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There are 5 things I believe a teacher would love to have, hands down. This post is more about spoiling a teacher *just a bit*.  Nothing crazy big.

Now, parents, just a reminder: we didn’t get into this job for the money. We know that. We know we aren’t going to get some extravagant gift from a parent.  And we don’t really, truly, expect *anything*. 

teacher gifts



If you are looking for a gift, in my 10+ years of teaching, I have seen some pretty meaningful gifts being given. Teachers love teacher gifts! Doesn’t have to be expensive but it is meaningful.

I’m going to break it down to 5 main categories:

  1. Fun school/desk supplies

I think our hearts stop beating when we take the cap off a new sharpie or a scentos marker.  We kind of fall into a little trance.  *ANY* supply will bring a smile to our face.

  1. Your time

I know, what time? Stay with me…you don’t have to actually come to the school, maybe it is cutting something at home or going to the local office supply store and having things laminated for us and then cutting it out, or maybe you can come to the school.  Help make copies or reading with a child, or putting papers in folders, things like this are like gold to us.  I always thought, “What?…did you just say you want to take time out of YOUR busy day to help *me* and the kids in my class?  Did I die and go to Heaven?”

3.  Something that brings encouragement and/or has our name on it.  This can include everything from flowers to food. And oh, we do love personalized gifts.  Things that are pretty too put us over the edge.  I am going to add a little plug for the gold foil prints and notebook in my little shop .  Pair this with the next item and bam, teacher happy.

4. A gift card

*anywhere*  enough said.  Just kidding.  Find where your child’s teacher likes to eat or shop, or even their hobbies (although a lot of teachers very rarely have hobbies-just the way it is. I could tell you why but that is a different blog post-ha!).


Ah!  Books, books, and more books.  Books for our classroom library.  Books for “read-alouds”. We need books to read aloud to the children so the meaning/concept/skill is taught. Even a gift card to a bookstore would be perfect.


Can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Happy Holidays to you!!!!

xo, april