you’ll forget you have it and might not use it  Keep one extra master copy and be done with the rest.

These little random ideas are just from my experience.  What else do you throw away or recycle?  Here is a freebie of all the areas in your room you might want to go through and purge.  Check off as you go!  YES!

End of the Year Teacher Checklist


Don’t forget the playlist!  Click HERE to listen for free!  (Just need to create a FREE account)

Happy Organizing!! xo, april