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As you could probably guess from my Facebook post yesterday, I am SO excited to share with you my next big project.  I think it is going to help you out tremendously with classroom organization.  Well, that is the goal!

AND IT IS OUT!!!  The Teacher’s Classroom Binder.  The All-In-One Lesson Planner and Classroom Organizer. There are 21 different designs to choose from.  The calendar will be uploaded every year for FREE!  WAHOO!

This has everything from Editable (meaning you can add text) Lesson Planning Templates, calendars, Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten – Fifth Grade for Language Arts and Math to many editable classroom organizing templates.  Also included are Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill Objectives (TEKS).  You can simply copy and paste them into the planning templates. Or just leave them out. This has what YOU need. Even though my experience as a 10+ year elementary teacher gave me a BIG starting place to design these, I’ve added SO many options so you can use it how you plan best.

Teacher's Classroom Organizer


 For even more information, please check out THIS POST. Or see the video below 🙂

And now, how about a freebie??!

Everyone could use an Attendance Sheet-right?  Let me tell you, I’ve always done attendance online but then someone mentioned to me that their school server crashed and days were lost and nobody knew who was absent when.  Technology.  Gotta love it 🙂

Here is a little freebie to wash away that concern.  With having it written down, no worries about computer malfunctions!


Attendance Freebie from A Modern



Attendance Freebie from A Modern

Hope you can use it!  Just in case.  You never know.  Do you take attendance online or do you write it out?

xo, april     AND….I’d love for you to GET MORE FREE STUFF!

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