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Well, helloooooo there!  Are you still there?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Well, I hope you are still around.  I have so many fun projects coming up for A Modern Teacher.  I just can’t wait to share! And I have some changes coming to the blog.  I really want this place to be for YOU.  Not me.  You’ll see what I mean soon. {wahoo!}

For the past few months I have been working on a HUGE project for those of you who create and sell teacher resources. Last week I finally completed the “2014 Plan and Go Teacher Entrepreneur Planners.” I mean, I tweaked and added and tweaked and added.  Oh my!! Between my newborn, a just-turned five year old and a 2.5 year old, it took forever to complete.  BUT I needed to get organized and I figured if  I was going to create something for myself then, of course, I was going to share it with you!  I can’t wait to share more details on how this resource is going to help you organize all your teaching business stuff.  BUT FIRST!!  I wanted to share a freebie.

If you are a seller of teacher resources, you know how after you create a product…the fun just begins?!  Haha!  No, really, I love marketing my products just as much as I love creating them.  After you complete something, you have to upload it and that can take a good chunk of time.  Well, right now I am looking for everything and anything to streamline my life.  I need it to be as simple as possible (because ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’).  With that being said, I need my productivity to increase.  I need checklists to make sure I’m not forgetting anything and I need it to look fun and pretty at the same time (because that is what motivates me).  Is that too much to ask?  Ha!  Now, I know there is a checklist right now on the TpT site, however, I needed something all on one page and super simple.


So, here it is.  A little freebie.  Use it after you create your new, creative products (because that is what you are doing–creating some pretty fabulous resources!).  This is a little itty bitty piece of the Plan and Go Teacher Entrepreneur Planner.  I’d love for you to check that out too!  This week I’ll be having a giveaway here on the blog for the Planner.  Check back!

teacher entrepreneur planner

Now go download the freebie!  And if you have a second, I’d love some feedback.  Have a great week!